1. Michael Moore preaches Socialism but amassed over$50 MILLION in wealth all to himself and he's not sharing a penny. You suckers made him rich by embracing capitalism!

  2. "All we're saying is that the people who knowingly caused the biggest financial crisis in history should be held accountable for their actio-"

  3. What does it matter if a capitalist told me their definitions. Just because someone with a title that you don't agree with tells you something doesn't make it inherently wrong.

  4. Sorry but North Korea is not Socialist, they are a Communist Dictatorship. Which is not a system which allows for economic nor social growth. China is a socialist republic, yet their middle class is growing faster then ours. How about Finland, one of the most socialist countries in the world, yet they are prosperous and have THE MOST EDUCATED POPULATION IN THE WORLD. You tell me which is better America's dog eat dog education system, or Finlands socialist system?

  5. So all Wars are caused by Capitalism? Communism and Socialism has done nothing but oppress Billions of people around this Earth and Capitalism has brought Billions out of Poverty. Compare North Korea (Socialist) with South Korea (Capitalist), which one is better?

  6. Capitalism rewards those who work hard and give people good products or services. Capitalism punishes those who rip people off because if they do that, they will fail. But when the government gets in the way and prevents companies who make bad decisions from failing, like the big banks, that's not capitalism. If you trace all the problems we have in this country today, it will always lead to big government. That's the real problem. They're the ones spending, borrowing and inflating too much.

  7. I'm sorry you literally just described capitalism, tell me what capitalism if its not "The government inflating the money supply, bailing out big banks and failing companies and creating a huge misallocation of resources" Capitalism encourages selfishness and greed, while exploiting the poor!!!

  8. Capitalism hasn't ruined America. It is Keynesianism that has ruined America. The government inflating the money supply, bailing out big banks and failing companies and creating a huge misallocation of resources isn't Capitalism, it's Crony Capitalism. Learn the difference.

  9. Capitalism has been a huge part of American politics for decades, its what runs American and what the "american dream" is based on! Capitalism has ruined America

  10. I feel bad for the americans.. Creepy how some of them even see Obama as a socialist.. come to Denmark and see how things are. If you were to put Obama into Danish politics, he would be considered as a pretty right-wing guy, si I think some of you need to chill.

    – Greetings from Denmark 😀

  11. Capitalism is the solution, not the problem. America hasn't had capitalism in decades, so why blame Capitalism? It's Corporatism that needs to be blamed.

  12. @zshuai Communism was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people who took a stand for there religion or political beliefs. The USSR was a empire dedicated to forceing its citizens to agree and it was flawd by allowing full power to the leader of the Party. the same thing with other current comi countries except North Korea took this to an extreme by creating a personality cult and China watered it down abit. Dont talk about things before you research. And you call me an animalwhenyousupp-

  13. -I've seen the movie,is completely biased,shows a lot of people who borrowed a lot of money and didn't paid,had their collateral seized and now is playing victim,wants us to feel sorry for them,pointless.

  14. @Dercommandingofficer Yeh, all american tax dollars go to Muslim welfare. Get your head out of your ass.

  15. @minimumOFaMAXIMUM oh I answered to that elsewhere… we won't live in heaven, but it makes sense to avoid hell…

  16. @lunacomputacion The problem is that democracy is just as impossible as Communism, or close to it in the world that we live in. It's a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. Even the Athenians who created the idea of democracy didn't have it entirely democratic as they wanted it. There's always corruption and dishonesty.

  17. @11111Delta America funded the Nazi's until WWII. Also you really have no argument whatsoever in your comment.

  18. @AmericanBadass44 So the moral seems that is easier for a fluent democracy to ensure people's housing, health care, education and all the typical social or "socialist" achievements than it was, for socialist states, to allow or increase freedom of choice. As long as the money is spent in meeting the common needs of people and not in warfare and bankrupcy rescues. I don't think Moore is proposing a soviet regime for the US, it would be absurd.

  19. @AmericanBadass44 And there's a more interesting question, clouded by the ideological buzz. See, Russia was ruled by the Tsar, which allowed capitalism, but not democracy (so they didn't lose a freedom they didn't have). Soviet regime was succesfull at mitigating poverty and development (you can't easily turn a medieval nation to the 2nd industrial power in 50 years). But they failed once the ppl had a culture and money to spend (cont.)

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