Capitalism and Consumer Gays: Global Greed in Pride Month

so for those who aren't sort of England no don't follow social media or don't follow news very much you might not know that this month is of course Pride Month where all of the people who like you know multicolored flags go on the internet to celebrate self-destructive behavior here's something I wanted to talk about though and that is the idea of the sort of there's this theory out there that conservatives have that the gay lobby and the sjw's and the sort of woke PC that they've sort of tricked corporate America into like they've sort of conned them into this supporting their perverse agenda or the media maybe something like that this is obviously false for many reasons first of all corporate America is intertwined with the media and they're intertwined with I mean the media is corporate America you know maybe the the government but the government is also I mean the corporate America funds the government so there's this the unholy alliance is not something that came about through bullying tactics it was embraced by corporate America embraced the gay lifestyle much before academia did and of course capitalists are very good at mass marketing and investment I think I mean you think of psychologists went to corporations you think of I believe it was I forget what his name was was the watts and was it William Watts and I had forget the first name I was a psychologist and he went to into sort of marketing psychology and said you know if you if you sexualize ads you will get more attention and this sort of really perverse way of make money now there is a sort of Leninist maxim based on the sort of Marxist ideology that that that communism is a good force in the world that you know the capitalists will sell the Rope you hang them with and it's sort of based on the idea the capitalists are dumb I don't buy that necessarily because these people are they have sold the world on these various again perverse sort of lgbtq+ AIP WXYZ sort of thing they are and they have this idea that you know you go woke you go broke it's just not true the idea of the sort of people who spout you know meaningless platitudes about being yourself and all that is not a threat at all to postmodern capitalism in fact it is sort of the epitome of the the capitalist system the idea the consuming unit the most basic unit of society at one point in human history was in fact the family and in fact maybe a family of four or more you had a sort of working-class kind of company man husband you had a housewife who stayed at home with kids and this is something sort of conservatives dream about and this is a slightly anglo-saxon Protestant model although it is also a Catholic model in many ways it's sort of a Christian European model in sort of a vague way but the this model of the family is inadequate for the expansion the globalization ultimately human rights cannot coexist with the with the greed of those at the top the idea of morality can't coexist with science ultimately in the sense that science contains no ethic it is simply a blind sort of force that propels itself and will be its own undoing unless unless controlled you think of you had there are ethics boards in various scientific organizations that have nothing to do I mean the ethics board is not a scientific it's not based on science it's based on something outside of science because science contains no specific understanding of morality you think of all the sorts of things that have been justified in the name of science eugenics forced sterilization slavery you know Nazi experimentation and and you know communism itself was a social scientist oh shal science experiment capitalism is a social science experiment but you can't have you couldn't have large corporations like Amazon or any of these others you can't have this expansion on a global scale without the destruction of the family and of course homosexuals only make up you know less than 5% of the population is very small but I mean I remember a few people that I follow have sort of talked about this is the sort of domesticated homosexual the the domesticated if you will who is sort of you know married and has a husband and and is very you know we sort of like has the cat and almost it's almost a bastard version of the of the the middle-aged feminist you know the the near 30s that is you know hashtag girl power and and where is the suit and works in the corporate boardroom and has the three cats and the sort of apartment style upper-class living and thinks all men are pigs and you know this sort of you know stereotypical almost Hollywood ish over-the-top version is the ultimate sort of the bourgeoisie let's say a homosexual like a Pete Budaj edge or a Dave Rubin or even a Milo innopolis at this point in sort of Nesta kated himself this is not revolutionary the almost the the homosexual is no longer revolutionary he's been corporatized and made into a consumer and he's the ultimate consumer because a family is interested in the future and is interested in maintaining the culture they're interested in a moral code they're interested in togetherness and a community which doesn't work with with a corporate sort of way of doing things corporations are not people and they and in a capitalist system they have no there's no control on them they do as they please they they victimize and they sort of go after people to get to to in a greedy way you think of Manu who constantly talks about free markets and has this sort of really utopian vanina's almost communistic view of the world where if we all just sort of do our own thing we will be somehow free and everything will work out it's just so bizarre and not something that is even remotely possible in individuals views one another the majority of pain that you feel on a personal level comes from people who are very close to you in your own life it's not something that comes to you at work necessarily or not something in a Amazon you know how or Apple having slave shops in China's does not hurt you it doesn't affect you on the very deep personal level whereas people who the spouses or children or relatives or close friends or coworkers these are the people on an individual level ultimately they do things to you that and maybe not I mean you do that to them it's sort of just the human condition because of fallen human nature and the the big consumer I mean consumerism and individualism must coexist and they need one another because in order for let's say industry and and corporations to become as big as they are people have to be liberated from tradition and from nature and from hierarchy and from family and from culture and from from morality and am from from children you think of Trump who can't say anything positive about America if it's not economic or if it's not talking about pride month and he gets lamb basted by the left because you know he's not going to gain any brownie points from saying it why he does I have no idea but yeah it's a corporate sort of structure they need one another the ultimate expression of corporate of corporate America would be a situation in which people sort of wank off by themselves and get it out of their system and ultimately go out and just buy cheap crap made in China that is the ultimate goal of corporations to have everyone not in to have everyone interested in buying and consuming and not interested in anything larger than themselves I think that's very much why technology and the rise of business has been co related to the demise of the family and culture because the two almost can't exist it's a very sad situation I don't know maybe this is a this is a sort of reflection on the postmodern individualist consumer based on sort of the homosexual or global home or whatever you want to call it situation once people have families they don't longer care about stuff they care about people and that is a threat to big business and has a threat to corporate America and that is a threat to the the the sort of establishment it's a threat to the Wall Street which of course no one in the middle class has any sort of care for what happens in Wall Street as though as though the average person making a few tens of thousands of dollars a year has any conception of what it is of how the stock market works or even cares ultimately unless they were given that by someone it's just so absurd on so many levels but link in the description to someone who sort of put this all together but it's very interesting to me and I agree that the sort of corporate gay is the ultimate consumer and the ultimate expression of capitalistic greed and where capitalism goes wrong it is not perfect it is not a religion ultimately

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