Calm Before the Storm? – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 4

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So now that we kicked Russia’s ass, we can focus on colonizing a little bit because we can still have a pretty decent city down here and we certainly will and technically, I think we could still even have a city in this area. Let’s check settlers lens Yeah, we could I’m not entirely convinced it would be worth it but with Auckland, it probably would be – it kind of depends on whether there are still some sea based resources in here or not We’ll see – but next up we’ll settle a city in this area so as soon as I finish the builder in my capital, I will switch to colonization and then we can get a settler with the production bonus. That’s the plan. I might also get two galleys in Mediolanum to get shipbuilding boost and I’m considering a scout as well Because we are friendly with Norway I can get open borders with Norway and then send a scout through his territory to maybe make contact with other leaders He has contact with three other leaders. So hopefully we can reach at least some of them through land Let’s get open borders with him right away. How much will we have to pay for that? Probably like 20 gold or even less than that Yep, like 15 gold Sure. Here. Enjoy And instead of getting the builder. Let’s just get the scout That’s only two turns. I can even get both But we should definitely get a scout So heal up all our units We do not need Twilight Valor anymore. Obviously And there’s currency. I’m also going to need the commercial hub somewhere as for research I think I’ll get started on shipbuilding at least I can get it boosted quite easily… or we can finish the wheel Let’s maybe get that. OR we can get started on iron working because I will be boosting it in a few turns my worker is on the way just finish is the wheel first and then we can get iron working. That sounds reasonable So that’s pretty much it for now I will spread my units out a little bit, just in case – and I queued up city walls in our new city If Russia declares war on us again, there’s no way they will be able to do anything I’m not worried about that. So there’s the scout, now we can send him northwest and let’s get the galleys I can also pick up the policy that will speed up naval unit production to get two galleys out faster It’s not a bad idea. Let’s do that – and I could use some naval units So it’s not like they will be wasted. They most certainly will not be wasted Alright So let’s repair the mine first and then we’ll hook up the iron, that’s the plan This guy only has one build left, yep And it’s actually my last builder at the moment. We got defensive tactics. So now we need a few things I am keeping conscription, but we can get a production bonus to naval units which is maritime industries and we can also get settler production bonus so colonization Sounds good. Let’s go with that then – and then we can switch back once we’re done So drama and poetry. I will not be building a wonder in the near future – or military training Yeah, let’s get military training and then we could go for mercenaries to unlock a professional army, both are already boosted Okay, and we’ll also get one more envoy, which might come in handy So repair this tile first and we got another governor title I’m going to grab Pingala and send him to Rome Sounds good So looks like that’s that for now – you guys just chill over here and let’s go explore. I need to know who other civilizations are, who the leader is There’s the wheel What’s next Let’s unlock our unique unit. Yup. Might as well do that Sure, we will be getting the boost in the next few turns in the next two turns basically So there’s the boost We also got the builder, so now I can get the settler We can actually speed up the settler even more Because I’ll be chopping this jungle right here anyway We can chop it to speed up the settler There we go There’s only four turns, now we can get a mine and the commercial hub will probably be up here that seems like the best tile for it and I also need a government plaza Probably up here so that it will be shared between two cities Yup Don’t worry. I will definitely build the government plaza this time I saw some people were taking bets which era I’m going to build the government plaza in – or whether I’m going to build it at all. Don’t worry. I will There’s the galley Now we need one more galley for the shipbuilding boost and maybe we can find more locations for cities like this one This looks promising already Yep So mine – and that actually saved us one turn on the settler, nice Alright then, let’s keep exploring Norway has quite a few cities Some pretty decent ones as well. And there’s the new era, so that’s going to be normal age And we also got iron working and military training Let’s pick our dedication first probably free inquiry We could also go for monumentality, but I think free inquiry will be worth more that’s plus one era score every time we trigger eureka and also plus one era score for constructing a building that provides science as a base yield. Yep. Let’s get that Works for me So, what’s next? I would say construction That will also unlock lumber mills, and I wouldn’t mind a few lumber mills – OR we could also unlock engineering to unlock the bath because I actually need at least one bath down here Yup, the city doesn’t have fresh water and we can build a bath right here, that’s exactly what I’m going to do No need for walls Let’s just grab another builder because I kind of need builders Yeah, and we can get started on feudalism it’s not actually boosted, but I can boost it easily enough and and we can get Auckland now, nice That bonus is so good it’s really good and it will get even better. Oh, there we go. We got Japan anyway, that bonus will get even better in the next patch, when coastal cities are going to get boosted – it’s going to be insane combined with how good coastal cities will be in the next patch So, that’s Japan right here interesting Let’s stay friendly with him for now. I can send a delegation Can we trade anything interesting? Not really. No Okay carry on then So, one turn to finish the settler Okay then, let’s chop the next jungle, that’s also a hill, which means I’d rather get a mine over there All right then That music in the background Oh yeah, world congress, what’s happening here? New districts built by this player act as culture bombs I’ll just vote for myself here But I won’t be spending any diplomatic favor for that +100% of the city states yield type when sending trade routes to a city state of this type Okay So hold on Auckland is what kind of city? Industrial Let’s vote for industrial then We could also vote for in scientific, because that’s Geneva Geneva is also a pretty damn nice city state. I will probably want to get this one as well But let’s vote for industrial It’s bit of a lottery which ones the AI is going to pick, but alright – industrial I suppose I could spend 10 diplomatic favor here because I managed to win this one quite a few times It’s not actually as good as it seems, but I can spend 10 diplomatic favor, that’s fine So, let’s see the outcome We actually got it, nice. And it’s militaristic city-state, okay, whatever As for Rome, well, there’s the settler Might as well give him an escort Not that he really needs one. But whatever. He will get one anyway. So back to Rome. What do we need next? We probably want that commercial hub by now I don’t think it’s worth switching to land surveyors to buy one tile Not really, no. At least I don’t think it is I could technically build entertainment complex, but I’ll probably build it in a different city instead Okay, let’s get the commercial hub right here Okay, and then I can get a district here for Mediolanum Sounds good I’m going to save the envoy for now – and now I can speed up the commercial hub by removing the rainforest technically I could move Magnus before doing all this but I don’t really want to wait 5 turns and I want to keep Pingala in my capital. This is already fine He’s impressed, apparently. Okay In before we become friends. That is quite a few Japanese units Alright Open borders. No, I don’t think so, buddy and hey, we are already friendly with Japan Let’s get a declaration of friendship I don’t plan going to war with him. I have no reason to go to war with him right now Cliffs of Dover. Alright I actually don’t like that wonder too much after I had it in one of my games because you can’t build anything on the tiles that technically belong to the wonder. It’s a bit annoying So, let’s keep moving And that’s that So, how is Japan doing on science? He’s like, last Okay, so he’s not doing well at all Okay and looks like I might have to embark with the scout Which is fine. We are about to finish our second galley and let’s actually research something quicker There – so that I can switch my policies Because I won’t need maritime industries once that galley is done – and I technically don’t even need colonization anymore Right, trade route. We can probably get a better one Can we get a trade route to Japan? I think we can Can we? These are internal trade routes +6 Mediolanum to Auckland. Well, that’s better than what I have currently So might as well move to Mediolanum Sure, let’s move to Mediolanum Next What do you want? Yes, your delegation is welcome Best friends forever And there’s the shipbuilding boost Alright then – one turn and we can switch our policies and I suppose we can get the granary now. Housing is at 5 out of 6. Sounds good. And which is the best trade route here We can trade with Norway, that’s not a terrible idea Yeah, that’s fine, let’s trade with Norway, works for me. I don’t really plan on going to war with him So which tile was it? This one, with the forest – and we’ll have the furs in range We’ll also have pearls in range. This city will literally give me two luxuries that I didn’t otherwise have so, yeah and once engineering is done, we’ll research shipbuilding to be able to embark with all units First, let’s change our policies – don’t need this anymore. I could probably use Where is it… Yeah, +30% production towards builders. We don’t need colonization anymore +2 gold from all trade routes. Technically I only have one trade route right now, but we will be getting more very very soon Let’s take that then. And the rest looks fine Yup, looks fine to me Here… okay. Come on now, get out of the way Auckland. What the heck are you doing? It’s being annoying. That’s what it’s doing right, let’s get shipbuilding and then probably apprenticeship, and by probably I mean definitely apprenticeship and back to feudalism. I still need some farms, but I’m working on the builders We’ll get the farms, don’t worry So now I could actually… no, I can’t get Geneva Well, no, I technically could get Geneva by switching charismatic leader to diplomatic league and then switching back to charismatic leader, I guess How much do you have to pay To switch normally. I can’t even do it right now because I already did it anyway, we’ll check on the next turn or I can research some really quick civic Except there isn’t anything that’s super quick Six turns is about the quickest one 10 turns for mercenaries, but that requires Feudalism. Ok, let’s do drama and poetry Sure So technically, I could try to settle here. It wouldn’t be an amazing city, but it might be worth it in the future Maybe. Something to consider. There we go, they moved out of the way – so that’s going to be the city and I guess I’ll just wait for shipbuilding and then embark with the scout yep. As for Rome… Yeah, market next to get the extra trader out, that was kind of the whole point and we can still try to explore I’ll probably have to get the ability to enter ocean tiles to find the remaining civs, but who knows? We’ll see. I can get open borders with Japan Yeah, I can’t go east anymore, that’s fine. I can still go north. Here’s another city state – a pretty decent one as well And there’s the builder, so let’s remove the marsh and I need the farms for feudalism boost, because we’ll be researching that very soon anyway and now we can get the bath. So, right here That will destroy the mine, but that’s okay. I need the bath and it only costs 50% of aqueduct’s production, which is really nice. I like that part So, let’s get the city right away. And I can help it with that builder as well Okay, done. How much to buy the furs? 85 gold, I think I’m going to grab that tile or I can wait to get land surveyors and then buy more than one tile – that might be worth it. I wouldn’t mind getting this stone because apparently my border will not be expanding to the stone anytime soon, but I would like to have it So, we’ll start from the granary to get more housing Yep And just leave the spearman in here. That’s fine We still only got contact with 3 AI’s. I hope we’ll be able to find some more sometime soon There’s drama and poetry Oh yeah, now we can switch from charismatic leader to diplomatic league and I can actually get Geneva now, if I want to. There’s no competition, so we might as well grab it So, first one, that will count for two and then the second one – and we got Geneva, also +2 era score How’s our era score? 33. 38 required for normal age and 52 for Golden Age Okay So next up Let’s go for recorded history for now. And I got two more builds on this fella Let’s help Antium. I can get two farms on wheat So that will be nice for yields, and it will also count towards feudalism boost Sounds good. One more turn and then we will be able to embark We still haven’t found half the civilizations in this game There’s shipbuilding. So now I can actually embark Hopefully that will help We’ll see about that. And next up, we’ll go for apprenticeship Yep. Or construction… let’s get construction to get a lumber mill and then we’ll go for apprenticeship And there’s feudalism boost, nice. Now we can actually just switch to feudalism, because I do want it ASAP for more food – that will speed up our city growth a little bit Yeah, we still don’t know who the tech leaders are. Oh yeah, +4 era score, because that’s our unique building We already have 38 So depending on how much more time we have, we might actually be able to get a Golden Age If it’s closer to 28 turns then probably not, although 28 turns is still a lot We’ll see. And here’s another Norwegian city. Okay He expanded a lot. I don’t know how many cities he has, but he seems to have a lot So, water mill for Rome Yep Okay and first, I’m going to need like, barracks or stable because that’s required for terracotta army I don’t expect to have a lot of competition because that’s a wonder AI doesn’t seem to prioritize much He wants to buy my horses. I’m actually okay with that Let’s sell some horses He might end up using them against me but, I mean, that’s really not a big problem. He won’t give me a luxury Well, I might accept that How much flat gold would that be, like 50? 40 This is actually fine This is a decent deal, let’s accept. Works for me Anyway, that’s going to be the end of this episode, so thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time Bye bye

  1. Could you have gotten the heroic age if you'd rushed out iron working to upgrade a warrior to a legion (+4 for the UU) and then built a roman fort (another +4 for the UI?)

  2. Camp a unit (like a warrior) on the tile you want for a city. That way city-state and player units (Looking at you Auckland!!) can't block your settler.

  3. I haven't played civ 6 yet and I want to try it eventually but man the art style and just over aesthetic of the game is just so bad imo. I know that everyone has complained about this and it's super annoying at this point. What I was wondering is are there terrain, visual mods available to make it more appealing?

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