2. The Government wont look into the Automation problem till everybody is unemployed, they'll be busy talking about Trump and Russia

  3. The current system ISN'T capitalist, it's an Oligarchic system and has already been infused with this "dose of socialism" ..

  4. Just another blowhard pseudo-intellectual — some sort of self-anointed technocrat — with a non-functioning moral compass; or, at, one who has nary a clue regarding the principles and values expressed — and AGREED TO by LEGAL American citizens — in our DOI and USA Constitution. IOW, he knows a lot … but he knows not how to put in into context with our human experience. My suggestion: have him go back to his "Ivory Tower" and don't let him out until he knows WHY — and how — he needs to respect individual unalienable rights.

  5. What causes value and price to get out of alignment is lack of competition and shortages, which is what happens every time socialism touches capitalism. And by the way, quit trying to copy Prager U….

  6. Universal Basic Income is not the solution!!!
    It has been tried makes people lazy and useless and addicted to free money
    If the government is to give free money to the people they can ask some things in return
    even if it is basic types of work like cleaning up the city, recycling, building things, planting trees, etc. there are many things humans are able to work and earn their mone with dignity! wich is also an important element of human health!!!!

    We could see this as an opportunity to reconnect people to the earth and our planet so that society and government can use market forces to make humans have a positive impact on the planet

  7. He’s missing the point.

    Capitalism not only made it possible for a person to make money as a musician. It made the equipment they need.

    And through production and technology, which make things cheaper!!!

    Meanwhile, everything government does makes things MORE expensive.

    If everything deflated in value, like capitalism does, you would need less money to afford a life style.

  8. The problem is government, not free market capitalism.

    A government raises a standing army to protect its self from another government.

    Both governments using and wasting capital for something completely unnecessary. Government protecting itself from government.

  9. Yet another person telling me how to live my life and what’s best for me 🙂 . Also providing zero empirical data on universal basic income. Also has anyone met coders, or people that work in tech startups ? Many are extremely anti social not the type of individuals you want party. Also China is on some black mirror shit with their social credit system . Also minority Hui ethnic group are undergoing a genocide by the majority Han ethnic group, on yeah and what the fuck about Tibet…..China is hardly a model country. See people loving on Karl Marx here don’t forget he hated Jews and never worked a day in his life, and lived off his parents and spouses! Sounds like a great guy right ?

  10. Stupid people pandering to stupid people… It will end when you're all slaves and have to rise up again against the very masters you put in place to rule you.

    As America has adopted more socialist policies we have slowed down dramatically. Most of the stuff you hate about America oddly is Government. Look at healthcare, banking, food and welfare… Government is incredibly involved in these now and you hate it… So you blame capitalism, not Socialism. Also note that every area Government is involved they said they would lower prices and give greater quality, yet you got historic raises in costs while quality is so bad the very people demanding more Government will tell you life expectancy will decrease.

    Socialists are just not very smart people because they started the conversation thinking they care more than others do. Historically of course their policies lead to tens of millions dying and mass poverty… I mean, it's only every single case in all of history, i'm sure that's wrong and you're right because "things are different now." Same line all dictators used o get power fyi.

  11. capitalism 2.0 will include a healthy dose of *charity*. you know, the kind of socialism that doesn't include violence. generally unimaginable to lefties.

  12. Two years late… But I found this to be less than compelling. He says we shouldn't fear the technologists, because they're at the forefront, and they're the first to compassionately ask the questions. Okay… But are they slowing down? Are they proposing that the world create some anti-atuomation treaties until the market actually evolves to the point where it's a needed resource rather than a scary burden? Nope. "Shut up and put us in charge Luddites… No we don't know either… Just shut up and put is in charge, like China did, the dictators did it right…" Wow, Eric. Just wow.

  13. The government won't implement this until the government stops being paid by rich people to not implement this.

    Maybe Bernie Sanders will be able to save us from the robots that take all our jobs.

    I think the way that it'll start is the universal basic income will be a small portion of how much you need to survive and keep growing until people start quitting their jobs and that's where it will stay.

  14. Naive: Specialists are near sighted, even those whose field is cosmology. What is needed if humans actually need leaders, and that is a moot point, is a scientific generalist who is conversant with all the fields of human intellectual expansion and not hobbled by politicians in the thrall of their cash cows. Leaders should be chosen by testing and simulations and be imminently replaceable when someone betters their scores, not by popularity among the manipulating bastards that remain hidden from view like Mercer and company while their stooges like Trump distracts an imbecilic public.

    Addendum: Mercer is a perfect example why what you propose would be disastrous, a genius in his field that subscribes to a legion of crackpot theories and uses his influence to destroy America with Trump and the radical right wing fascists.

  15. Using China as a reference for a more utopian society is a little scary for Americans. Considering their social policy is taking authoritarian steps like social credit systems, I don't think it's a direction I'm interested in undertaking.

  16. Looped programs. Folks stuck in a daily pattern. Repeating it over and over. We have unknowingly become part of the software loop. Eventually the looped programs are compressed to create more programming space and speed. We will be forced to go the way of looped programs. No jobs in mfg. or services.

  17. "Capitalism 2.0 Will Include a Healthy Dose of Socialism" – so Europe is in Capitalism 2.0 ? aaaaaaaaaaaah!

  18. Pure idiocy. More capitalism and patent reform solves this problem wholesale. Eliminate intellectual property rights and there is no problem. This idiot 'educates' young minds. Sad.

  19. Breaking News: We already live with socialism in the US. We also live with capitalism. Its called a mixed economy. This is what I learned 30 plus years ago in high school and its even more socialist now than it was back then. Much of the debate around socialism/capitalism is not helpful as it doesnt deal with things as they actually are. We want socialism! You already have it! We dont want to give up capitalism! You already did and much of that happened before you were born.

  20. Agree that there will be some form of blended economy in the future. But you're assuming that the capitalists will care about "the souls who cannot defend themselves" as you call working folks like me. I don't think the ultra rich will give a rat's until nobody is able to afford to buy the stuff their companies make and they can no longer make any more money. That means millions or even billions will suffer unemployment and severe poverty before the system is changed, if it's up to them.

  21. capitalism has to go its time has come to an end we must use socialism to get to automation communism .

  22. I agree that technology is having an unusual effect on our current economic system, but this issue has been known about for a long time. Readers of sci-fi will be familiar with a society where robots or AI produces everything which is required and people just live a life of leisure. The basic problem is technology is increasing the productivity of people to the point that a very few number of people can produce everything a large population requires, thus resulting in nothing for the bulk of the population to do. “Interface” by Mark Adlard covers this idea nicely. The issue with this is that there are a lot of labour intensive jobs which machines cannot do. Such as care for the young or the old. This cannot be the whole story.
    The second issue is the lack of cost of reproducing a product, such as music, movie or book. This is only an issue for a certain sub-set of products and is only a major issue if people’s consumption of these products increases. With the increase of leisure time it is increasing, but this is not significant enough by itself.
    One solution to this problem is the japan solution. With a reducing and aging population the issue in that country is a lack of labour, which will be satisfied by technology. Unless something major occurs Japan will not need a guaranteed minimum wage, although a more extensive welfare system for the old will be needed. Thus the real issue in the developed world is, as productivity is reducing the need for labour, population is increasing at a high rate. Its this mismatch which is causing the crisis.
    Thus the question is, if we need less people to product all the good we need why is governments encouraging such a high population growth. The primary reason is short term gain. Increasing population keeps wages low and increases GDP with minimal governmental effort. A simpler solution is to reduce the population to well below economic growth. A simple solution, but as Clausewitz once said about war, the solution to complex problems is simple, but doing the simple can be difficult.

  23. It will take another 100+ years to convert American senators and convert our corrupt system to MAYBE fix our scenario. We are now in a money grab & run agenda… get what you can and get away before we kill ourselves.

  24. If this topic was discussed with THIS TITLE by anyone else other than Eric Weinstein, the comment section WOULD BE RAGING.

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