1. We have a corporate run government in the US, Democrats and Republicans are paid by Corporations to promote their agendas and leave workers and consumers behind

  2. Texas wont be Blue in 2020 with the losers running from the left.. Go
    into any store and ask where the FREE stuff is and they will show you
    the door.. Only thing FREE is air….And they are looking for a way to
    tax that…

  3. Texas wont be Blue in 2020 with the losers running from the left.. Go
    into any store and ask where the FREE stuff is and they will show you
    the door.. Only thing FREE is air….And they are looking for a way to
    tax that…

  4. Texans are strong and resilient hard working people..known for ‘grabbing the BULL by the horns’ so Texans, you know what to do, don’t become complacent and let Texas turn into another failed California!!look at what that state looks (and smells) like !!

  5. TRUMP 2020 and not a single LIBERAL clown on the debate stage showed a single chance in hell against TRUMP in 2020 lets be honest 😂😂

  6. Every last one of y’all Trump & GOP supporters are stupid and need to look deep into the State y’all so love, you dummies.

  7. The California exodus is a well calculated dem strategy. They know those masses will take their voting habits with them. It's up to the places they flee to to educate them that it doesn't matter where you are, what matters is how you vote.

  8. The dems havent got a solitaire hope against the trump train has stops and will not use its brakes till it passes the 2020 platform

  9. beto and veronica escobar flipped me! Trump could put a hood on his head and Still would not compare to the rabid hate I've seen come out of beto's and escobar's mouths!
    I Live in El Paso and I'm voting Trump!

  10. NEVER EVER sell property to libs!!! EVER EVER!! They're like diseased sewer rats!! This is the ONLY way to avoid the infestation!

  11. After hitting my thumb with a hammer a few times, turning it blue, I learned not to do that. Texas has a long history of hard working people. They are not going to give it up for the Dem/Socialists Anti-American Leftists agenda!

  12. Texas don't be so nieve to think these shootings wernt planned by the democrats. Just how epstein was murdered. The ILLUMINATI exists and has people involved with democrats. Follow the money trail

  13. If the GOP in general continues to be embraced by racists and white nationalists, Texas will absolutely turn Blue by 2024 and the party will cease to exist.

  14. If Texas want to deal with the Devil, let them vote blue..Do you want Hate in our country?
    And believe me it want stop… it's going to be worse, it's going to become just like California, and Chicago,
    You have a good president! Why not keep him? It will serve this country well if it goes to hell in a hat backrest after Trump's gone,
    Trump 2020

  15. Every single Democrat needs to be investigated for Treason against our country and how they have criminalized their selves under ARTICLE 4 SECTIIN 4..
    THEY HAVE FAILED TO PROTECT OUR BORDERS… We are being infiltrated by foreign countries. They are promoting it! Time for citizens arrest of criminal house democrats on these terms if the justic system refuses to act..

  16. If you're a property owner in Texas, keep an eye on escape routes until selling your place to Californians. They are determined to collapse the economies of other states and cannot be trusted to abandom their politics for the greater good. So targeted areas of blue, like Dallas and Austin will be overreved and destroyed. Colorado prices have been driven to sour levels and many being hammered with sizable property taxes. Could be 10 years to collapse the real estate for Dallas; 8 for Austin. It's all happening so fast. It could take 15 years of this Cali mass exodus to stop accelerating.

  17. As a Texan, I hope/pray Texas does not turn blue – but it does not look good. Especially with all the california transplants that have moved here.

  18. Don't hear much about Dayton because he was a leftist, it's all about El Paso, because it doesn't fit the narative of the Democrats.

  19. The problem is tons of people coming in from south of the border along with people fleeing California and other Democratic dominated places that suck now.

  20. So when people get educated and leave the rural areas they turn to democrats. Not strange people loose their trust in a party with politics that go against the common sense. Just look at other countries what works. Give everybody a gun and find it strange there is a lot of gun violence.


  22. VOTE DEPLORABLES …assume nothing! Did he say people are needed to register republican voters? I’m checking on that..🇺🇸🙌

  23. A Blue Texas would be the End of the proudest most American values, conservative, state !!!
    Too many Californians moving into cities!

  24. Here is the problem people the powers to be want Texas and they will do what ever it takes to turn Texas blue …. Watch these cheaters …

  25. Turn "blue" … Ain't gonna happen… "That dog just don't hunt". Turn to a craphole in the meantime, likely. Lock and Load is getting really close unfortunately. Yamamoto in 1941 once said something about "awakening a sleeping giant" and Texas is a BIG 'REPUBLIC'.

  26. With the 20 fools on parade, Trump is an absolute for 2020 if he isn't comatose. What REALLY concerns me is a "pinch hitter" about the time of the Convention with the public jackass's becoming cannon fodder. This is likely their plan… Hillary Mickey… someone with that type of braindead apppeal. They KNOW there isn't one potential candidate now that is even human in the majority of voting eyes… The ONLY one, "common sense" wise, that has a shot is Tulsi. With the polls and fundraising results, I doubt she'll be in the next debate. Watch the 6:00 backdoor closely. It's troublesome.

  27. Oh, I see. The only comments sections Fox are blocking are Jeffrey Epstein videos.

    Huh… VERY interesting… Very interesting, indeed…

    Has anybody checked his private island..?

  28. Wow. A video with comment not disabled. Whats the matter FOX? Why are you so worried about people pointing out that the Clinton's enemeis always get Arkancided?

  29. 2020 may be Reagan 1984 if the economy continues to improve or stay good. The Rockefeller Republicans resigned then also and you got a firebrand Republican caucus that surged into the House supported by and supporting Reagan.

    In the 2018 Congress, those Republicans that refused Trumps campaign support lost. If Trump backed a candidate that didn't win the state primary (such as in Alabama where Moore was on his own against Jones) then the DNC candidate won.

    But Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan. He is quite wreckless at times and can lose the moderate voters that chose him over Clinton. When it is White Vs White candidates the moderates choose as most of them are independents.

  30. This is why Dems want open borders so states like Texas will go blue due to influx of immigrants who have steadily changed the demographics and have become the majority. Fleeing Californians also play a role, also bringing the same liberal ideologies and crippling taxes that bankrupted their state..real estate and rents have skyrocketed as a result. Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are liberal strongholds ,and of course, high crime areas. Dems taking Texas will be disastrous…Gov. Ann Richards..enough said.

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  32. Those four House Republicans represented suburban districts. Republican used to do very well in those type of districts winning around 60%-65%. Then Trump came along and now they have become competitive.


  34. Texas will not only be Democrat blue in 2020, they will kick racist scumbag Trump out of office. Trump for prison 2020.

  35. Can you Democrats turn Texas blue really not if the people of Texas are smart all they have to do is look at what Democrats have done to California or New Jersey Philadelphia. And if they're smart they won't let it happen and come 20/20 they'll keep it red by voting Republican for the good of the state and the country.

  36. Texas won’t turn blue, we will make sure of it. California can go to hell……matter fact, go back to California

  37. The most “Left” thing Texas ever did was cut the number of executions… they’re only responsible for 90% of capital punishment now (lights flicker)… as I said 91%.

  38. If the conservatives cave to demands for new gun control and the democratic party will take over. If the conservatives aren't going to be conservative then I might as well vote for the socialists

  39. Texas has more gun owners than most states, if more carried openly. No place would be a soft target.
    Every one could shoot back.

  40. Short answer: No

    Texas ain't turning blue anytime soon. Just because Beto came so close to beating Cruz (mainly because of out of state money) doesn't mean Texas is about to flip. People were saying the same thing 6 yrs ago when Wendy Davis (the biggest loser in TX before the rise of Beto) first emerged. She lost the governor's race by nearly TWENTY points.

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