Can Democrats still win on the economy?

good evening out Donny Deutsch and I am really thrilled to be here they're exactly 540 day two days until the 2020 presidential election and tonight the big stories of this week and next hey Don it's the economy stupid can the president ever stay on message about a booming economy and Willis fat with China crossed some political points I'll talk to mad moneyz Jim Cramer about those issues and what top CEOs really think of the president constitutional crisis what's the Democrats playbook for dealing with a lawless president lots to cover and this is Saturday night politics first a little about me as a 30 year branding and marketing veteran to fortune 50 companies they consultant presidential and DNC campaigns and former keywords former business associate in friend of POTUS for 20 years I'm here to shed some strategic light during those next 542 days we're bringing some thought leaders and influences from outside of politics in addition to some your favorite political faces to break down the key strategic questions and challenges as we head into 2020 we've got an amazing group speaking of familiar faces I take a little extra time for introductions to my left is the great Nicole Wallace now you don't recall obviously a host of deadlines White House for more comes directly out I think she has become one of the most political voices of our time people stop me on the street I love MIT there was a high dining I love the cold she is nice as she seems and I say yes what you also notice I met Nicole why she is so smart every minute so we talked I just got off the phone with W I just got a phone with the Attorney General the most plugged in but you break it down in such a real way and I think you are truly the most beloved host on this network and the reason you're here because you're a big comment cuz you're a friend and you want to come on and help me out and I love you and I appreciate that it's right two year anniversary this way so really I never would have had a first show if you weren't one of my friends and champions that's not really cool that's not fair but but thank you really personally means a lot to me you you as nice as she seems she's even nicer as opposed to Rick Stengel [Laughter] though now you've got what I call the Buddha judge resume okay Rhodes Scholar Princeton graduate obviously former managing editor of time for seven years where they won a magazine of the year former State Department official and you worked on with Mandela on his autobiography I mean that's kind of a real reason you have me here what does that see if you get it that I'm older than you oh and comment on my shoes okay Don Galloway you are the founder of the National Voter protection Action Fund I saw you on Matthews show yeah I said this guy show up I love that you come from Missouri politics we need that Midwestern thing you're an attorney we've got a lot of legal stuff to talk about tonight so really appreciate you taking the time thank you for having me man hey listen I'm a kid from Matthews Dicky boys club sitting here with Nicole Wallace and road scout my friend Donald Trump and Donald Trump Donald Trump have built a wall yes wall the sign night wall the pile political wall we're gonna go through the building blocks of that wall throughout the show as a roadmap to wrap up the week's top stories our first topic hey Don it's the economy stupid trunk usually can't stay on message and remember the private economy is an incumbents best friend if you have a dust down message will the dentist have the right counter-puncher be time a foreign leader a president the Prime Minister a king a queen a dictator we've got some of them too every time they come into the office they say congratulations and what you've done for this economy it's a hottest on earth race on earth Nicole let me start with you the Dems are I feel from there they're nervous that once he he will get a message at some point but I have a theory that the Dems do have a good punch back that there are two economies and the way to do it is you say that's your economy yes with three point six unemployment lowest in 50 years GDP at 3% our economy a handful of facts three and ten Americans don't think they're financially healthy the tax cuts obviously help the rich real wage growth is basically flat in this same 50 years ago half the workers in this country earn under $31,000 a year the minimum wage is still 750 there are 500,000 healthcare bank bankruptcies year the farmers nobody's participating the stock market how did the Dems frame that to really really say no no not our economy so Joe Biden's first rally was in Pittsburgh and I think he got this part of it right and obviously it's a message that any one of them could could probably deliver but but he did it the most effectively as far as I've seen on the trail so he said to this this this loud raucous rally he said the stock market is booming let him cheer they had to absorb that because because obviously that's that's I guess to Donald Trump's credit and then he said do you feel it no rumex wrote it I mean you you know as far as a former political messenger the bad most salient messages are the ones that are true and that's the truest thing you can say about this economy is the stock market booming you betcha do you feel it most people don't so Rick that's one framing is there one of those issues I mentioned that to you it's more of a hot button than others you know that one to me that's a hot button is social mobility America was once the land of social mobility people could move up in classes they aspired to be someone like Donald Trump social mobility is at a 50-year low in America even if the stock market is booming the stock market is not the economy this discrepancy between the haves and have-nots is getting wider so when when Biden says that and the people in the audience go the stock market is booming and they steer that's because it doesn't affect them doesn't a hinge on them and because people are not being are not able to move up the ladder which is the thing that truly made America great and that's not happening now you can tell which one of us wrote political speeches degrees done it's interesting I think going back to 18 look in 20 it's not the economy's – because by the way the economy was roaring at 18 now it's not a presidential election it's healthcare stupid and I don't think you can separate healthcare in the economy north they are one in the same – a big chunk of this country you absolutely can't and you see the president with these continuously duplicitous statements he goes out and says we will be the party of health care we will protect pre-existing conditions conditions believe me whenever he says believe me you know we should be on alert and last week they filed bills in the Senate to completely gut what what is the remainder of Obamacare which is primarily pre-existing condition coverage but to Rick's point the average african-american household in Boston I think it came out in a first quarter report is worth $8 so I just have to point out that there is a dramatic disparity between families of color particularly in high-priced urban areas in terms of net worth and how we are experienced in this economy and what the president says is booming but even if you want to take it again to the corporate macro level let's be very clear this president has thrown the economy into dramatic uncertainty with these tariffs that have just absolutely no connection with market realities and it's pushing them again 18 months after a series of the last tariffs we import a lot of goods from China and this is not the way to make an economic statement to push us forward tariffs what people need to understand is all of a sudden now when you walk into Walmart it's an extra hundred bucks when it could cost three hundred thousand jobs you know Rick Trump not to him it's just yes let's do this happen I mean if if people just realized tariffs means attacks on you they're putting increased cost on the manufacturer we buy billions and billions and billions of dollars more products from China than China buys from us a tariff on their products means you're paying more for everything all right I'm gonna take the job of dumbing down everything Rick said but in terms of how that affects I mean it disproportionately affects the middle-class and low-income people it's tough when stuff becomes more expensive and what Marge would be fair it doesn't affect us it disproportionately affects middle-class and low-income family I wanna get back to the what we gotta go to wall I like seeing my wall announcement Trump's tax troubles ten years of all Trump tax return show he was truly America's biggest loser to the tune of a billion bucks over just a decade the New York AG's new subpoena for his State returns might reveal some more recent and damaging tax with news for Trump okay how do the Dems make the tax tough step first the first of all Rick as far as the state if you get the state you see what's going on is that all they mirror each other but this there's a lot to pick out there is it that he's a fraud he's it then he pays no taxes is it that there's fifty million dollars of interest income that nobody knows where that came from once again so much of what I always wanted to on the show is how do we twist it back to the voter how does that matter to a voter well it mattered I'm trying to be more than Western Road scholar really smart don't do you try to sell himself as this fantastic entrepreneurial businessman the New York Times has been exceptional in the reporting that they done not only did he lose a billion dollars over those ten years the story they did last year where he inherited the equivalent of four hundred million dollars from his father if he'd put that in just that in the stock market he would be far wealthier than he is now so his whole persona is a lie in terms of how he's selling himself to voters that's what this story says in a general way but Don how about that a lot of his voters go yeah he beats the system he's smart there's this weird dynamic with vote with him with some very very economically challenged people that the very people he's exploiting somehow celebrated me it's a bizarre psychological twist there is a tie a fine line in this country between tax avoidance and tax evasion and to some degree all of us try to participate in some degree of tax avoidance we try to lessen our tax burden every year we pay accountants to do that but the fundamental thing about this story is that it flies in the face of him being a business success however that doesn't matter to the Midwestern voter to the Rust Belt voter what matters to them is that he will protect against the other ISM of America the Browning the women taking power as long as he bashes Ilhan Omar and Al see on Twitter once a month or however much they need they don't care that he's been a dramatic business failure you all knew this we just talked about it for a long time it's not it's not a secret or rocket science to see that this guy has been a dramatic business failure but as long as he is willing to oppress certain folks that these people in the Midwest think are encroaching upon their territory they'll be okay Nicole obviously day and day or following or following Russia I think the real dirty gem in there is the Russian money that's going to come out because the big question always was of enjoyed your bank where is he getting his money from that's when it becomes black and white it's that the money's dirty I think it's also this might be a little gender if it makes you squirm I'm sorry Donald Trump is a man obsessed with the size of his hands turns out if one thing's fake and let me just you girl in the bar if your hair's fake and your hand size or something that gets under your skin and your wealth turns out to be fake you are taking up residence inside Donald Trump's head in a way that could be devastating that has nothing to do with whether or not you give to charity has nothing to do with where the money came from it's something Donald Trump's wealth is this primal as the time and energy spends for some reason on his hairdo the time and energy spends defending the size and performance of his hands as he did in that debate during the primaries with Marco Rubio this it's ridiculous and it's uncomfortable but it matters to him and from the Democratic strategist I want to understand what matters to him the size of things matters who understands that is Pelosi where she talks about this size well she really gets it speaking of which trump Pelosi's I'm supposed to read it differently Pelosi winning trump card there's one firm calm democratic voice that seems to rise above all others in strength in wisdom and one force the president has no big answer could that voice be the devil's quest for the White House in 2020 Rick one of the challenges and I'm gonna get to this on my editorial later is that the Democrats have one board I mean the Republicans have one voice it's a vile voice but it's consistent now you've got 20 voices I see for the first time in a presidential election I can remember that there is an overarching voice to use she is so pitch perfect in her calm in her strength Trump does not punch back at her her message of that impeachment is right she is right on and to me as much as she can be front and center as the anti-trump that's a real wheel great kind of running mate to who's ever running I I'd say she's been surfing the Trump zeitgeist better than anybody she has been Pitts perfect and it does help the Democratic candidates because she takes a lot of flack and she can absorb that while they have a little bit more of a free rein which would be a good thing Don what was interesting is there you know Trump you never get to see Trump crisply lose because he comes from the Roy Cohn School of even when I lose that one that's right he was taught that's right in the shutdown that was a KO it was that was she nailed him she made it his shut down he lost big el and I think that was a real turn than the American people say hey yes she's got the kind of bobbing and weaving that we might need she does and I'd like to juxtapose her with her counterpart in the Senate who is the Minority Leader of the House right now you don't know the average American doesn't know it's Kevin McCarthy and my the parallel here is that Chuck Schumer is not as powerful as a voice as Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell is completely dominating that narrative in the Senate in a way that Chuck Schumer has really been kind of relegated to not being a stronger voice Nancy Pelosi is the voice the unifying voice of the Democratic Party when she stepped out and put those shades on in that in that beautiful orange coat a new boss arrived in town it's called domination really what here's what she also gets that the 40 districts the Dems one word down the middle districts they weren't AO C's districts and she comes right out and says it you know she's not afraid of that you know she yet she's keeping them all together but she reminds the party hey kids kids literally and figuratively that's not the answer winning a district in the Bronx the answer is the suburban districts we took back away I think I think mommy if you look around the corner III agree with everything that's been said about her I think she's been remarkable I think her challenge is 2020 heats up is that she's got the progressive side of the Democratic base would like to see the president impeached well once again I'm gonna say it for the last time step away from impeachment dude that's what he wants do not give it to her there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

  1. Obama said no, get over it. All democrats say no, be happy being poor, they will take care of you (if you vote for them). Give up and vote democratic.

  2. Dems know nothing about the economy, they have no 2020 message other than they hate Trump…. sorry but that is not gonna get you in the Whitehouse plus they have no viable candidate

  3. Consumerism is down due to the stupid trump tax deduction for wealthy folks …so average consumers have less money to spend….the mentally unstable trump shows his ignorance once again! Illiteracy is a trump handicap! One of many he seems to have!

  4. Hey everybody, RAMON GUZMAN IS A LOSER. HE WORKS MINIMUM your number one for awhile. See your CRYING worked. HAHAHA

  5. Dems don't understand economics! More regulation=better economy!hahahaha Trump has us at the lowest unemployment in 50 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a surprisingly good segment on the econony. Except that Biden is a total fony on the issue. Sanders is the original on this messaging, so would be fair to give him the credits.

  7. Urgh there we go again. The economy.. but the current economy is based on lies. It depict the state of the super rich, the super big corporations. It has nothing to do with the average joe or the state of the individual wealth of the average. The economy which the main stream media keeps tauting is the the economy which is rigged. As soon as the glass steel and other regulations were cut it has not been the economy of the people. The stock market is being manipulated by CEO's and big corporations by stock buy backs. Layoffs of companies are not triggered by the need to for better performance of the companies but for the sake for driving up the prices of stocks. It is a stupid sham and people should stop referring to the economy as something good. The current economy of the USA is driven solely by the credit cards. There will come a time when people cant borrow anymore and than the so called biggest economy will collapse.

  8. Your captions aren't in sync with the video, and I'm unable to disable them. It's kind of distracting. Great show though 🙂

  9. Tax cuts for the rich and low wages with rising prices. I wouldn't bother too much with midwest farmers. If they can't figure out they are losing with this guy, then they are not worth bothering about. To them, racism trumps the welfare of their families.

  10. Yes. There are 2 economies. That dream economy #45 speaks of only concerns millionaires and billionaires. His booming economy is in an alternate universe.

  11. Yes, the stock market is over inflated, consumer debt is at record highs, bubbles will burst and Trump will be left with a giant turd in his lap.

  12. There's a long time till the election. I have total faith that Trump is going to trash the economy, perhaps even begin the Trump Recession we've been expecting.

  13. Former Secretary of State John Kerry the Congress should a question and question him and took John Kerry to court because he's a bad person give our enemy Iranian government information
    And he is betrays his country mr: kerry false unreliable disloyal his country and government mr. Carey and former President Obama agree to give and that me Iranian hundred millions of dollar from American people hard worker taxes a year every year every year for 10 years Android million-dollar cash to Iran someone then shame on they brain shame on they agree

  14. tRUmp never has been, is or will be presidential material.
    He conned his support base, the weaker of our society. The rich, are using him..playin him.
    GOP needs to be investigated.

  15. Has anyone noticed that all the Boston @RedSox have done is WIN since coming to the White House! Others also have done very well. ………….. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

  16. Also, congratulations to @OANN on the great job you are doing and the big ratings jump (“thank you President Trump”)!………………………… Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

  17. Thank you @foxandfriends, great show this morning and congratulations on your number one (by far) rating. Well deserved!………….Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

  18. BAHAHAHAHAHA… Democrats can't even discuss reality. You think they can win?
    Your network lied every 10 minutes for tears about Trump on an insane accusation. 4 investigations tens of millions wasted the final report said There was nothing to it and ibstead of admitting to be lying biased propaganda for Democrats you ignore reality yet agsin and continue down the same dead end street.
    Ignoring you've lost your way would be a good place to begin recovery.

  19. The more Trump screams and lies, the more followers he gets ?! How sick is the world ?? Just speechless! Faith Trump has no desire to be president anymore, and does everything to come out clean? But people follow him, without reason and heart! There's no Donald Trump coming out! In the end, Trump is not to blame for it, only the people blindly following the liars worldwide!

  20. they released photos of the dancing Israelis on 9-11 ……. Israel was celebrating 3000 americans being killed on 9-11 , they tried to say the Israelis were Palestinians. tsk tsk . Israel is always attacking American ships and spying on America then selling the secret to America's enemies . you wont hear it on MSNBC.

  21. I wish someone would shoot trump right in his forehead so he couldn’t get up again . He is looser number one and will never be anything more . All these idiots around him are gonna look really bad when history looks back at these dumbasses who are all looking out for trump . Trump is a joke an embarrassment to the USA vote dems in 2020 and save America

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