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this grant is just insane it's centered that happened it's the future you can see the future there and it's as I said is really sad and you see it glowing and now it's leaking and glowing from the Sun it's like this is booze lucha the former home of Bulgaria's Communist Party which lies 200 kilometers east of Sofia it was built in 1981 at a time when the power of the communist regime seemed unshakable now it's crumbling when it was first commissioned enormous effort was put into constructing the building it was 15 million lives 35 million dollars today and five years in the making 6,000 workers including artists sculptors and soldiers from the Bulgarian army came together to construct this elegant monstrosity their aim to create a building that would impress inspire and intimidate to make visible the might of the Communist Party for some the marble and mosaics were a source of pride for others it was a constant reminder of communism firm grip on society I don't see any any reason to build such a huge thing in the middle of nowhere except from showing your power and the power of your ideology it lets you think about all strong world was the communist less than a decade after booze lucha was opened the communist regime was overthrown and as Bulgarians embrace democracy this epic monument to communism was abandoned lots of people want to forget their past because they've it's part of something dark or they've done something which they're not proud of ownership of was lucha has fallen to the post communist state the Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the European Union and it does not have enough money to maintain or repair it instead the building has been left to the elements it's still sad to see something that that used to be exquisite and beautiful and luxurious maybe even for that to look like that right now but there is a haunting beauty in the buildings decline and people have recently been finding creative uses for the space human human off editor of a fashion magazine in Bulgaria staged a photo shoot there in July it has also been used for art exhibitions workshops and as a backdrop for a music video by a French pop band even though it's technically closed dozens of visitors explore booze lucha every week the area isn't serviced by public transport so the curious must drive or bike some 30 kilometers outside of a town called Gabrovo up a dangerous mountain road once there they'll confront crumbling staircases barred entrances and broken glass to enter they must crawl through a small opening on the side of the building and over a 10 meter drop it was a bit scary at first because you climb through the hole and you don't really know way where you end up it was adventure for sure you know with the flashlights and all that exploring the the hallways the underground and other experts believe a full renovation would cost over 19 million dollars a price tag that leaves Bulgarians conflicted 4 there's my to be spent there are more important things to do with the money than this I know some suggest demolishing the structure others think it could be used as a museum to remember communism but even this is controversial I don't know what what kind of museum who are going to be the curators who are going to be the people that collect the memorabilia or artifacts and how are they going to present them because those people are ashamed of their own path how can they put something in a museum 25 years after its completion whose Luger is still a divisive topic vulgarians have different visions for its future but most agree that it should have one I don't think that people should be ashamed of anything related to history because that's so the meaning of history we should learn it and if it was mistake or something we should make sure that we don't repeat the mistake so maybe it could stay there as a monument of the shame of our past but in order to make us think better about the future you

  1. На тая патка с шапката, кой и каза, че някой е ashamed от комунизма? Това си част от историята на България.

  2. Communists don't build museums to exhibit their past, they fake their past from blood-thirsters to glorious red knights of Lenin. But damn, their aesthetic is good. These massive buildings are exotic and very aspirational, I really dig their taste in buildings.

  3. Was there ever access to the verticle building? It looks like tree's have started growing up there on there own & I wondered if anyone has climbed an interior set of stairs to check it out?

  4. very sad that Bulagrians dont accept their history and dont preserved this exelent monument….its part of their history…they could make money from using it as a turist atraction….

  5. I can’t believe the amount of crap I heard in this video! The monument looked beautiful in the 1980s’: massive, elegant and futuristic…they should have preserved it

  6. its not the end of communism, be prepared for the new Ciber-communism in future, the big total technical control, with China as a example.
    Step 1 :Digital money, a great lost of freedom…the rest will follow to make uss slaves.

  7. Finally been to Buzludzha this summer. Not a dangerous but a tasteful mountain road for motorbike from Kazanluk. Still such a mighty building after 40 years, attemped to enter from that hole – hole is cemented – and a security guard warned me.

  8. Communism and socialism – especially the modern socialism we got today – is pretty much one big, global holocaust… but the monument is still wonderful, in a way, and should really be restored.

  9. I'm an American but I don't see a issue in restoring it into a museum or something. The whole "It represents a dark past" argument is moot considering Auschwitz is still standing and is a museum and tons of people were brutally slaughtered there. Now the budget? I have no say in that.

  10. If I were extremely, billion euro kind of, rich, and it were near my town, I'd buy such a structure and turn it in a quaint and esoteric private mansion. Hold absurd fuck parties with massively endowed shemales there.

  11. Были бы деньги, поддерживали бы красоту. Туристы были бы в восторге.

  12. make some sort of stage for artists out of it, so festivals can be hold there… wtf why wasnt this done already?

  13. I love the architecture of these former communist countries. You may be ashamed of your history, but don't let these relics disappear! They're fascinating and will help to remind future generations of what went on in your nations.

  14. if you wanna see some cool drone snippets of this building check out the Music Video "Carlson Rufer – Gravitation"

  15. This is actually a cool monument of Communist past that resides in Bulgaria of all Soviet Satellite nations. Thank God that Khazar Jewish invention of Communism is over in Europe and Russia. What can be learned from all this? Nothing built on spilled innocent blood lasts a long time and yet alone leaves a lasting legacy. Democracy with all its faults is still the best system around. People cannot be denied basic human rights and freedoms. Beware of the Jewish World Order as stated in the Protocols of Zion. Peace & Love to Bulgaria💜

  16. " О неразумний юроде, поради что се срамиш … да пишеш на Български" да префразирам История Славно-Българска ( а не както е позната от Руската радакция на Екатерина 2 -ра за тези които не са запознати да прочетат за руската имперска доктрина на фамилия романови да създаде фалшива раса а имено така наречените славяни който като термин се появяват в края на 17 век в книгата на Мавро Орбини кадето под славяни се имат предвид хърватите тогава под османско робство борещи се за освобождение , и след това хитро взет на въоръжение от така наречените историци на така наречента Екатерина Велика)
    Но да започна по същество аман от черен пиар и аман от евро-атлантически геи-бандити който самите те нямайки никакви ценности да ни кават как да живеем и на какви "богове " да се кланяме.
    Второ писна ми и от така наречени българи които постояно се извиняват на някакви измислени "авторитетни" организации и агенции по цял свят че – "видите ли България трябва да се срамува че е била комунистическа държава" – та на тия хора да им кажа Абе Алан-колу да не би България сама да си е избирала съдбата , а не бяха ли тия същите загрижени нации като Англия и Амарика които ни хвърлиха в сферата на влияние на СССР на срещата в Техеран 1943 г. та мен собствено не ми е ясно вие на кого и за какво се извинявате и как точно им обещавате да се държите примерно или как и за какво?
    Но да се върнем на паметника и на комунистите които ни "хранеха" със светлото бъдеще но пък отделно от това построиха освен тоя монумент и по наи малко едно собвстено жилище на всяко семейство в България а не както бяха да речем в СССР където руснаците живееха в комунални жилища собственост на държадата по 5-6 семейства в една комуналка с обща кухня и обща баня с тоалетна.
    Интерестното е че в момента са на власт синовете и внуците на същите тия комунисти само че сега са ГЕРБ-ери СДС-ари и тем подобни псевдо-демократи който ни "хранят" с така нареченото евро-атлантическо светло бъдеще и крадът кой колкото може от и без това изнемощелия Български народ.
    И една задача за размисъл 1989 г българите сме 9.6 мил в момента сме 5.4 мил извън българия са 1,7 мил та в задачата се пита къде са 2.5 мил ? При условие че не е имало война . Това геноцид ли е или да?
    И още една задача произхождаща от предишната – Как така голяма част от тези мъртви физически хора фигурират в избирателните списъци ? И защо все още има наивни хора в българия който си мислят че те реално някого избират?
    Защо направиха невъзможно да се организират референдуми в България?
    И накрая искам да кажа на всички които плюят срещу Русия и против Путин по конкретно преди да съдиш даден човек е необходимо да го познаваш ама не от медии които са тенденциозно превзети и прокарват линията на "партията" т.е. на американките мекерета които са реалните собственици на тези така наречени обществено-осведомителни агенции.
    Та корените на Путин са Български и понеже родът му е от Чепеларе което апропо не кой знае колко далече от Паметника който е предмет на този зле скалъпен пропагандно агитационен материал.
    За тези които за прочели до край моят пост Благодаря за вниманието и за търпението. And for all aothers who can't read and write Bulgarian – don't talk about thinks that you're not aware at all.

  17. Just to say that 'it isn't in the middle of nowhere' – that peak has it's meaning and it is the first ever gathering of the Bulgarian Communist Party. The monument is called after the name of the peak, so it is possible to have still Turkish name (the peak) as it was not so long before that Bulgaria was still under Ottoman rule. It's a massive monument with great prospects and I'm sure one day it will flourish again as a symbol, a warning, or just a historical past… definitely a place to visit for people who appreciate history. Not far from there, there is another great monument of the Independence day – SHIPKA. It's a symbol of the great heroism of the bulgarian militia and russian soldiers that managed to keep it from a greater number Ottoman army and probably decided the result of the war (Russian-Turkish War 1877-1878). The monument is massive, with cannons around and lion, standing yards frm the ground, watching EAST, where Russian army came in aid for their christian orthodox brothers. In general Bulgaria is full of history, from the ancient thracian time (Spartacus was born and grown in south west part of Bulgaria) going through Byzanthium, First and Second BUlgarian Kingdom, rise of the Christianity, fall under Ottoman and Islam, Independence, Balkan Wars, Fascism, Communism…

  18. As a communist I feel really sad that this construction is left like that and that people think that the communist years of Bulgaria were a mistake . Actually those time were great.But I think that everything goes in a circle and everything returns and goes away so communism will come back one day but even more powerful and will fall again.

  19. first, they must fix the name before the building. it s name is so fucking turkish. buzludzha means "iced" in turkish.

  20. Communism, like all forms of Leftism, are all about symbolism over results. The people starved and suffered under the secret police while they built giant monuments to how well-off the peasants were.

    So Bulgaria once thought of itself as the Greatest; so did Nazi Germany. There's a reason you don't glorify old monuments to dead totalitarian ideologies, be they fascist or communist. Because it's a very small step from that to getting the next generation of idiots to say "Let's try again! We simply didn't kill enough people last time". Admit you were wrong and move on. The US Vietnam memorial is a simple black wall for a reason, you know. It doesn't pay to worship failed ideas.

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