Capitalism: A Dirty Word

Capitalism. What do you think of when you
hear that world? Money? Power? Greed? Do you think of politicians, bought and sold by big
business and Super PACs? Do you think of tall buildings, fast cars, traveling the world, living the good life? Do you think of opportunity, innovation, and ingenuity? Capitalism is becoming
a dirty word in today’s generation. We see inequality and suffering. While at the same time, we see others get bailed out for their own mistakes. We all know that it's not wrong for someone to be successful, but it is when it's done because of political favoritism. But on the other side, the only people who seem to even notice the problem, are the same people who propose more government as the solution. And have you ever noticed that every time something goes right, a politician takes credit, but every time something goes differently than they would like, they blame Capitalism and freedom of choice. It's almost like Capitalism has been hijacked, it's been taken from us. What happened to the Capitalism that represented Change. Change, now that’s
a word that has been tossed around. But I'm not talking about the kind of change that
is offered by yet another government bureaucrat who offers you his version or her version of how the world should work No, I think that is the reason why we don’t even have real capitalism anymore. We have people getting in bed with government to try to stop Capitalism, to stop freedom of choice. I mean the kind of change that someone sees in their mind before it’s real… The kind of change that drives innovators to create new ways of doing things. The kind of change that incentivizes hard work and creativity to solve our greatest
challenges. The kind of change that brings great number of people together and allows
them to freely serve one another. I think of the kid growing up today in the inner city who sees no opportunity and has no silver spoon in their mouth but can imagine the
change that they’d like to see. She or he will grow up to create the next company that
changes the world. I believe in that kid That man That woman That entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial visionaries before them, because they did it on their own merit. They didn’t wait for government to do something about it, they stood up and did something, because people like you and me know that when a politician gets involved,
we have already lost the battle! Right now, this world faces a new set of challenges. And we are deciding who we are going to be, what we will be about, and what we are going to do. And we have people on both sides of the isle promising that THEY have the solution, that THEY will represent you, that THEY will make the changes that we need. But we have seen that episode before, and we know how it ends. We know what happens when another
authoritarian is given more power and uses it to push HIS vision or HER vision We don’t need them to tell us what’s best for our lives We don’t need them to tell us how we’re going to live, or how much money we’re going to make, or what my family is going to look like, or how to spend my time No, we are TIRED of hearing what they can do for us what we want is the FREEDOM to make our own decisions and to make the change that
WE see best fit on our own merit. Because that is what Capitalism is. Capitalism is the freedom for us to be the change that we want to see in the world To create the
world that we want to live in without someone or some group or some bureaucrat telling us how it's supposed to be. No, we decide how it’s going to be with our intention, with our decisions, with our choices, and with our dollars Not through government, which
stands in our way, but through personal responsibility through hard work through putting in the time through strategic risk and yes, through succeeding and sometimes failing. They say that in Capitalism there are winners and losers, but I think it’s time that we
stop waiting for government to try to make more winners while making us all losers in
the process. The more we wait for someone else to create the world we want, the more we all lose. Sure, some people have more than others, but maybe just maybe we can lift everyone up without demonizing success or taking from others, but instead by creating
more opportunity. This generation will cure cancer. This generation will have clean energy. This generation will extend lifespans. This generation will bring opportunities to the
third world. Change is already happening. And I don’t know how we are going to solve
all of our problems but I do know this: the change we want to see and the change we
want to be will not come from government. It will not come from another wolf in sheep’s
clothing, and it will not come by trading our freedom for security. It will come from US. [Capitalism: Be The Change]

  1. Back when this country was actually 'Free', the influx of immigrants came because of Capitalism / Free Market. They didn't come to this country looking for a free healthcare. Now Capitalism has a negative connotation. Sad

  2. Ryan, I know that government is not going to fix everything… but are you endorsing Gary Johnson and the Libertarian party? I have never heard you mention it but based on your podcasts your ideology seems to line up with Johnson. Keep putting out great content, it's appreciated.

  3. Love that video Ryan. You should talk to gunnar lovelace or Matthew Toren from (Young Entrepreneur) . Have you read the book conscious capitalism. It is a great book but the title should be only capitalism. best m

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