1. القضاء الفرنسي يتّهم القطري ناصر الخليفي بـ "الفساد النشط"

  2. ماشاء الله على سيدتي
    صاحبة السمو الملكي الأميرة – ريما بنت مقرن بن عبدالعزيز
    سفيرة خادم الحرمين الشريفين الملك سلمان بن عبدالعزيز في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

  3. ماشي ياعم انتي حوله مانك شايفه وانا مااعرف لغة العصر الله المستعان ؟

  4. مش معقول لا والله مو معقول نتنازل عن كل شي والكلمه لهم وستيج والبزنس لنا وجني الارباح لهم اوكي خدع سحريه عشان الاخوه هناك عند سقوط الاقنعة عند المسرح رئيسي كيف العقل وصحيفة تطايرت.

  5. We always encourage the development in our regions in Middle East among Arabian countries and using the Natural and Human Resources 💕..

  6. حجابه نص امريكي ونص سعودي ٠ الأب اسود والام حره ٠انا لله وانا اليه راجعون ٠

  7. HRH is the pride of All Women of Muslim Ummah . ALLAH Bless Her With Total Success In Her Endeavours Ameen

  8. سمو الاميرة ريما، الله يحفظك، فعلا ترفعين الراس، وعلى فكرة، فيه نساء، الوحدة منهم تسوى لها قبيلة كامله… الله يوفقك، انتي بحد ذاتك فخر لكل السعوديات… بالتوفيق لكل شخص مخلص لهذا الوطن..

  9. ليش ما تتكلم عربي !!

    ويجيبون مترجمين لأن لغتنا عظيمة !!


    امزح امزح !! زقوا على لغتكم وتحدثوا لغة الأقوياء

  10. More shopping?!?!?!??? The arab- islamic world is too artificial in all thing they do. Why dont they invest in a peaceful Mutilated East?

  11. saudi was regarded as the most backward country and by default islam had the same tag, but know saudi in the coming years will be regarded as the most progressive in the world and islam by default will have the same tag. women of saudi could be a model for the world in the coming years, so instead of the sterio typical image of islam being subjegated to women, will be something of a fairytale as the reality will be evident in the saudi kingdon which will spread thoughout the arab world and beyond, as a result islam will be a force to reckon with, which already is in my opinion.

  12. Masha Allah Her Highness is incredibly eloquent. I am very proud to be a Muslim because of her. InSha Allah I will also make her proud.

  13. .ياليت احد في اقرب وقت يكون عنده الوقت الكافي يترجم هذا الفيديو وينشره
    .المواطن السعودي لازم يكون عنده عالاقل خلفيه عن اللي قاعد يصير

  14. as a saudi i really have high hopes plus i have faith in our government and in the saudi people i wish that everyone do all they can to achieve that

  15. Saudi internet army of commentators are hard at work. This comment section is full of paid stooges to leave positive comments about Saudi government and Saudi officials in addition to condemning Iran. The purpose is to steer public discourse and shape opinion. Saudi Arabia is a country of evil animals who hate muslims. Who are puppets of the American and Israeli governments. They conspire against Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and more. They are agents of Israel to destroy Muslim societies

  16. you should give old women 1000$ Monthly as welfare.
    and mental illness ppl should have 1000$ monthly.
    all are corrupted in this room go and check out their accounts balance. if it's less than 5 millions $$ then done

  17. Such great advancments in Saudi…illegal war in Yemen killing children, shake downs of relatives, blockade on Qatar. I do appreciate that they are giving even more power to Israel, as a Jew….I fully condone such behavior. Glad Saudi Arabia finally see's that there never was a Palestine and that Israel is our promised land. Keep it up MBS. Israel embraces you.

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