1. wow with this idiots philosphy then its ok that we should not be civilized anymore ( not that we really are) it will be ok to kill for someones money, someones body, someones home or just anything we want when we want it wheather we already have it or not. hey mister fullerton you want to know what unsustainable is. money in any form! the day is coming when people will say that any type of government that uses money is nothing more that a dictatorship. give me a new admendment to the american constitution banning all forms of money and i will give you a government that will be for the people and by the people. and they will be happy to do the work that needs to be done no matter what the job is because they will realize that they can go to any store and get what they want when they want at no cost. and no this is not something that can work right now because we have all been brained washed since toddlers about the need for money when it is just a lie that has been being spread for thousands of years and so its all people know. we will need to say it starts with this generation of young people and we teach them why the old system does not work for a species who wants to be civilized you know war , greed, crime at all levels of social standing, run away costs of products. but if we teach the younger generation that for them what is coming is all the things you need and want you can have all that you need to do is get your educatin and work so many hours per week then it is yours. and yes i know this is a very simpliyed version of what it will take to set up but consider that the system of money has been around for thousands of years and it does not work we still have war ,crime, poverty, soaring health care costs, and a government that bows to the rich and gives to the lower middle clas just enough so they stay brainwashed and lets not forget the working poor or even the nonworking poor we have a system that has to have them in order for it to work and that is capitolism it must have rich middle class and the poor as a way of stabilizing the economy. wages go up too much a recession hits brings a slow done and layoffs this can and does have the effect of people losing their houses, cars, and savings but hey then the economy starts up again and we take jobs back again at lower wages. gee the only ones who win are the very upper middle class who can afford to have savings and of course the rich came thru with flying colors. the proof is in our history that this system does not and will not work in a modern society where machines are doing more and more work that people did and creating more of a gap between the haves and have nots. yes this sounds like fear mongering but it is the truth stroll thru the internet and see all the new type of robotics that are being made and planned and if we do not get rid of money our children will be left out in the cold and hungry while a few will live in tall hi rises and have their robots guard them and make them what ever they want. and that is when we will see the real natural laws of the jungle come back.

  2. A lion extracts from the lower levels of the food chain hierarchy only what it needs to feed its family. Locusts eat absolutely everything within a large area but only once every decade or so. Capitalism works on a whole different scale, but bears much more similarity to the locusts.

  3. Harmony with nature is really important, i feel like with these new emerging sustainable industries production will become more localized. There's so much we could be doing in terms of resource optimization disaster preparedness, experiments and exploration. Lets not forget having fun living in the moment the human experience, embrace all forms of art and we can have something really nice here <3

  4. 5.20 its animal holocaust that causes climate change even more than burning co2

    Why is this not in this video?!

    Use doughnut economics and be vegan… Done!

  5. There is NO FOODCHAIN. Get that straight! Everything on this planet is an ecosystem.

    Who eats the lion when he dies… Answer it and you will understand that the foodchain is a hoax and that it must be called foodecosystem

  6. I am amazed how even "progressive thinkers" sill think anyone but small businesses should ever be incentivized. Like why would anyone need to incentivize a bank to take my money. Not getting penalized for doing harmful stuff should already be an incentive enough in itself.

  7. I love this concept of organisational biomimetics. It creates great examples of how things like diversity and sustainability aren’t buzzwords but are actually measures of survival.

  8. It is clear. Anything that refuses to follow the darwinian laws, sucumbes under it. Our current fictional economy is doomed as it is based on unnatural rules from us arrogant humans.

  9. People laud the free market and with good cause but the free market produces as a natural consequence a race to the bottom and a vast disparity of wealth. There's the argument that if an employer pays less than it's employees need to live then those employees can withdraw their labour (look how that is frowned upon) but this is a fantasy used to justify appalling conditions. Workers often simply cannot afford to withdraw their labour and so don't and end up having to put up with demeaning pay and conditions.
    I am a firm believer in the ability to trade freely but I also believe that their needs to be socialist principles as a foundation to that system in order for it to benefit people in a less extractive way.

  10. You just cant fix capitalism, it has integrated systematical problems. You have to replace capitalism!

  11. A major problem with the economy is companies are never full, satiated, or satisfied. Power and profits can be pursued without any check. The economy is very effective for us as autonomous individuals, but there are inherent problems. It does not guarantee equality, fairness, ethics, love, and kindness, but I don't think it is evil. We get what we put in it. We need to encourage good values in our youth the economy is a system that we all play a part in.

  12. I want a incentives for big companies and and little companies to hire more people instead of pushing for overtime and overworking depleting their workers of energy and creativity and passion. Encouraging overtime is different from pushing it.

  13. Does anyone else who actually knows history get frustrated when people talk about capitalism 2.0. We are already in capitalism 2.0 it started with the FDR and the new deal today's capitalism is massively different from that of 120 years ago

  14. Cockamamey plan, the system is alright it's just not well regulated as a result criminals and big banks in wall street gamble the economy.

  15. The assumption in the statement made at 1:50 is that businesses cannot influence or bypass regulations that are once put in place. Why are we not considering the influence of capitalist money on coercing government policies?

  16. "Since we've been in that mindset for 400 years it's literally baked into our DNA at this point"
    clicks dislike button

  17. In a nutshell, for capitalism to work the elite must use restraint and common sense. News flash, the elite don't understand constraint or common sense only greed which is why the current system to starting to become unsustainable and heading to collapse through revolt.

  18. In nature lions kill each other to prevent over killing of food supply. Bad analogy. The thing driving our economic situation is sex. Well at least it starts as sex before we come up with other reasons to keep going, but the initial motivating force is sex. It's about being able to showcase your value in order to attract the best mate possible.

  19. No capitalist company forces anyone to buy it's products. If there's abuse, it's self harm. If you want to point a finger at "big banks" look no further than the government that bailed them out. That's NOT capitalism.

  20. Wow… so basically what he is saying is. He wants the narcissistic elite to regulate the economy for us common people… Riiiiiight.

  21. THANK YOU! I was starting to wonder if anyone else saw the problem or the solution, instead of playing whack-a-mole / chasing symptoms and not going after root causes.

    Copying nature is a fantastic starting point and a good shortcut…but evolution doesn't stop.

    We'll need to view things as organisms or machines and employ the scientific approach to fixing and optimization… study the world as it is, borrow what works, extrapolate new ideas and then try and test things in simulations then for real and measure effectiveness along the way…rinse and repeat this evolution process.

    Its amazing how few people can understand this and all the fallacies in the comment section…

    To people who don't understand a problem…a true solution is a problem because they feel it will make things worse or just do nothing.

    America really needs solutions to problems…chasing symptoms has led us down a self destructive path that needs to stop immediately…while there is still time.

  22. Its called freedom of choice.

    Dont want Apple to make billions? Dont purchase Apple products and services.

    We dont need government to interfer with free association.

  23. The market has strong diminishing returns to scale. Regulators and regulations are among the strongest reasons for behemoth companies.

  24. Yeah, I'm sure people will give up power…… you and me live in a dream world buddy. We're the worst of the worst of all species on this planet.

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