Capitalism being a rat race , consumerism and small critique of Andrew Yang

please don't go oh shit I didn't see you there I totally was not singing New Kids on the Block – where I want to talk about capitalism being a rat race you know it's constant hustle constant work constant consumerism you know you talk shit about the democratic socialist countries like Norway Denmark and all them it's way more laid-back five weeks vacation they get it you know chill the fuck out what are you doing you only live once it was constant consumerism and I went to the mall tonight this shit everywhere shit piled upon shit you can tell we're in supply-side economics which is fucking supply everywhere you know and the demand is scarce people racking up credit card it would be fucking poor you know so you know it's like you have all this shit you know you go to fucking go to the mall $25 Calvin Klein shirt made in Bangladesh shove it up your ass you know Dollar Tree Dollar General I go into Walmart this shit I go to Walmart I look at it just massive amounts of shit it's all gonna be buried underground one day you know it's destroying the fucking planet then we talk about it's just constant by by by by this by that but a baby a bye bye bye it's fucking ridiculous and then we talk about inter-gang and it's thousand dollars a month which i think is a great idea it's gonna spark demand like a motherfucker but I'm skeptical at the same time because you're gonna have to have some sort of price control some sort of rent control you know landlords are gonna Jack prices cuz that's the whole problem with capitalism I keep having to repeat myself you know it's it's like conservatives say it you raise minimum wage you cause inflation yeah you're right we haven't raised min wage since 2009 and prices are still going up so but if government tries to fix poverty by raising wage capitalism finds a loophole in Jack's prices that's capitalism's fall not fucking the government capitalism is jacking the prices and funnel all the money in the hands of a few oh my god no one's saying this shit it's so obvious you know so we Andrew Yang thousand dollars a month I think you know it's a good idea but I mean the Carl Sagan camp extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence I think it probably better than now well we're better than what we're doing now but I'm just I don't know what the fuck the answer is I don't know what the fuck you do it's you're trying to make capitalism work properly and you want to speed it up I'm gonna get buy more shit bye-bye and it's killing the planet but at the same time you know I want people to have jobs I want money to be circulating so it's like it's bittersweet I guess I don't I don't even know I don't know I just don't know I have no idea shit's fucked it's completely fucked

  1. Well the thing is though if I got UBI I'd still not pay a penny more if quality of whatever it is I was buying didn't go up. Also Yang talks about people would still want to save money even with the extra thousand so all it takes is just for one store to lower prices then other stores, apartment buildings, and services etc. will want to remain competitive even with the UBI. I agree with you though I don't give a damn about shopping but, I like doing things that are experiential like travelling and virtual reality.

  2. Whether it's a Federal Jobs Guarantee or UBI landlords are going to know people have more money. And, as you say raise prices. It's more likely to happen under the FJG and very unlikely to happen under UBI. It's kind of tricky to why that's true. But, it all comes down to the word, Guarantee. When one is guaranteed a job they can go from job to job asking for more and more until the employer decide to replace human labor with automation. And, for those jobs that can't be automated the price for labor will increase so much that the cost of that labor is so expensive people either will not be able to afford it, or it will change nothing because everyone will be doing it and the cost of goods will rise again and again with no real purchasing power beyond what we currently have. Person A making $X will now have $Y and Person B prices will increase from $X to $Y. And, the cycle will repeat over and over and the cost will go up and up but the wage gap will stay the same.

    Say there is no FJG and we only raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Well, that's not going to change anything either.

    Take two people, Person A and Person B. Person A has two years on the job and makes $10 an hour and Person B has more than ten years on the job and makes $15 an hour.

    Now, the minimum wage hike isn't going to happen over night but over three or so years. But to make this simple let's say the whole hike happens on one day in 2021. So, say March 1, 2021 the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour and now everyone who was making less than $15 an hour is now making $15 an hour.
    Now, here is the big issue people that were already making $15 an hour are now back down to making minimum wage. Person B has lost his/her purchasing power. They aren't going to let that stand. So, they'll go to their boss and demand a raise. And, the boss will give it to them. Because, it really doesn't matter what the cost of things are. So, Person A will have his/her $15 an hour and Person B will get a raise to $20 an hour. In order to pay those experienced employees prices will have to go up. The wage gape between Person A and B will reset everyone's purchasing power back to what it was before the wage hike.

    Whereas, UBI doesn't touch what people make an hour, it just gives each of them an extra $1k. And, if say four family members want to combine their UBI and buy a really nice home to share and have it paid off in 5 or 6 years they can certainly do that. And, many of those people will likely leave expensive areas to rural areas where prices aren't going to go up because if they did no ones buying. Less people would be living in cities Landlords will have to beg people to stay using the only offer anyone cares about which is cheaper rent. Pollution levels will go down because you have less people living in over populated areas. Take LA for example. 4 Million people live in that one area. And, 80% of people in the US live in 20% of the country. LA alone has more people than something like 43 states.
    If 10% of the people living in LA packed up and left to live in more affordable areas, That's 10% less people, traffic, and pollution.

  3. But that is consumerism, not capitalism. China has communism and they consume a lot too. So, this is not the problem of capitalism, it's the mindset. No UBI won't jack prices, because we all get it and you don't print new money. Also it is tied to inflation like minimum wage here in Europe, so that doesn't happen.

    Why minimum wage raises prices is because it's not universal, and people are tied to their jobs, free market can't regulate itself. But when all get it, only on micro level inflation happens, but then people can move far away when not tied to their jobs, so on macro level it won't happen.

    Also inflation is not usually tied to giving people money. It's when corporations get monopoly and people are can't afford to go to competition and where competition can't compete. College and healthcare is inflated even when wages weren't raised.

    But yeah consumerism is the problem. UBI solves that, becasue now we don't have to work so much, so we won't produce so much stuff. And 1k is not enough to buy so much stuff either. Plus UBI raises IQ and health and awareness according to studies, so people don't need to escape in consumerism to deal with their problems. And Yang's Human Centered Capitalism deals with consumerism. That's his core platform. It means that we measure capitalism not by consuming, but by how we as people and the environment is doing.

    So, literally Yang is solving the problem you are describing.

  4. So few people understand the problem with Yang's faux progressive agenda. His UBI is meant to undermine America's social safety net and will not address the underlying problems.

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