Callisto Community Conversations Talks McafeeDEX Smart contract auditing & security with John Mcafee

Welcome to Callisto community channel everyone today. We’re in Porto in Portugal And we have the pleasure of talking to John McAfee the security expert. So thank you for taking the time John As everyone knows on this channel you have released your McAfeeDEX about five weeks ago and Callisto Network just audited your smart contracts on the DEX and I would like to dig a little bit deeper into everything surrounding this subject. So Okay, so okay so I created the DEX as a as a revolt against government unauthorized authority okey , meaning we didn’t vote the government to give the government the powers that they’ve assumed, which is they’re trying to make citizens not just in crypto, all over the world but in crypto, especially and business responsible for law enforcement if you think about it
if for example: If I manufacture bicycles and the government comes and says:
You have to install this tracking device in every bike So that if we want we can listen to everybody well to run their bike and we know where there are and so on and they go: But the reason we have to have this is because
if we don’t,
it’s gonna be impossible or at least much harder to catch bicycle thieves. Fuck that. I’m not responsible for law enforcement That’s why, that’s why we pay governments, so So the DEX number one,
it has Okay hand on a second.
Yeah no problem! Okay, Janice is doing something to my machine here. Okay. Thank you dear.
She turned to do not disturb on as I kept getting pop ups So anyway, so anyway the the DEX Requires no information from you at all:
We don’t ask for your name, we don’t ask for your email, we don’t ask for documentation, we don’t care what country you come from, we ask for nothing!
We hold no money! So we’re powerless there! And we charge nothing for listing. If you want to list something instead of paying seventy five thousand dollars to Binance. Press the button at the top of our page that says:
Add token,
put in the technical specs.
And there you have it! So so what this is is this completely bypasses, all the know your customer, all the anti-money laundering things,
wich we should NOT, be required to do anyway!
Yeah! Thats where hacks happens, with KYC information leaking out. And stuff like this.
Yes, absolutely and that’s that’s our weakness and so, my contention is, why? I mean for example: Why do they cripple, technologies that give more power to individuals. And enhance technologys that give more power to the government. Now, what’s happening here is the blockchain and cryptocurrency which came from the normal ordinary people not government’s, not big business, but no, a bunch of geeky programmers created it!
And made it open source gave it to the world. And this terrifies governments.
Because if we use this appropriately. We can be fully anonymous! Completely immune to innovations in terms of all of our finances. Eventually,
in a few years I hope and so this just scares the shit out of them. So what they have done is they have successfully taken centralized exchanges, put their hands around their throat and says: “You will give us when we ask, all this information”. And they go YES! YES! YES!
I’m a distributed exchange!
I’m saying NO! You can’t shut my exchange down. we’re distributed, we’re decentralized, It’s on the blockchain on smart contracts. So anyway, that’s the and nuts and bolts.
I’m sorry i talk so long! Thank you for that!
You started with answering my first three questions. So , perfect! So to the fourth.
After seeing like the regular hacks on centralized exchanges, we obviously know as we’re saying:
DEX’s is the future. I personally think it’s gonna be the standard, but,
as decentralized exchanges are reliant on smart contracts and we’ve seen the DAO being hacked and smart contracts are regularly hacked. How can user be, secure, how can they make sure they are secure? First of all, let me let me take issue that DAO was not hacked! Okay? Believe me!
No, it was not hacked! The DAO merely set a set of rules that people should follow. The quote “hacker” followed all of those rules! It’s just that he was a clever programmer and what they did is they paid premiums for child DAO’s right.
To create those things, but he created a program called a recursive subroutine. That simply spun and did it over over over and over and took everybody’s money. That’s not a hack! That’s that’s error in the code! They left an open fucking door
and inviting people to come in!
So no! Yeah, auditing the smart contracts.
Maybe it’s a good idea? Yes, that’s an excellent idea!
They’re the best of ALL ideas!
Yes! With smart contracts, you take trust out of the equation!
I don’t have to know who you are, I don’t really care! I’ve got no risk in doing business with you,
if I use this smart contract. End of story! That’s just, it feels like… smart contracts, it’s it’s the shit right now!
Everybody’s into it, but nobody really knows where it is. And regularly, we hear about people using these vulnerabilities and thats is why we’re talking to you today about the idea around this! Vulnerabilities are not in the blockchain!
I promise you that! Nor are they in the architecture of smart contracts. They’re in the logic that people build! I mean listen, you can buy a computer and write your own programs. And if your programs are all fucked up, that doesn’t mean the computer is bad. Just be careful which facilities you use! But I promise you then this DEX is not going to be hackable by anyone at any time! So! I was thinking, is it Okay if I ask a Callisto Network specific question?
Witch question?
One for the Channel. Specific for Callisto network community channel that we are talking about. Well, it depends? Does it involve my sex life or how much money i have? No sex, no money but security! Now Dexaran and the security department of Callisto Network Audited the smart contracts of McafeeDEX So far they audited about 300 contracts in the space. But I would like to just see if you have some tips for a security focused project like Callisto Network.
How should they,
where should they put their goals? How should they proceed in the this decentralized space to succeed? Because, yeah if you have some tips for a project like Callisto Network? I do!
Tip number one is: Be warned!
That you’re in a space with no checks and balances. It’s mano-a-mano! It’s you know, If you are careless! If you put your wallet on a smartphone and leave the smartphone on a bus. And You forgot to write down your keys. Then you just lost everything in that wallet and you cannot ever retrieve it people!
I mean I get four or five requests per what day and DM saying, please help me I lost fifty thousand dollars. I know you can help me. I’ve got the same answer for all! Got your keys?
No, then I cannot help! I’m sorry! So be warned that it’s a very dangerous field if, you’re a careless sort of person Number two: It’s your money! It’s not it’s not pictures you can download it from pornhub or maybe a you know a letter to a girlfriend on the side or no, this is fucking money and your livelihood. And given that you can’t risk, even if it’s one chance in a million losing them. So if you have substantial funds. Use a hardware wallet! Bury it in the backyard! Or get a safety deposit box, or give it to your grandmother who’s never lost anything yours. But do something, to secure it And number one:
First and foremost write down those freaking keys! Every wallet says here they are!
Write them down!
And most of them feed it back and say now did you write them correctly? I’m gonna test you! Or you can skip that part, okay! To many people skip that part! Yeah man! Every day i read on telegram about people who lost their keys! So that’s one that’s my advice!
Keep it offline and please do not lose your keys! All right! So I was thinking:
Now the McafeeDEX is audited by Callisto. And is secured by them and many others. You outsource it, so many other have looked at the code and concluded that:
It is as secure an Ethereum platform can be!
So I was just thinking:
The tokens that now are gonna be listed on McAfee Dex Is there any plan on may be systematically also auditing those tokens? Tokens that are on the DEX
We can!
Do you understand? You have to take the good with the bad! I mean: There’s nothing, that says someone can’t come on to the exchange and create a token, an ERC 20 or something. And call it something and put the name on it because, we have duplicate dollar or sign, you know, whatever whatever your code is, right? And: It’s up to you!
I mean: If you’re trying to buy something on the Tron blockchain, and they’re trying to sell you that item on the ethereum blockchain. Use your common fucking sense!
Number two: The least volume, goes to the bottom and we have now unfortunately thousands of coins just on the Ethereum blockchain!
And Tron is going up today. But we’re going we’re now: Forcing a sort, by volume.
So that people have less likely doesn’t getting scammed! So that those so that those coins, that you know are the the least used, would be the ones hopefully, the most scam of scamming coin. If you just look over the long run, that’s exactly what happens, but we’re not guaranteeing anything! And once that coin is there: We we can’t ever take it off!
-But can you put a, confirmed by McAfee or confirmed security on it.
Well, then we’re centralized! Then we’re centralized!
You understand? We now have control. The get to bless we get to bless those that we like. If a user could just ask for an audit of that token. And then if that token was audited by any Auditing firm maybe Callisto Network! It would be getting that stamp of being verified,
by a security auditor and then users would be..? That is very complex logic to try to go back and tag on to the blockchain! Some extra some extra crap, I mean it’s possible! But then you end up with a brand new database and you know, but see then! What how can you trust to anything,
other than yourself in this business? That’s what I’m saying! This is the problem! Oh, well Justin Sun said it therefore, duh or no no! You can’t trust anybody but you people!
I mean: I don’t want to put a stamp of approval on anything, that I cannot guarantee 100% and there is nothing in this world, that I can guarantee 100%! That’s true!
And so and you don’t have the same problem with every truth, decentralized, distributed, exchange! That once you put it on there, then you have bad players from day one. And they’re in there. Now: Offline if someone wants to go through.
I’m not gonna be I am NOT gonna be the policeman! All right!
This is what I’m trying to get away from! This policing! Individual sovereignty.
No that’s not my fucking job! But if someone wanted to go:
Okay, we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna find the scam coins, we’re gonna publish something over here!
I would be happy to retweet it for you and even link it from our site! Alright!
But I don’t want to be involved because:
Every involvement that gives me any kind of control, even if it’s just control over what I think might be a scam! But I’m not God! How do i fucking know for sure?
No, I would rather say: You are on your own people meaning: There’s nothing that I can do to influence you, there’s nothing that I can do to control you! Is that isn’t this what you want? I want a world without, not just control , but also influence!
Influence to the fucking media! The influence of government propaganda. Influence I don’t want, Influence! Centralized!
Now you want decentralized influence? That’s fine! Someone can write light up a list of baddies and someone’s run up the list of different baddies! That is called a free fucking market and It’s called, individual sovereignty. Good! But that means that criminals also are sovereign Individuals.
I’m not trying to stop them you can’t stop crime! God wake up people! That’s not a possibility! You’d have to stop human nature first, the nature for greed, violence and anger and jealousy, or envy all of these things!
As long as that’s in humans! We’re gonna have criminals!
Duh! Get used to it! But please God that’s why we have police!
The police have turned it around ago. Well, you are now deputized! Permanently! To help us, to make our job easier.
Do your own fucking job.
Yeah! On the point, with Decentralized governance!
I have a question: Because,
this I feel is the next big step in blockchain.
On-chain governance!
Yes! I’m imagining people just participating in their favorite project and being part of it in a transparent way and in in my mind, it’s even conceivable that it could be implemented even in a government, where we vote yeah, for our political parties and everything in this way through the blockchain.
And I was thinking,
what’s your thoughts on, on-chain governance systems.
Where the owners of a coin, have their voting rights for where the Treasuries are going and could this be a viable solution for a to start with fully decentralized organization? Well, I would like to see a true democracy happen somewhere on this fucking planet! Because America is not a true, It’s a democratic republic.
Totally different! But with the blockchain we have the possibility the true democracy! And. We had the technology!
I would like! Every single decision!! Ever made by our government,
that costs more than $50 or impacts more than one person,
should be voted on! No, that doesn’t mean that we all have to spend a lifetime voting. No!
It means that: Hey we’re gonna do a vote on this if anybody’s interested!! Do you see how that changes the world! We can’t vote on everything!
But as long as it is made aware to people! That there are issues, and you can divide them up in a tree if you want, a tree of a branch decision thing. Ok! I’m interested in farming. Okay! So I want to vote on everything about farming but that’s too much. No: I only want to vote about issues farming soybeans, but even that’s too much information. No, no! Farming soybeans in Nebraska. And you might go. Okay, that’s tolerable I only get two alerts per day to vote.
And it takes two seconds to vote! Do you understand?
And so all of the political things happening about soybeans in Nebraska which are being decided that day.
Yeah, we would like to increase the tariffs to 4% here in Nebraska. Well, we’ll find out instantly yes or no! And the rest of the world should be why should we even be fuckin concerned with it? Yeah! And if there’s too few bill voters on a specific thing.
That thing we probably go way over hand, and something shitty would happen,
but then other voters gonna see that and start voting and you know!
It’s just self-regulating thing! But it’s gonna take time so.. Yeah! Decentralized voting I’m I’m looking forwards for that!
And also that would you understand there would also be decentralized governance. Yeah, do you see that? Yeah!
There are some projects working towards that.. And rather than it being, because, we kind of have that now with local elections elections. except, the issue is: Your decisions made at a local level, inevitably, impact someone at a different level. Or in a different geographic area at the same level in other words: Everything is interconnected! So, it’s different when,
Okay! Let’s say, Ok!
Oh, this is a great example!
Let’s say you’re a small County in, Texas: Only a few thousand people.
They want to drill an oil well there. Okay! Well, legally, that should just be a County issue. Voted on by county people.
And we know what happens there!
Those in power who would be most money, from that or well. Are going to promote! Yes, let’s do it!
And since they’ve got the money it will happen!
But what if instead? Anybody interested in oil, and people going: You know what!
That oil is gonna deplete the fields next door in Arizona!
And that’s kind of unfair!
Or someone goes wait a minute, I didn’t know those pricks where still in business. So they suckered that county in Texas, huh? Well, I know about these people.
And we all get to vote! The entire world, not the fucking nation!
Everybody gets to vote on everything everywhere! I just explain how. Nothing part of that County could be effective, on what decisions are made. So, of course we should all vote! on, everything!
Only though those things which we care about, or are in to the end. Which are not that many in life!
So of course everybody in the world should vote on an oil well! It’s only one world one world were burning it up all anyway! I don’t care if you live in Siberia, something happening, with oil maybe pulling that many barrels out whatever!
It’s going to affect oil consumption in Siberia. You don’t fucking know!
So yes! Everybody has right to vote on anything! Only political!
We can’t vote on who you marry. Although it would be a better world if we did! Someone could vote for me man,
I need a woman! All right! So, okay. We have time we have time for one more question! I’m gonna do the best one!
So talking decentralized matters, John. Where DeFI and decentralized finance is growing a rapid pace. All of these also running on smart contracts today.
And smart contract programming is a relatively new space and field of work,
so it lacks security standards ,documentation and best practices. So i’m just wondering: Do you have tips for users, that goes into a DeFi project
who wants to have a passive income, how can they make sure that their funds are safe?
When they go into a project like MakerDao, or Callisto has cold staking as well Any major. Any! Major project. Involving smart contracts.
Originally when smart contracts first came out, there is a lot of misconception! That’s what happened to the DAO for heaven’s sake!
They didn’t quite understand! So go with a company that understands,
what they’re doing or a product that is from a company that understands. If you’re trying to do it yourself. Don’t! Hire a programmer!
I mean: I know it’s easy. It looks easy, but it is not. It’s an extraordinary subtle art. So don’t try doing this… It’s really blowing up right now,
everybody is going in to some kind of DeFi project. But see you need to look at smart contracts as a system of programming language.
do you understand? it’s not: Oh! Smart contracts are unsafe. No, is c++ unsafe? Is any programming language unsafe?
No that this programming languages!
What makes them unsafe, is how you assemble them together and the logic behind that. You know, don’t be the first to buy any product! That’s true it in any field of endeavor. But that’s the only advice I can give you.
The the problem is not with. The security of smart contracts. Its just a programming language! And that that programming language is,
solid! I mean it’s kind of like if you want to take a computer and add two plus two, You will always get four. I mean, it’s solid!
Same thing! Smart contracts,
the person who build the code… It’s the person that builds a code!
You know! Is it the idiot that you’re doing business with ?
You know if it’s an idiot! They’ll be out of business soon, and it won’t be a problem! Yeah! Ah I agree!
Smart contract auditing! I’m all in for security in the space John!
That is why I’m in this one! Thank you so much!
Have a good one! Okay, all right, all right!
Bye bye!

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