1. I love capitalism so much, I kept my lousy part time job at home depot for a whole 6 months before I realized it was a complete dead end.

  2. capitalism might be okay if we didn't have a central bank,then we would not be on the hook for unpaid loans now we taxpayers are on the hook we borrowed trillions from China that's why Trump couldn't get tough with China they would sell their bonds and crash our economy I'm repeating what I heard on the radio awhile back and they said the total cost of bailout was 22 trillion dollars our GDP at the time was 14.5 trillion so if capital was private sources it would interesting to see how the private sector would deal in unpaid loans

  3. Bernie Sanders who never had a real job wants to leads the most powerful nation and thinks he can solve problems..but Trump is doing a better job than he eould ever do..

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