Build Your Own Religion! – Skit (Whaddo You Meme??)

Thank you for calling Build Your Own Religion
where you YOU are in charge of ALL of reality How may I assist you? Yeah. I was just looking at your website and I would like to order a Religious View
please Great! Here at Build Your Own Religion we assure
your personal comfort and satisfaction. Let’s start with the basics What kind of god would you like to exist? Um, can I get a simple god, easy to understand,
thinks like me, and sends everyone to heaven? And by everyone you mean, everyone, including
Hitler, is that correct? Well, maybe a place for torment for
people like Hitler, but who wants a God that sends people to hell now-a-days? Let’s just leave the hell stuff off for
now I hear ya So no to the hell, and hell to the no
if you ask me, sister (laughs) Ok, so now I’m not really supposed to give
any sort of critical advice when it come to religion but are you sure that want to
go the God Route? After all, we do have the universe Hey that’s a great idea! Maybe we can just swap out God for the universe So instead of thanking God we could just thank the universe? It’s like the universe has a law
of attraction…but nobody knows about it. That’s right! Because I’m not supposed to say anything,
maybe can call this view ”The Secret”. You’re the best! So let’s go with a universe themed
religion if you guys have one of those Sure thing Now let me just check to see if they’re still available We’ve been selling them on and off for centuries
now and these views come and go let me tell ya Oh blast! It looks like they currently are no longer
in season. I’m sorry. But our historical records show that they should be back in another decade or so Bummer! Well now that I think about it, do I even
need a religion? Can’t I just be spiritual instead of religious? Sure, but if you don’t mind me asking, what’s
the point of that? I don’t really know. Sounds better? Ah, good Point. That’s a phrase that’s sure to catch on! Speaking of, our marketing team has discovered
that when it comes to these sorts of views it’s not necessarily important for the belief to be true It just has to make you feel good So, here at Build Your Own Religion, it’s important to us for you pick a religion that makes you feel great! Great! So let’s just go the spiritual route and
forget all about religion Okay so opting out of the religion plan… Now that you’ve dropped religion, you now
quality to create your own morality. So what kind of morality would you like? Hmm….I don’t want my religion to be oppressive…so.. Let’s just have everyone create moral rules for themselves. Like true for me but not true for you kind of thing Alright! Now just to confirm your order, you want the “spiritual
but not religious” pack, you would like to leave off hell and other similar toppings…and
would you like any paranormal additions with that? Oh yes please. So let’s keep the souls and spirit stuff And can we add ghosts, ESP, good vibes energies,
and Karma? Alright! Huh My computer is giving a pop up message, that’s odd.
It’s asking for you to confirm a potential conflict. It wants to know if you’re sure that you
don’t want belief in the afterlife, but you do want belief in ghost, is that
correct? Yup! That’s correct And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense all the way You said it yourself What matters most is that it sounds good, and how it makes me feel Besides, the view only needs to be true for
me, not anyone else. You betcha! Alright And just so you know, your plan does include
our exclusive Religisurance at no additional cost This will come in handy if another trend or
anything comes along, so that way you can swap out your view for something
else Alright
you’re all set Should I just run the Credit Card attached
to this phone number? Yes, please. Okay. Just processing payment now I’m sorry,
ma’am, it seems that there was a problem processing your payment. It says insufficient funds. Well, good news for me, my truth says that
I have more than enough money. Well my truth contradicts your truth, so what
should we do? We could ignore it and hope that the IRS’s
truth agrees with both of our truths? Works for me! Anything else? Nope That’s all Alrighty Namaste Ok bye!

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  2. I really put some effort into laughing about this, but it's so devastatingly accurate, my laughter faded as the video progressed. What a brilliant rebuke of these growing philosophical approaches to our lives. "Don't worry, be happy".

    Tell me, brother Meme, were I to call your hotline, and ordered a God who loved me enough He'd die to prove it, would you be able to construct something like that? That would be a God I could fall head over heels in love with. I also need this God to tell me that He won't even remember my sinful life. I need to be "set free" from my angst! I'd be willing to pay with my life. Is such a payment acceptable? I need to get started immediately, because I'm so old, I probably have undigested Mastodon bones in my stomach.

    I need you to overnight my answer with Fedex!

  3. Glad I found this site, thought provoking. While I believe that everyone in reality forms their own religion, most base it on an existing religion with a moral code. (Those darn Inquisitors did twist thing a bit) It is possible to have no formal religion and have an acceptable moral code (Stefan Molyneux) but it is common to fall into the Moral Relativism trap. Most of the least popular historical figures, like Hitler, doubtless thought they were being moral by their own views. BTW:I find leftists socialists who use identity politics yell β€˜Literally Hitler’ as an insult, when Hitler was a socialist who used identity politics.

  4. This was me in my old life, before Christ. Not even joking. I claimed to believe in Christ, but it was in name alone. I made up my own rules, and decided for myself what God was, and said that help only existed for people like hitler, and that most people would just be saved cuz people are inherently good. I just believed whatever was convenient for me and my lifestyle I was living at the time, thank God that I have been lead away from that life : p

  5. Too spot on! Especially the insufficient funds bit. Seeing Christianity is the only worldview to tackle the issue of our sin-debt. It alone admits that we all have insufficient funds and it takes someone else to pay our debt. That didn’t end up being where that gag went, but it was accidentally profound.

  6. This was brilliant. This perfectly sums up what postmodernism has done to Christianity in the West. (ie New Age movement) Hilarious yet depressing! This needs to go viral.

    Keep up the good work, brother. May you be blessed in Christ Jesus.

  7. Who thumbed down? Come on … you know who you are!
    Did you phone the hotline for yourself? Awww. Hope you got a good discount on your purchase. πŸ˜‚

  8. Thank you for this video and the others! My teenager who is taking an intermediate logic course in particular enjoys your videos!
    She learned fallacies in logic from the book The Fallacy Detective by Bluedorn. If there any other books on how to think that you can recommend we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. Oh man this video is giving me PTSD…I'm in college and this is what I hear 24/7. God bless brother, very funny and informative

  10. I know it was meant to be funny. But this is a reality in my own home unfortunately. It makes me sick that people think this way. I don't know what to do… any discussion about it is not productive, no matter how much logic and reason I throw at them. They are volitional to the objective truth of reality and that we both cannot be right. Jesus is either a lier, a lunatic, or he is God. To say he was just a really nice guy but not God is contradictory. What's wrong with people?

  11. This is so funny……a minute later this is not so funny…..two minutes later okay this is getting too real……three minutes later we are so going to hell.

  12. Welcome to the truth custom-made
    Come in and have some lemonade
    Reality will readjust while we evade
    The issues that are pressing us
    And getting so depressing but
    Undressing and unstressing makes them go away

    We're tired of solid ground
    We're wired up for sound
    From any fool who'll keep us
    Cool with all his lies
    Cool with all his lies

    We believe, we believe
    Cuz we felt it burning in our hearts
    And it's true, and it's true
    If it gets us all through the night
    For the rest of our lives

    If there's a master race, we're one
    And if by chance they drop the bomb
    The heat will never find us cause we've learned to run
    No absolutes to spoil our time
    So we won't have to change our minds
    Just hope that we don't die while we're still in our prime

    "Ba Ba Ba Ba" – The 77s

  13. You impress me EVERY TIME!!! I am truly blessed to know such brilliant Christians, even if only electronically. I think you probably even make The Lord giggle at the humor filled truth!

  14. Well played brother, well played. Nice touch in closing there… can't beat a little coherence checking πŸ˜‰

  15. I usually enjoy your videos, but the thought of religion itself being solely responsible for morality seems just, well.. ludicrous. God is a spirit and He is the source of morality, which is written on the heart, you do not need a book, church, pastor or priest to tell you that something is morally wrong. If as many who profess Christ, actually possessed Christ, this would be wholly understood. Indeed, my heart breaks for "Christianity", as it is today.

  16. Basically how Free Masonry works lol
    Other occult BS and all other Fallen bull shit.
    Funny skit, cool your girl did it with you.
    You're good at being a dork brother Jon
    In love and unity through Christ Jesus by the Spirit, and all in all to the Most High! Amen

  17. This is funny, but let's not oversimplify the position of the skeptic. Skeptics/New Agers don't just have a problem with a God who sends people to Hell, they also have a problem with a God who thinks it is morally wholesome to stone disobedient children to death, kill a man who loves another man, send the Jews to exterminate entire populations, and so on.

  18. On the low this video killed me. This is our world today folks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  19. This video sounds good and made me feel good! I had some laugh out loud moments because I know people like that. Thanks for the videos and keep them coming!

  20. So what does β€œspiritual” mean anyway?? My sister tells me she’s spiritual, and won’t or can’t elaborate.

  21. I'VE been following David for years, but only recently viewing your vid's. This is what I've been missing; brilliant stuff man! This is something I can use on the streets.

  22. This channel is awesome, I donΒ΄t understand why preaching channels like the one owned by Osteen have more subs than this one.

  23. These comments are mostly Christians admitting that they used to be exactly like that. That boggles my mind!! I was a Christian for over 30 years and can't relate to this video at all. I can't understand how anyone would call themselves Christians and make up their own religion as they go. And now as an atheist I'm shocked that all these Christians are commenting that they did. What a weird video.
    Oh well. I hope it helped the people it was made for.

  24. This is utterly brilliant. You have no idea how many times I have had this dialogue in my head and wished it was true. Dead on accurate.

  25. Yeah. Thank goodness Christianity has remained absolutely unchanged, with no splinter groups, schisms, reformations, disagreements on doctrine, etc. Defend the only consistent faith!

  26. Humorous. One of your best with your wife. Got the message. Expect crazy comments from this one. Keep thinking up creative ways for both of you make content together. Here’s an idea. Have her speak to those guys from one of those Atheist channels. They might make some wrong assumptions based on the sound of her voice. Never mind, that’s probably a waste of time.

  27. Excellent work once again, John! Keep 'em comin', Bro!!! This may be intended as satire, but it's pretty much spot-on and aptly describes the thought process of an unfortunate majority.


    "So, you'd like to leave off Hell, and other similar toppings?" i lol'd

  28. er, actually, the eternal hell bit is a problem as it would produce internal inconsistencies, but it's nice to know that you care so much about not strawmanning your opponents…..

    You need to read Robin Parry's 2008 book "The Evangelical Universalist" (under pen name Robin Parry), Thomas Talbott's 1999 book "The Inescapable Love of God," the 2003 volume "Universal Salvation? The Current Debate" (edited by Parry and Partridge), and Reitan and Kronen's 2011 book "God's Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism." Yes, many passages on the surface appear to teach eternal damnation, but there are strong Biblical, philosophical, and theological counter arguments. At the vert least, it is not obvious that Christ-mediated universalism is false. Read the relevant literature instead of mocking your toughest (Christian!) interlocuters.

    I've been trying for years to get Christian apologists (e.g. WLC) to read more of this literature (yes, I've read all of WLC's stuff on the topic but he has barely interacted with his toughest opponents or the strongest objections to his arguments), to no avail. If I asked WLC, or Capturing Christianity, etc to fairly and accurately summarize the strongest arguments and counter argument by Reitan, Parry, etc I seriously doubt they would be able to. This reflects badly on contemporary apologists.

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