Can the Democratic Socialist movement work in Michigan?

Anchor: One progressive candidate scored a Senator Bernie Sanders endorsement. A former Detroit Health Department… I’m Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, I’m running for governor in the great state of Michigan Who am I? Pulitzer Prize-winner, author… Shit show. The country’s collapsing, the ratings are great. If you’re following El-Sayed, he’s a piece of a movement, right? Which is, the Democratic Party’s gonna have to splinter. I’m gonna grab her. She’s right here. Oh my god! She’s looking at herself on television right now. Ocasio-Cortez: I’m here with Abdul El-Sayed. Show us where we’re going. Abdul El-Sayed: We were here now we’re going here. Then we’re gonna end up the day in Detroit. All in the palm of our hand. Why don’t you think it’s Sayed’s time? It’s not his time because nobody ever heard of him. The country is not far left. The country is pretty much straight down the middle. We’re regular people looking for a future who don’t like our government almost at any level. My name’s Ray Lisa. J-A-M-B-S Yes. My name is Tom Young and I refinished antique bathtubs. That’s cool. We’re sick of having to just pick the lesser of two evils. Done with it. It’s a very important election. I also think Democrats need to get their stuff together and listen to their base more. I won’t vote for somebody I don’t believe in. They haven’t been looking for young candidates. I don’t believe in just a blanket support of the Democrat ’cause they’re not a Republican. I want somebody who actually is going to do something to make positive change for the majority of people in the state. Thank you Lisa, I appreciate it. El-Sayed: Who here believes that we need democracy over corporate domination? Let me here you. Ocasio-Cortez: Two years of saying this country won’t vote for Medicare for all. Two years of people saying tuition-free college is not supported even in the state of New York. Well we prove all of it wrong. That is the future of this party. That is the future of this nation. That is the future of this movement. What the progressive movement or even the Tea Party movement, right, is we’re trying to get somewhere. And the way to get there, we don’t agree on We just know that this– everybody knows this is shit. And this is what I think Michigan votes on, I think this is what Pennsylvania votes on, I think this what Texas and California and New York and and Florida. Sure, there’s identity politics, but if the left can deliver that We’ll take it. Thank you. I feel great. Alexi McCammond: People are pointing to the polls and saying, “We should look to the polls.” You know, I’ll admit I am not winning among people who still answer landlines in the middle of the day. I’m not winning those folks. The problem is that most people don’t answer landlines in the middle of the day. You know, I’ve never been one who gives up on doing the work for people. And so we’re building our movement and I think we’re gonna win. McCammond: And if for whatever reason you don’t win the primary, will you support whoever is the Democratic nominee for governor? El-Sayed: I will support a Democrat if they win in the primary. LeDuff: See that see the city building now? That’s downtown. That building marks Midtown. This stretch that you can see with your naked eye is to come back. This is where they say the miracle is happening. But there are human beings two miles that way and two miles that way and they don’t feel in a goddamn thing. So what is this about? McCammond: Who’s talking to them, then? Not even the Socialists.

  1. Who is this poor man's Sam Elliot and why do we care about his opinions again? Oh yeah, they're the opinions of axios

  2. Abdul El-Sayed is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. He is using Taqiyya,kitman,maruna, and tawriya to deceive people who do not believe in Islam to push the cause of Islam and to promote it. If he gets elected he will put sharia into Michigan. Here are credible articles why Abdul El-Sayed is a political terrorist and a liar.

  3. How the Koch brothers helped dismantle the Democratic Party. Democratic Leadership Council dismantling the Democratic Party – … …

  4. NO!!! I bought into the anti crony capitalism sentiments Bernie preached, but the progressives who LOVE the Scandinavian model never mention that the top marginal tax rate in Denmark (their go to country) is 60% and starts at 54k, NO THANKS!!! the government sucks at spending money, why give them more to waste?

  5. This guy in the bar is a dipshit. Abdul El-Sayed's policies poll over 70%, except for maybe 3-5 policies and those 3 to 5 policies actually poll around 60% Approval Rating. This washed up writer is a dumbass. Not to mention the "socialist" even though he doesn't call himself that, he actually is the only one addressing the downtrodden areas. I really hate elites, includes washed up pseudo-activists. Why did Axios give that dumb fuck a political platform? Just looked him up and he's a joke.

  6. Jesus, this guy in the bar is a dumb fuck. El-Sayed's polices poll well.

  7. Someone should tell him the guy running in Texas is running even more progressive than the guy in Michigan and the guy in Texas is about to beat Ted Cruz.

  8. weird video . we have to listen to and read simultaneously 🤦🏼‍♀️ plus it look like ad or anti ad . thumb s down

  9. Nice, the Democrat Socialist Poison is being represented by anti-American Muslims and a giddy little Puerto Rican school girl idiot.,,, The midterms are going to be very interesting.

  10. Bill Clinton heard of Abdul in 2007 and gave him a good review

  11. Funny how communists use the Capitalist system only to tear it down like they did to Venezuela for making them successful. Take it from people who actually came from leftists countries. Run the f*** far from it as possible. If you want the jack boots of government on your neck vote Democrat Socialist which is not a new term and has been used by all dictators.. #walkaway.

  12. I don't get it..they say nobody cares..but "the progressives" are thee only one's talkin' about gettin' corporate $ out of politic's..payin' "a livin' wage"..adoptin' free healthcare like EVERY other industrialized college like Sweden & will we pay 4 it? we just gave "a tax cut" 2 the rich..our military expidentures..unless you like killin' black & brown ppl. are thru' the roof..our private prison's..which shouldn't even be a thing are filled w/ nickel & dimer's..mostly black & brown unless you believe that's fair..and guess what? also drug addict's..which is mostly "plaguin'" the white community..we should put addict's in clinic's..legalize kratom..legalize marijuana..end private prison's..that's your $ right there..end the war's..that's your $ right there..what are we fightin' 4? Jeff Bezos is worth $150 BILLION DOLLAR'S & some amazon employee's are homeless in seattle..we should have rent's funny how "the right" will accuse "the left" of playin' identity politic's when they'll allow a con-man 2 rob em' just so they can be racist..WOW! I hope he gives you a peace of that licencing deal he just made w/ Jakarta 2 throw his name on one of their hotel''re not 'sposed 2 personally profit while you're in're 'SPOSED 2 work 4 "the american ppl." & guess what? instead of payin' you a higher salary or givin' u a job PERIOD..they got immigrant's doin' job's behind bar's 4 a dollar a day..which Donald Trump is personally invested much 4 immigrant detention

  13. a Muslim governor with dearbornistan doesn't sound good

  14. This is awesome. Split the DNC… Only the dumbest of the dumb will support this so moderates will turn away from these idiots…

  15. If Grand Rapids, MI. vote for this guy, they will fall apart! They would be midwest California! Don't be stupid, Michigan!

  16. El-Sayed is muslim and their ideas do not coincide with America constitution not to mention he is with Linda Souros and the brotherhood wake up Michigan

  17. At least when this country falls apart and becomes like other places. With regular beheadings and what not. these people will be too blame

  18. Free stuff sounds so good under Democratic Socialism AKA=Marxism. Then reality sets in on the Utopia as a Military Boot is crashing your ass, kiss good bye your freedom as your regulated to Serfdom. All the Professors with there noble ideas of equality will be lined up against the wall and shot. Once they find out the true meaning of equality in a Marxiest Utopia theyll want to revolt and these people aren't tolerated. Some just dont learn from HISTORY.

  19. The answer is "no", because Socialism has failed in every nation it's been implemented in. You can't use Venezuela anymore, so what is your next "shining example"? Fucking idiots.

  20. He got his you know what handed to him because a Muslim dude with that name is just too much. Same reason my white ass name of Joseph isn’t winning any election in a Muslim democracy, where ever that is. Malaysia? Hell I don’t know.

  21. Based on the primary results on 8/7, the answer is NO.Every one of the candidates backed by Cortez & Sanders LOST.

  22. Wow what a great news organization kissing ass to the Socialist agenda LOL these guys are supposed to be down the middle and not take sides what a joke

  23. AOC is a propaganda tool with a pretty face she has no idea about the government or how its ran she's a puppet what's the Democratic party welcome to 2020 . This ain't Hollywood the only reason why she got elected is it was a really cold day and nobody came and voted good job

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