Campus Community- Feb 05, 6:30PM

  1. There will be no politics, there will be no hate, no more tears, no more hunger, no more controversy or divisions in the New Kingdom Of Jesus Christ our true King. God hear our hurtful Prayers as we give that hurt to you and Your will shall be done but we will not doubt or question Your will for we know that Your plan for us shall be the gift You have given us through Your ultimate Sacrifice, The Final Sacrifice. The Blood Of The Lamb which You have done so we can be Saved. Thank You Jesus our King. Thank You God for loving us enough that You would send Your Son. Put Blood in His Veins, give Him a human Face so He could teach us about what true love is. Thank You God for all the prophet's that was our hero's and gave us wisdom through Your Holy Bible although we don't always use that wisdom You still love us. Thank You God for giving the Book Of Enoch for these final generations so that we could learn about Heaven, it is the best a human can describe Your Home. Thank you for everyone and everything and us believers will do our best to keep Your Commandments. Amen
    One final thing I will hope and ask for. The hardest Commandment that I find to keep is to "Love Thy Neighbor" please God help us to love each other, in the Name Of Jesus Amen

  2. A very anointed service with worship and teaching of the Word. I enjoyed the transparentancy and wisdom that was given.
    It touches my heart seeing the hunger for the Lord the students display.
    This was a much needed message for all. Thank you for posting.

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