BTC - Bitcoin Technical Analysis. resistance getting weak!?

  1. for a setup video on LUX tonight, hope you enjoy that too; will add to my insta story the setup 🙂

  2. Awesome overview, as always. You have a great aptitude for teaching. Like how non-emotive/agnostic you are – and the clarity. Grateful for your free sharing of these TA guides. And would readily pay for any course you offered!.

  3. Hi Daniel, great TA – thank you mate. I am trying to find a discord invite link but am struggling to locate it. Are you still on discord?

  4. I think BTC will break to the upside to targeting 8,700 before May 31, expiration date of futures for a big shake off to the downside and maybe again trading in a range

  5. Cheers Daniel. Watching your analysis after yesterday's education really helps to get a real handle on things. Thanks again.

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  7. Maybe you can take a look at some Fundamentals about $LUX as well! Here's a start. 😀 Thanks! and thumbs up for your video!

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