Canadian National Socialist Party

  1. Good message but the spelling is quite bad.

    I don't think it's something that matters in day to day conversations but for a serious party, I think it's important.

  2. I noticed a photo of Lawrence Dennis in the corner of this really bad video around 1:00 or a little before. He was a Fascist, not a National Socialist; quite brilliant; and proven in the end to be a racial Black.

  3. The reason why looking nice, pleasantly dressed/groomed, etc. isn't "acceptable" today has to do with popular culture…-which is primarily American popular culture. American popular culture is a sort of pseudo-culture. And it is a de-construct culture.. -That is it's function. It is being spread globally. It (Zionism) undermines authentic, natural and indigenous peoples cultures. Zionism seeks an amalgamation of all things. Whereas National Socialism seeks an appreciation and protection of all things unique and diverse, anthropologically, culturally and so on.. National Socialism is holistic, dimensionally whole, or striving to be so..-which is as it should be. Life:  As always a work in progress.

  4. thank you very much noble one, unfortunately there is only me and my minister of propaganda. look for my other video Canadian national socialist party/with leader. keep trying the facebook page, i will fix why it does not work.

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