Capitalism and White Wealth

I'm gonna say to myself hmm it costs me to get a be $20 an hour what do I get out of it I want I'm gonna have the output that Abby adds by her labor now that has got to be more than 20 bucks so the only way I'm gonna hire you for $20 an hour is if you produce more in the hour then I give you so when you feel in a vague way at the end of the day as you walk home that you're being ripped off you're absolutely right or in Marx's language exploited so what does the capitalist say I earned it no you didn't he just ripped people off the way most corporations worth is four times a year they take the profits they've made in the preceding three months and they distribute a portion of them to their shareholders these distributions are called dividends so if you own a lot of shares say because you inherited them from your grandma or you stole money and bought among the stock market there are lots of ways of getting them but if you have them four times a year you go to your mailbox in the morning and you get an envelope and you tear it open and inside is a check for your share of the profits that have been distributed to shareholders for rich people this is millions of dollars they have all that money what did they do exactly to earn that money nothing those people are gonna tell me they earned earned what do they ever set foot in the factory no do they have any idea what this company does no they don't care they are simply sitting there collecting well let's now do a little logic if there are people like shareholders who get a lot of goods and services they didn't help produce then there must be elsewhere in that system people who produce what they do not get so that means if we allow that that we are saying some people your job is to produce a lot more than you get so that these people can get a lot more than they produce for Marks he stands up and says I rest my case this system sucks

  1. Wolff is wrong about the solutions.
    The system sucks not because the exploitation of the employees but because :

    !!! Any free market inevitably creates Extreme Concentration of Wealth and generates poverty and poor people !!!

    (Basically, the free market destroys the consumer, inevitably, and when everything is owned then the humans have no place to go to obtain the Wealth they need for dignified existence as consumers)

    There is nothing wrong with exploitation, we exploit cows, sheep, animals, nature, each other.

    The tragedy begins when we deny to each other a dignified existence, deny to the animals a humane treatment, deny to nature preservation of the balance.

    Do you get it?
    There is nothing wrong with exploitation, it only becomes "wrong" when those who exploit, desire to maximise the surplus produced by the system without consideration for the longevity and the sustainability of the system.

    Wolff has the very wrong idea about fixing the system through the utopia of "Democratic workplace".

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