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In this video, I’ll show you how you can
build and grow your Talent Community and communicate with your potential future employees with help of TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant Candidates enter into Talent Communities via
referrals, direct sourcing or active recruitment In this video, we show the case when a job candidate is rejected and invited into relevant Talent Communities Matt was not selected for the position he applied for but we found him potentially relevant for other positions in the future and, thus, would like to continue the dialogue with him I invite him to our Talent Community and select
salespersons as the most relevant group for him Consequently, he will automatically receive an invitation email where we ask for his consent to join our Talent Community In the Talent Community, you can manage an unlimited number of groups as well as search and sort candidates based on user-defined criteria You can send targeted marketing messages to
a select groups of candidates In this way, these candidates find your communication
relevant and interesting This is evidenced by up to tenfold open and click rates compared with traditional marketing messages Once your Talent Community is set up, you
can link candidates to active hiring processes and hire talents straight from your community Would you like to attract even more candidates? Send an email to your Talent Community members and request referrals Or use this link on your website or in Social Media When a person has been recommended and she has accepted the invitation she will appear in your Talent Community Talent Community helps you decrease hiring costs and time-to-hire In less than 6 months, companies have been
able to fill up to 50% of their open positions with help of TalentAdore’s Talent Community solution If you want to hear more about the intelligent
features of TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant request a demo at

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