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– Today’s the day the
Nintendo Switch Lite is here, so we’re gonna unbox all three
colors including the blue one that we may have already
unboxed once before. Don’t worry about it, let’s get to it. (jazzy music) You know, when I first saw
the Switch Lite revealed, the initial ranking I had in my head was I liked turquoise the
most, followed by yellow and gray at the bottom. And the main reason for
that is for a long time now, I’ve talked about how I wished
Nintendo got colorful again, which they’ve done a
little bit with the Switch by having different colored Joy-Cons, but the main Switch units,
even special editions, have all been a plain black. So I love the idea of getting new versions that are in actual colorful choices. I gotta be honest though,
now that I’ve opened them and I’m seeing them all, my ranking’s actually shifted around a little bit. Turquoise is still the top,
but I actually really do like the way the gray has turned
out compared to the yellow. I think a large part of
that is the contrast. All three systems have gone
for the same white button aesthetic, which is cool,
but I think on the yellow, it just doesn’t have the same impact ’cause yellow is already so bright, there’s not really a hard
contrasty look goin’ on. Whereas with the gray, that
just looks super clean. That being said though,
while the gray just went up in rankings, turquoise is still
definitely the top for me. I just really think this
is the main aesthetic I wanna see Nintendo really approach, where you have a bright,
strong, vibrant color, but it’s still being
contrasted with the right offset for the buttons and sticks, which white works really well with this. You know, with the yellow,
I really think that if they had gone with maybe a
black and yellow approach, or maybe even did what they
did with the Pikachu 3DS, where there was the brown or red offsets, that could really work,
but the white just, it’s just too similar to me. The turquoise though, is just right. Now of course, a lot
of this is subjective. Turquoise is the winner
for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s
gonna be your favorite, so let’s go talk to some other people. – I just like this shade of blue a lot. – [Austin] I like the yellow. – You spent a lot of time telling me you didn’t like the yellow. – Look, when I first saw
the yellow, I thought it was going to be brighter, however,
this is actually okay. It’s more of like a gold color. It’s like a yellow gold. – Final answer Austin Evans?
– Yellow. – You know, it’s awesome
the Switch Lite is here and it’s offering this
alternative to the regular Switch where, yeah, it kinda sucks
that it can’t talk to a TV, but it really does offer this
more traditional dedicated handheld feel and I think it’s a lot more true to the experience that you’ve had with past Game Boys and 3DSs. But I’d be lying if I didn’t
admit that one of the things that has excited me most about this system is Nintendo’s re-embracing
of color in their systems. And I really wanna see what
else they do in the future. Because right now to
start, we’ve got the gray, yellow and turquoise
and we know that there’s a Pokemon one coming out in the
future which looks gorgeous, but it’s definitely Nintendo’s
MO with systems like this to experiment with a lot
more colors over time. I mean, even look at the original 3DS. When that first launched, it
only came in black and blue. And as time went on, we started
getting a lot more colors like purple and red and a ton of different special edition designs where eventually, even with the 2DS XL, we got some insane looking collector’s edition. And that’s exactly the kind of wrap that I want the Switch Lite to go. Even if they stick with
the white button aesthetic on all designs, there’s
so many different colors that could do without,
clash with that really well. And I think I’ve mentioned this before where I am really surprised
that one of the first colors for this wasn’t red ’cause Nintendo, I think in their overall
history, has leaned towards that being kinda
their identifying color. They changed it a little bit
with the Wii and the Wii U, but with the Switch,
they’ve definitely leaned very heavily into red being the color. And we have yet to see
an actual red Switch. We’ve got red Joy-Cons for Mario, but that’s been the full extent of it. And really, if you wanna
take it even next level, let’s bring back the actual Atomic colors. I mean, Atomic purple
is such a classic design they used on the Game Boy Color, they had one for the N64 controller. And it’s already a popular
modification you can do for regular Switches where you buy your own backplates or skins for Joy-Cons. So, if we got an actual transparent design officially from Nintendo,
take all my money. And I’m not the only one who’s excited about the new color
coming to the Switch Lite because there are already
so many for mock-ups that people have done for ideas of future designs they would like to see, most of which are special editions. Which honestly, is the
best part because as things stand right now, special
editions for the Switch have been a little bit on the lazier side. I’ve said this before numerous times, where even things like the Pokemon design that I really like, it’s just
very bare bones and basic. And yet the new Nintendo
Switch Lite Pokemon that we’re seeing looks awesome! While it does rely on the
main color being a light gray, it features way more
interesting designs on the back and has colorful buttons
matching the theme’s four sword and shield,
and that kind of gives this whole idea of how
Nintendo is hopefully gonna take this colorful approach to other future possible special editions. I mean, just imagine we get some kind of Legend of Zelda design
that’s green for Link. Or goes with more of the
kind of black and gold just like they’ve done in the past. Or maybe even a blue
like Breath of the Wild. And really, if you need inspiration, just look at all the stuff Nintendo did with later special edition DSs. There’s the Metroid design which featured that orange and yellow
that was super awesome. Think of that on a Nintendo Switch Lite when Metroid Prime 4 comes out, some day, eventually, hopefully. And of course, there’s always
hope for special editions that don’t necessarily celebrate games, but Nintendo’s history, we could do NES, SNES style Switch Lites. Even Famicom, picture those colors applied to a Switch Lite on the go and that is super awesome looking. By the way, if you’re stickin’
to your regular Switch and you wanna add a little color to that, an easy way to do it with skins like these from today’s sponsor dbrand,
they make a whole line of different Switch skins
for the Switch itself, Joy-Cons, and even the dock. Check out the link down
below for more info. Another big impact to this return to color is the fact that it
makes accessory choices a little bit more interesting as well. With the regular Switch again, you just had a regular black one and you could try to match with Joy-Cons, but there wasn’t too much. That didn’t stop people
from making cool looking case designs, but there wasn’t necessarily a tie-in theme going on. Whereas with the Switch
Lite, there’s already a flood of accessories coming out that are paired for it specifically and come in colors based on the different launch models. For instance, we have the
turquoise one right here. Well both HORI and Hyperkin
have made carrying cases in a matching color, and even a grip case for adding a little more comfort. This also applies to
all the really popular grip designs out there. Skull & Co. for instance,
have already confirmed they’re working on a grip
case for the Switch Lite that comes in three colors, the yellow, the turquoise and the gray. And Satisfye has already
revealed their grip case for it, which opts for going a white design instead of their traditional black, which matches up with all
the trim on all three colors. And I know that for everyone out there, color choice isn’t the
most important thing. Obviously which system you
like in terms of performance and function, that’s all good too, but I really wanna emphasize
how important I think it is for Nintendo to embrace
their colorful history because there’s this
sense of personalization. It’s cool that you can have a Switch and your friend has a Switch
and all that kind of stuff. But there’s that extra layer
of like, which one did you get? I got the blue one,
you got the yellow one? Cool, there’s just this
sense of finding the one that really fits your personality and you can find matching
stuff to all go with it. Really, my main takeaway of all of this is Nintendo is finally colorful again and I wanna see this train keep going.

  1. Picked up the turquoise Switch Lite with Link’s Awakening today. I’m a big fan of how cloud saves are working so far! Haven’t had any issues playing between my normal Switch and the Lite 🙂 love it!

  2. first, "Sell your nintendo switch"
    then a video about xbox being superior
    and now "buy this switch lite?"
    bro thats some aggressive marketing right there

  3. I was hoping for an opaque violet ala gameboy color. An original gameboy scheme would have REALLY been awesome. Or SNES

  4. Not gonna lie, after all the Zelda 3DS variants, I would have hoped the yellow Switch Lite would have have a Zelda motif (it did release the same day as the fantastic Link's Awakening remake).
    Because it does not, I went with turquoise.
    It's kinda of a marvel just handling it.
    The single body design feels secure despite a pretty basic plastic casing, and the D-pad is solid, despite a majority of games moving away from it's actual application.
    I don't know, I liked TV play, but never with the Joy Cons (even in the grip it was both uncomfortable and awkward). And even then, I didn't find Xenoblade 2 much of an improvement over previous titles and Odyssey feels like Galaxy with 3D World's graphics.
    Honestly, I saved the money so I could play the few games I'm looking forward to without stealing my PS4's place on the TV.

  5. You sir, are evil.
    Now I'm thinking about a light grey with orange buttons for an NES variant, or a two tone grey with the four color 'spectrum' buttons for a Super Famicom edition.
    Atomic Purple would be pretty sweet (there was a pretty nice GBA (the OG variant)) but I was just talking with a friend about Prime 4, and we decided.
    The Metroid variant should be orange on the top, red on the bottom, with a laser etched clear inlay of the Metroid series logo.
    So the back would be smooth, but it would have a three dimensional effect.
    We thought that would be pretty cool 😃

  6. I would love to see the game boy colors because those are not bright but they look so good if they had all the Gameboy colors available I wouldn't know which one to pick I know spawn wave would pick the purple one though or maybe the see-through purple instead I actually don't know but I love the yellow Gameboy Color better than this switch I agree with the white being weird

  7. Me: literally has a nintendo switch and watches nintendo switch lite videos

    my nintendo switch that’s literally brand new: ( ̄^ ̄)

  8. The Gray one is better because soon they will be new back panels and you can have a different colourd one but you can't change the front so the grey one is plane and looks better with different back panels

  9. I don't really dig the turqoise, and I also don't like they went with white buttons/sticks … ratherwould have wished for a red one with black/dark grey buttons and sticks

  10. Got a switch lite just wondering does the switch lite fit in a nyko clip grip power for nintendo switch instead of a smartphone

  11. My favorite is the limited edition Pokémon one, but I like the turquoise one, too. That turquoise one would probably be the one I'd pick up if I couldn't get the Pokémon one…

  12. Personally, I hope Nintendo goes away from the white button aesthetic on future Switch lite models since I can see those not aging well; especially on a handheld. They will turn yellow and grey over time. That was one of the reasons I skipped out of the Switch lite and I’m surprised not many people point that out.

  13. My og switch now has the yellow screen fail line as of YESTERDAY. Are you bucking kidding me! I mean I ordered the Pokémon color lite, but that’s in NOVEMBER 😭

  14. The normal switch runs better when it is docked, likewise does the switch lite preform a little better while it's charging🔋⚡ ?

  15. Out of all of them the turquoise just look so good! Tho months of use will prove how it holds up. If they had a Link’s awakening theme lite, I would buy it instantly. Let’s all hope they do something for the lites with the BOTW game.

  16. I like this review, other than the odd comment or so, you have managed to create a review that treats the switch lite as it’s own device. Not all of this “oh my it can’t be played on the tv”. I’m glad you have treated it this way and respected it as it’s own device. People didn’t complain when the DS couldn’t be played on the tv. Not only this but I’ve managed to get my hands on a cable that can connect it to the tv anyway. The switch lites performance is barely worse. So all and all the lite is a great device, even to own aswell as the original like me. 😁

  17. People might call me a whiner, but if they make one that still has video output, I'm sold. I mean yeah "buy the normal switch", it already has that. Yeah but.. I like the more solid one that's lighter on top of things. The best of both worlds would be so welcome.

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