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Let’s go to our caller from the eight one
three area code. Who’s calling today from eight one three. It came from him. Hello? Yes, that’s you. Hey David. I’m calling to ask if you think that is gonna
be a riff forming in the democratic parties, especially in regards to the next debate between
people like Yang, clover, char, Gabbert, and sort of identitarian like who? Including Castro, who talk about, you know,
giving abortions for free to, uh, you know, men who think they’re women. Oh, sorry. What are you talking about? If you think there’s going to be a rift or
some kind of a no, I heard it. Are you, so hold on, I’m turning on it. Who the on Castro is an identity. What’s an identity, Marian? First of all, I shouldn’t have said identitarian. It’s not their own identities that they’re
concerned with. It’s, it’s, it’s a lot of their platform has
to do with identities. A lot of the rhetoric has to do with identity. Okay. And who Leanne Castro wants biological men
to have abortions. How does that work medically? He, he’s talked, Keith talked about um, providing
uh, abortions or at least he’s talked about transgender women, uh, in regards to free
health care and providing, you know, free abortions to them. How does someone without a uterus have an
abortion? That’s my question. Okay. That I’ve not heard that brought up and I
can’t imagine that that’s really a serious issue in the 2020 Democratic primary. Well, well that was just that, that point
is, that’s really my new shit that was just so I could exemplify kind of kind of what
I mean by, by, by people who embrace identity and whose rhetoric have to do with identity. The real question is, do you see a risk forming
between Yang and some people who are moderate like Gabbert or, or clover char, a risk for
him between them and people who largely talk about identity? No, don’t, I don’t see a rift forming along those lines. And also most of the candidates you mentioned
are going to be gone by the third debate. So I think they’re going to be non factors
in like three weeks. Yeah. The really key one there. The Yang. Yeah, I mean Yang Gabard and clover chart
there. And Castro quite frankly, is on the fringes
there. I don’t know that they’re going to make it
beyond a, the second debate. So I don’t think we’re going to hear that
much more from them pretty soon. [inaudible] and you don’t see, you don’t see
people kind of going after Yang, especially if he gains more popularity for, uh, for not
really embracing like, like, like really ubi goes against a lot of the identitarian stuff
because it’s, it’s, it’s for all Americans. What do you mean by identitarian? Um, I mean, maybe I’m using the wrong word
identitarian but I mean, people like, like, like the thing you were talking about earlier,
how commonly Harris used bill, he used that, that, that whole busing thing as, as a, a
club, you know, to bash over the head of Joe Biden. [inaudible] listen, I’m going to be totally, I’m going
to be totally honest with you. I think that you’ve got to reframe your understanding
of the Democratic primary cause I think you’re, you’re digging in niches that are completely
fruitless and, uh, I, I would just kind of like rethink my understanding of, uh, of the
slate of candidates. Before I go any further, I appreciate the phone call though. Great to hear from you. That’s it for calls today. Thanks to everybody who called and we will
take calls again.


    The Identitarian movement or Identitarianism is a post-WWII European far-right[2] political ideology originating in France building on ontological ideas of modern German philosophy. Its ideological structure was formulated and organised from the 1960s onward by essayists such as Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye and Renaud Camus, considered the movement's intellectual leaders.

    here’s one identitarian movement 🙂

  2. Either this guy is genuine and I feel bad for him or this is a terrible troll in which case I feel really bad for him.

  3. Why is Pakman being smug about this?? I think it's a legit concern.. I only caught a few clips of the debate and I know what the caller was talking about with the transgender abortion comment. The identitarian thing is a real problem for the left

  4. I can identify Republicans.
    Religious fanatics, dumbfuks, rednecks, deplorable, irredeemable, conspiracy crackpots, undereducated, older white guys still bitter about the civil rights movement, low info fan boys that got turned into simpletons watching Fox….and some of them, I assume, are good people.

  5. Jesus, that piece of trolling… it really just makes the caller look juvenile.
    We've all made prank phonecalls, buddy… when we were 13.

  6. For those wondering the Identitarian Movement is a far-right white supremacist movement.

    It is also helpful to understand the Copenhagen school of security studies concept of "societal security" to help understand the strategies being applied regarding threats to perceived social identity communities.

  7. Castro mentioned transgender people in relation to their right to decide what happens to their body as cis women should also. He was not assigning the issue of right to abortion to trans folk.

  8. That guy probably thought that one South Park episode were Mr Garrison gets a sex change and then tries to get an abortion was real.

  9. To pretend that the dems do not have a brewing issue over identity politics is disingenuous and Pakman playing stupid on this rather than discussing it fairly with the caller was intellectually dishonest. We are already seeing the rift being shown in the mainstream with the conflict between Biden and Harris, and it is only going to get worse as the primaries continue. We also saw the issue come up with the #walkaway movement, among many others in the past. The dems are bleeding support from the center or rather just from those that are sick of the fake superficial pandering, and it will keep bleeding them until they actually try to address it.

  10. The Right is nothing but identity politics. What they have done (incredibly effectively) is police certain terms in speech to shut down conversations. One of the areas they have been most effective is shutting down ANY conversation by just screaming the words “identity politics”.

  11. • "Identitarian": Someone who's ideology is built on defining people by group identities, such as race and sexuality.
    • "Rift": What the Democratic party is experiencing, to such an extreme extent that some have been so alienated that they voted for Trump.
    • Julian Castro on abortion for biological males: He answered a question about abortion with “I don’t believe in only reproductive freedom. I believe in reproductive justice. And what that means is that just because a woman or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a *trans female*, is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose and so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion.” Was it a misstatement? Well, let's hope so. Still, he said it, and, with some trans-women demanding inclusion in issues regarding menstruation, it's not uniquely stupid. The caller just referred to Castro's statement, possibly in good faith.
    • "Question": Something you answer, rather than quarrel with.
    • "Asshole", e.g.: Someone who solicits questions, and then makes fun of people for asking them.
    • "David Pakman": Asshole.

  12. Caller desperately tried to push a narrative that all dem candidates focus mainly on identity politics, when that failed (only because David asked him to explain himself), his brain stopped functioning.

  13. Julian Castro did mention abortions for trans-women in the last debate – but it was clear from context (and basic anatomy) that he was referring to trans-men. He probably just wasn’t that familiar with the terminology.

  14. Good thing he called, it's very brave to get your ideas questioned live. Especially those that sound dumb when you say it out loud for the first time. It's a learning experience for him and people who think along the same tracks.

  15. Gender; ie. what you're born with, is exactly as it is described; to be born with that specific reproduction organs.

    Identity; even in some cases, preferred sexual orientation, is nothing to do with gender, it's about lifestyle and choice, how you are comfortable living as yourself around other people (and not, as some ignoramous would twist it, deviancy, ie. taking advantage of an idea for gains, whichever that is), like how you are addressed, what you prefer sexually, what you wear, or even how you behave.

    Then there are other definitive terms to understand about race, religious preferences, believes, ideologies, etc that at the bare minimum you should have been able to grasp with English with ease (hey, it's not that hard to read).

    To make yourself known how you don't understand, or not try to understand, or damn, want to understand (ie. what something means, so you don't come up with imaginary definitions from God knows where) shows why social welfare is that much more important; we know you're all out there just letting the negatives get worst every second.

    Here's as idea; stop listening to what foreigners (not Russians, unfortunately) tell you they don't listen to, then ask yourself if you start understanding anything, because it sure seems you're not seeing the problem where you're in.

  16. Damn David, you didn't watch the 1st Democrat debates? Castro claimed he would support transgender men wanting abortions. That my man is called insanity and Americans see that and crack up. You see, we laugh with Trump, but we laughed at Castro. Huge difference. And by the way the audience applauded his support so insanity apparently runs deep among lefties.

  17. Identity politics might just be what gets people to vote for Trump? I don't know. However I look at it this is usually a non-issue and gets in the way of getting things done.

  18. I got an anti-BDS ad!!!!

    Duck you, nazi-like Israel.

    BDS if absolutely a valid movement, and has NOTHING to do with antisemitism.

  19. He means colored people David, and you dobt want to get into to it huh. That's thin veiled racist bullsh_t, come on.

  20. Trans men. Castro was talking about TRANS MEN, who have uteruses and can get pregnant, you idiot!

    Why don't people ever remember trans men exist

  21. Anyone who makes up a word like idenitarian I'm going to assume is racist, homophobic and transphobic. David how do you keep your cool?

  22. The identiarain movement is was a far right wing movement in Europe that promoted a mono culture and Europe for Europeans. This guy was using words he did not know the meaning of and came across as deeply out of touch

  23. Republicans pay lip service to small businesses, middle class a religious idiots, Democrats pay lip service to small business, middle class and social minorities like myself. So men who think they are woman getting free abortions…that's the platform we are on now ok.

  24. Globalist/Marxist/Communist/Far-Left/Radical/Unhinged/Democrats=Thought Police
    God bless President Trump, Attorney General William Barr, and the United States of America.

  25. He literally said in the first giving trans women rights to abortions was a things. Pak acts like it’s not a thing. Just like any stupid thing the Dems support, it’s essentially non-existent to Pak.

  26. Woah, Identitarian was adopted by the alt right as a rebrand of their neo nazi nonsense after charlottesville put heat on the alt right moniker

  27. This guy is clearly a Right Winger who thinks that the Democrats only want to give welfare statism to minorities, and NOT to poor and lower class whites.

    He seems to think that there is a zero-sum race war where being “progressive” must mean that you are racist towards whites. He also called Tulsi a moderate despite being hailed as more “progressive” than the others. This ignoramus doesn’t understand politics. He must have bought into the logic of “wEll ShE aPpEaRreD oN FoX sO ShE mUsT bE MoDeRaTE.” He Frank the koolaid.

    Hey dipshit. In the way that Social Security benefits ALL, and the way that Rural America is MOST on Welfare, is the SAME way that Medicare for ALL will also go to whites. Stop being such an identitarian. Shit isn’t zero sum among ethnicities.

  28. Identity politics is a broad term with many interpretations of an exact definition. You can play word games and dismiss it. But it has come to explain the way the left sees everything through an identity lense. (A white guy guy criticizing a black guy is automatically racist)

    It is divisive and turns off moderates in every party. Rejection of identity politics usually manifests as a rejection of political correctness. If you think in these terms, it is easier to see how untasteful it is to the broader population.

    Pakman downplays the problem to absurdity. It already has split the left, that's how we got trump.

    The msm is locked stepped with dnc so candidates like yang and gabart will never get a fair shake. That's why they poll so low. Almost everyone with a balanced diet of news and a healthy distrust for msm is already voting trump.

  29. Identity politics isn't inherently good or bad. Was it bad when kamala used her identity to talk about racial oppression no because she tied it Joe Biden bussing policy that affected her personally. Now if kamala said Joe is a old white man here my black ass roar then yes that's a bad use of identity politics. Not hard but people amaze me with how hard they make this.

  30. Omfg he literally misspoke, meaning to say that we should provide abortions to trans men who do still have their uterus, this is very obvious and this caller is using this non-issue to cause a stir.

  31. That caller needs a helmet… yes I'm calling him a retard. And as far as you snowflake trumptards that wanna talk about the "unifying left" fuck that. I don't now or ever want anything to do with you racist and uneducated people . You can remain in your fictional world of victimization and strawmen.

  32. David can be pretty condescending and manipulative during his caller segments. This guy obviously wasn’t very articulate but the role that identity politics plays within the “left” is something worth talking about. It is easily abused by frauds and easy to mock from the outside looking in

  33. Julian Castro literally argued for transgender women to get abortions in the last debate. I know it's not a big issue for any actual humans, but that's what he's advocating for

  34. These are the people who vote, dumb as a rock, only repeating what their "alt-right" programming allows, trying really hard to sound like they know what they are talking about, but only full on displaying their stupidity.

  35. Julian castro did say that in the debate, but obviously he mispoke and meant transgender men, people born with the capacity to get pregnant.

  36. High level intellect talking about the real issue, identity politics.

    Healthcare? Immigration? Nah, the dems are gonna have a rift over giving abortions to people without uteruses.

  37. David: Andrew Yang will be gone by the third debate.5 seconds later: Andrew Yang has qualified for the third debate!

  38. Andrew Yang is the achilles heel of the Democratic primary.
    His platform is so easily exploitable for quasi-fascists.
    People are aware that a flat income is the exact same as a flat tax.
    Shut this flirtation with laisee-faire libertarianism down.

  39. Identitarian is a term that white supremacists are using to hide who they really are and their bigoted intention in order to make their fascist ideologies seem reasonable to conservatives and some anti SJWS. This is one of their tactics that there are using to try to make themselves seem reasonable in order to bring people down the alt right rabbit hole and brainwash them.

  40. I don't know why David didn't just tell the guy he had his terms mixed up…it's the alt-right guys who call themselves "identitarians." I think the caller really wanted to say "the SJWs" but was trying to sound smart.

  41. I feel like we just heard another self identifying “conservative” talking in strawmanese from his sincere idea of what an average left leaning person is, which to everyone else looks like the caricature that the rightwing noise machine paints

  42. Sounds like you're saying that the caller needs to check his thinking… Where have I heard that before🤔? 💡!

  43. He's not good at articulating the point, but let's not kid ourselves here. I think he's trying to say, how important is identity going to play into the democratic election? Whether it be the identity of the candidate themselves, or which minority group is going to be used as a pawn in terms of rhetoric to get elected?

  44. Castro literally said he supported access to abortions for trans women. Assumingly, he meant trans men. Hopefully.

  45. David plays stupid. You don't know what an identiterian is? Look at the fucking mirror you dumb shmack

  46. Definition of identity politics and identiterianism – a believe that one must align politically based on one's immutable characteristics like race, sexuality and gender and not based on one's individual opinions. Hence you get those amorphous political categories like LGBT "community" which implies that all gay people must think the same precisely because of their sexual preferences. In my opinion it is more bigoted political ideology than actual homophobia

  47. The complete ignorance of packman addressing the callers question as ridiculous is typical of progressives

  48. I guess we know what David doesn't want to talk about. I think the caller is alluding to an important issue – how big of a focus should identity politics be in the Dems' 2020 platform? Should I ascribe David's unwillingness to engage to Zen-like detachment or to acceptance of the new manifest destiny? Beware the fruitless niches!

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