1. You can bring on every successful person in the world….it doesn't negate the wealth inequality from crony capitalism. If Varney would have shows talking about how to fix the broken capitalism. Buddy here got to take over a business… many people get the opportunity given to them….that's the problem with the ineqaulity….

  2. In 2014, Buddy Valastro got arrested for DUI. His arrest video shows him saying:

    "You can’t arrest me; I’m the cake boss” to the cops.
    Will Trump pardon him?

  3. The immigrants that swing for the fence is what this country always needs. I think the deregulation in some aspects of small business has helped. With the new immigration plan Trumps has put forward will help MAGA because it will bring us the best this world has to offer, the best of the best even. Who said a business man couldn’t run a country like a business.

  4. capitalism allows the idea of communism to flourish i think. capitalism allows creativity, innovation, production we have too much of everything we begin to careless about what we have and why we have it. we value big things less and small things more like a game or a function or an action. but not our actions using big things. like communicating on a stage in front of a live camera thats being broadcast globally if you can find the right satellite or youtube channel that is what capitalism allows it really sets the mode for a society. we can be free to do other things within this capitalism system. but just because we embrace capitalism it doesn't mean the human mind is not free from temptation and all the sin thats in good stuff. that's a different thing and shouldn't be used against capitalism.

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