Building a Running Engine  -  Tug Boat  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Part 5

all righty yellow guys we can be faces back to another storm wigs video today we're continuing on with our little tanker tug hello Thank You Tokyo a little tug today what we're gonna do is we're gonna sort out the engine basically what I wanted to is I want to make it work um so we are we're gonna make it work today that seems like a good plan let's do it okay so togs aren't meant to be fast they're meant to be powerful so we need to increase the talk of this engine that's literally all we need to do um I do want to move it backwards as well so we're gonna move it backwards slightly is it slightly I mean there we go all right cool um don't know what's happening with my voice it's randomly going up man oh but yeah there we go so we need somewhere for the fuel to go where's the fuel gonna go right here literally right here in front of the engine yes and it's gonna be quite a lot of fuel quite a lot there we go and we're gonna do this all the way across the top all the way all the way there we go yeah this could be great this could be real good there we go nice so that's where we're gonna store all of our fuel if you're wondering why I'm putting it there it's because it's actually quite a buoyant place back here not very buoyant at all because it's just not we do need to paint this as well we need to make sure that it's all painted there we go there we go quickly quickly paint it oh there we go there it's all it's all painted now there we go beautiful alright cool so let's get back on the inside what we need to do is we need to sell all of these so we got fuel we got coolant we got coolant we got exhaust and we got air so let's go ahead and deal with that so we need a pipe there we go there's an angled pipe we need a straight pipe and we need a tea pipe probably tea pipe where's the tea pipe there's a tea pipe okay beautiful so we're gonna go ahead and do this this is the coolant all right cool coolant is done if you're wondering how the coolants done you literally just put one of these on the end like this and coolant is done beautiful then if you want to use the fuel we're just gonna go like this all the way down to the bottom we're gonna go inside there and yeah wallah that is that is the coolant and the fuel pretty much pretty much done beautiful we do need a fluid thing for this but other than that we're good no the fluid pot is gonna get put straight there beautiful we then need to do two pieces so we need a fluid a fluid meter yes and a fluid spawner yes so there's one of them that's the spawner there's the meter that is literally all we need to do that bit is done the next bit what do we have to do exhaust air and exhaust okay so the exhaust is actually gonna come out right here okay so if we go down and we go through here through the floor we're gonna go ahead and do this okay cuz we need to so we'll put this here for a second okay just so that we can attach to it that's all good and then we're gonna go from there upwards need to delete this from there to there beautiful good delete this it's gonna come down and it's gonna go to the exhaust don't know whether we should have two exhausts now that I've figured that out but maybe not I don't think so right cool go back downstairs we've obviously got the power on the back end we don't need to deal with that right now we also need to deal with air okay so the airs gonna go straight up I don't know what's directly above it um the air could actually go in here okay um air is gonna go right here BAM okay like like this yeah like that there we go looks a bit odd but at the same time kind of cool I guess yeah we'll leave it like that that seems fine all right cool delete the middle bit wherever that may be I think it's this one there we go good but they need some pipes coming through here as well so we'll grab a pipe pipe or Unni we need one of these two we need one of these anyways so we're gonna actually use this to go through here if we can is it working what are you doing what are you doing dude there we go good delete this and this and allow it to go through the floor BAM there we go good then put this back go ahead and paint that piece so it looks like it should be there good and that's okay that's all nice all right so that's gonna be our air in input our air input so it's gonna go like this across the roof yes we're gonna do this up to the roof then delete it then this this way yes and then attach it together just like so there we go good so we got our air we got our fuel we got our coolant now we just need our exhaust now I'm not sure whether this is like a good thing to do or not but we're gonna we're gonna merge them into one and we might as well do that as quickly as we can so the reasons so that reasons you know you know you guys know reasons alright cool there we go they've merged into one beautiful alright cool so now we just get a straight piece and we go this way a little bit and when we go up through there oh okay we need it to be quite good there we go beautiful and then we need to come down to this pipe delete these whoops delete the hold on the side of the boat there that wasn't a good idea alright turn this around a little bit OOP there we go nice yes that's it that's everything yeah that is literally everything all right cool no oh we need enough talk so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get a gearbox okay a gearbox we're gonna put that gearbox facing away from the engine mmm this is not something that you normally do but that's what we're gonna do so leave me alone all right there we go BAM you'll have two gearboxes facing away from the engine we actually need a clutch in there too so it's got a clutch clutch here we go grab a clutch put it directly on there that's okay and put this directly on there then two keys well flip this one upside down turn it around beautiful that's all we need all right cool now this is gonna go back to the propeller which is somewhere back here I don't know where it is I don't know which level we've done it on our the one above okay okay that's fine we need to go through here and out yeah alright nice all we need to do is grab one of these grab one of these bring it in okay turn it around bring it this way here order phone good we need one to go up one to go down and then we need to go ahead and delete one of them so that we can have a bike that's sealed we need to seal this area basically delete this delete this go ahead and get a pipe one of these nope one of these yes okay pop that right there beautiful that's it nice alright cool we need more straight pipe so we'll go ahead and get some right here there we go beautiful that's good now get a propeller and this is pretty much it to be honest this is pretty much it we need just a large one which is actually kind of small but that's okay alright there we go it's a very small propeller that looks weird that looks very strange I don't think it needs to be out this far also how big does a giant propeller like because if it doesn't look too bad ah I don't know I don't know about that I don't know about this one um hmm also pivot okay pivot if we grab one of these can we send no can't send power through it but we can send power through this correct we can send power through this no through this one we can oh ha ha oh oh ah delete these delete these we don't want them anymore go away we don't want them anymore we want one of these okay hey round block it up all right here we go angled piece upwards beautiful directly above this delete this this this this and this this there we go put in one of these pieces make sure it looks cute and stuff there we go beautiful connect the power to the power and then and then we get to go yeah all right okay we need some straight pipes and stuff like that uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh there we go down down down down and down we don't even need a rudder we literally don't even need a rudder anymore but that big boy on there here we go maybe the orange but like this color there we go yes all right so that'll spin okay now you might be wondering the point there there might be something that you're wondering what is the point well the point is that we we're good we're good we're good we're good where did you go to get it so the reasoning is the real be returned relatively tightly on the spot yeah that's the reasoning if it's not very good reasoning to you then go away but I think it is so there you go BAM all right nice that is that is it that is us done down here we do need a battery though so let's put in some batteries some big old batteries and then we'll see how it sits and then if it's it's nice that you were good to go uh why is that so red on the other side all right you spawn it in we'll see what happens here we go we're in and it's bobbing around and it looks alright it likes like it's in about the right place we might need to put some weight in but other than that we're good also something that I just spotted I need to paint these I need to paint these otherwise it looks weird it's very strange from the outside I'll paint them there we go we'll do the same with this one there we go paint around here again otherwise it'll look weird and then the same in here again there we go back and bam and bam I might as well paint that too and all the way down here as well there we go it might as well be a zebra on the inside as well as the outside yeah BAM beautiful alright cool now we may need to make sure that it works so um let's go ahead and logic all of these things together them too should be attached these should be attached to the battery and we need a generator well forget about that I forgot about the generator I did okay so that's all good for now then let's logic the other things together these also need power so we'll do that there we go and then we'll go ahead and attach these together so this is our Tony thing which is gonna go in a ND our forwards and backwards e thing is gonna be on the clutch I think and up and down is gonna be our throttle okay right up and down is gonna be sticky okay we don't have a reverse right now either but we do have gears to enable a reverse that's good um right okay I think we're good to go I think we're good to try it at least good to try it logic does it have power that has power yes and it's also connected to this and that needs to be able to turn on they'll put it on one and I think that's it I think we're ready to go all right beautiful spawner in let's try it let's try out for the first time ever she's gonna be moving she doesn't even need rudders which is incredible all right we're inside go upstairs and puff to the side beautiful sitting to see ours looks fantastic there we go we're at full throttle and we can move we can move we're a bit fast at the minute but you know what we are moving oh it's opposite as well that is yeah no I don't like that well I don't like that I feel like it's a little bit too low so what we're gonna have to raise that up as well okay let's quickly do that we need to raise this up a little bit so we'll go up like three yeah three seems good a good amount probably three is a good amount a Rudi turn this around put it there but this here that needs inverting which is fine inverter it'll do it it'll do it yeah BAM put this right here beautiful logic it straight away OOP and then put this to a and D that's awesome there we go we're ready to go yeah ready to go oh it's rocking and rolling that is that's pretty good that is pretty good awesome spawn in again so because we don't have Reuters that is the only way we're gonna be out of turn which is fine is that is actually okay yeah all right go upstairs did it it adieu jump on press one throttle up turn it off go okay so we're moving we want to go left we can go left wanna go right we can go right it's a little bit bouncy at the minute but you know what that is pretty good that is pretty good we need to round off these edges too but we'll do that in the next video yeah awesome awesome awesome awesome nice I'm happy with this I am really happy with this anyway I guess for right now I'm gonna go ahead and end this video here thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you guys in the next one good bye

  1. The tugboat, for its size, is the most powerful craft afloat.
    And the Frantic tugs make up the power between the docks and islands that make up Stormworks.

    This… is Matt.

  2. well i just got my steam acc back from being stolen by a hacker so now i can play this game again 🙂

  3. Frantic you really need to smooth out the bow (front) of the boat, it'll make it easier for the engine to do its job and make it more fuel efficient.

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