1. @slobbybobby83 I think The Failure is an expectation of a static condition.

    Neanderthal had this issue:- Although stronger & better suited physically for the environment & demonstrably quite genetically different from Cro-Magnum (I know, you're going to say that Cro-magnum & Neanderthals lived at different times but I'd respectfully disagree) they failed to thrive & survive because of an inability to adapt.

    ATM's put people out of work But only those who refused to adapt, re-educate & re-tool.

  2. @slobbybobby83 Your false assumption is static wealth and static jobs, those who where once factory workers might now work in the service industry or invest time in research. A productive person with idle time will find something to do and the diversity of our population ensures there is always a best fit for every job and through competition each person is compelled to find their best fit allowing wealth to grow more efficiently and quickly thereby making everyones life better.

  3. @slobbybobby83 what you are talking about is wealth creation. When you think about the things you have in your house, if you are honest you will acknowledge that given an entire lifetime you could never build from scratch everything you have in your home, however if you are a farmer lets say and benefit from a tractor you can produce enough food to feed thousands of people who would each in trade give you some of whatever they produce whether televisions cars or clothes.

  4. So true. Most leftist are so because they believe this system is Capitalism. THIS IS NOT CAPITALISM. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A FREE MARKET. Read about Stiglitz, considered by many to be the greatest living economist. Babylon system is crumbling.

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