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James Moody: From scientists to business people
to aviation. The oldest, longest running African-American
publication is right here in Bronzeville. Susan Olavarria: This is an area that has
a low income population, underserved, underrepresented. James Moody: Wherever you see the problem,
that’s the opportunity. Sandor Williams: This is one of the first
communities that we’ve been able to establish some new technologies in. Our flagship project as a microgrid located
here in Bronzeville. Then we have off-grid lighting, EV technologies,
battery energy storage, there’s solar. James Moody: Those are the kinds of things
that put people to work, give people the opportunity to start their own businesses to actually
to develop wealth. Susan Olavarria: How can we do this responsibly? How can we do this cleanly? Let’s install renewable energy lights. Let’s hire a local contractor to install the
lights. Let’s connect the school to the light so that
they can learn about education with the lights. James Moody: The work that we’re doing is
now coupled with meeting the basic needs of individuals in the community. While we’re saving the planet, we’re also
saving the people. Gerald Morrow: How can we introduce the technology
that’s coming forth, solar energy and things of that nature to our children? Let’s start in our freshman year. They are learning what it actually takes to
look at the solar energy, how to examine the solar energy. To see our children understand how an entire
grid works to light a whole neighborhood, they really take pride in building their grids
out and they can explain exactly how the conduits work. James Moody: When young people learn a trade,
they’re able to take their learning and walk out of that with a job. Susan Olavarria: We’re trying to give them
the leg up to help them identify opportunities where they can pursue a career. Gerald Morrow: We’ve instilled hope. Sandor Williams: This is a collaboration. We can’t do this alone. We need the support of the community. We need the support of partners. We need the students. Susan Olavarria: When you engage people and
you ask them, “What do you need and how can I help you?” It demonstrates what a company can do. James Moody: We want to see Bronzeville as
producers of technology, producers of education, producers of social systems that are necessary
to make sure that fairness, equity, opportunity are available to everybody.

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