Buying Homeless People's Dogs? (Social Experiment)

what's up guys Joey salads here you may have seen the video where I bought a stranger's dog for $100,000 today we're going to be seen of homeless people are willing to sell their dog for the same amount of money let's see what happens hey what's up it's cute though you got what's-her-name Oh tubs chubs tub Oh tubs how much for your dogs if I was to buy it about a possible 100 bucks no put a bad thousand I give you $1000 right now for your dog now my life in the house dollars what about 10 grand do it for 10 grand Hey look check it out do it no honey grand let's say my child but not my dog you sell your kid over your dog why wouldn't you sell your dog they don't have a kid to sell and my dog more loyal than most humans he's your dog's loyal but if I was to give you 1 2 3 4 50,000 loyalty do that you can't the $50,000 tell me why would I sell her all right well I respect that of you thank you bro maybe another time what's up guys how much for your dog there's nothing clear price on it I get if I can talk if I give you $1,000 right now you won't sell me the dog no what's his name her name is Luna I'll give you I'll give you ten thousand for your dog right now what about 20,000 try and we'll GIMP why won't you give me your dog for 20,000 I know why so I love this dog with all my heart and losing my kid three weeks ago she yeah in there sorry hear about that what about for once two or three for 50,000 no no do a brother sorry oh well know about the rest of the money that's in here he is about 80 nope no all right nothing over 100 billion dollars now for a trillion dollars you and did the heart-shaped birthmark on my ass will I sell my dog alright well thank you guys I respect that she's beautiful can't sell something like that family right all right oh thank you guys is it amazing that these people are not willing to sell their dog for any type of money I think that's something we all could learn from these people today you can't always put a price tag on love I'm Joey salads thanks for watching out 5000 where

  1. Can y'all please help me I have a question my mom dose not have money to take care of my dog and she has been there through everything with me and I love her so much but I know she needs to be taken care of I have cried and am so upset it is like my sister died is it okay to be so upset about a "dog" like my dad said?

  2. 0:51 this is what I wish: for everyone to never sell their dogs,respects and love their dogs because they will always lighten your day and they care about (I’m actually crying while I type this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. you are not nice joey salads why did you not give him 200dll and you let the dog stay i wont subscribe only in this video

  4. Ok can be honest don't call the people with less money "homeless people" call them friends as everyone should be treated the same.

  5. Why will you put 80k in homeless people face to sell there that’s not right. You could of gave gave the women and her boyfriend 40k and the other the other man 40k too don’t just go around ask for people dogs like and there homeless like there only thing

  6. Why would one to buy someone's dog and if you are showing them $100,000 And they say no just leave them alone they might have lost a love one or it's thier only best friend

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