hello and welcome to another when I travel the world trip report today I'll be checking out British Airways a premium economy from New York to London as you can see it was a very early start for me in New York I reached the airport at around five o'clock in the morning for my flight back to London all of the British Airways flights depart from Terminal seven at New York JFK Airport it's a slightly rundown terminal and could definitely use some improvements which I'm hoping British Airways will do soon unfortunately British Airways offer no premium economy priority checking at all so you just have to use the irregular economy check-in line which to be honest is quite a disappointment because there are other Premium Economy carriers out there that do offer priority check-in when purchasing a Premium Economy ticket terminal servant also has a very poor choice of restaurants and places to grab some food at before your flight so if you can't eat before you arrive at the airport I would advise doing so as of making this video in August 2018 British Airways is still retrofitting its Premium Economy cabin British Airways have completed about 60% of the renovations either changing the seats to the newer seats or upgrading the old ones to include new entertainment and extra power supplies the premium economy cabins are typically in a two for two configuration and the cabins are quite small in in to us so I do give them credit there today's older Premium Economy seats have been re padded reupholstered and are very comfortable compared to British Airways new premium economy seats which have a lot less padding and do her after a while you are provided with a comfortable blanket and pillow and also a complimentary pair of headphones to use during the flight also small but useful amenity kits are handed out including an eye mask toothbrush toothpaste and a pair of socks to change into and also those all-important ear plugs each seat has a universal USB charging point and also comes with a coat hook British Airways does promise a premium dining experience when flying in Premium Economy a step up from economy class at just below business class the seats also come with footrests though I can't say they are particularly come to all very useful at all favorite one today heavy Abdel thinking whether a JetBlue me from the right favorite 178 heavy you can actually just follow the JetBlue at Delta and behind him monitor one-one-niner point one well the gently just give it all to the 178 heavy when come on Lake Superior takeoff they take up security they want to hear favor once I made a beef rhyme around my head in contract New York departure are we heading come tight if I'll just do it once any heavy March recordings fevered one sending a tea party 1105a 5000 Kennedy talked to one family had ever deployed a contact during left director Betty on TV more one down that federate Betty got my fame on one thousand stupid opportunity in having most of the seven four seven aircraft have been fitted with updated entertainment of you to watch onboard British Airways are well known having slow IFE system but they always keep their movies and TV shows and music really up-to-date with a great selection it surely have to take off a hot towel was handed out for most of the premium economy seats the tray table is still located in your armrest today's flight was one of the rare daytime crossings over the Atlantic and we will be having breakfast instead of death even though you promised business class dining the only actual business class element of your meal is the main course this served on China and on a plastic tray British Airways could really improve this element of the service by just taking away the plastic parts from the economy and making it a little bit more premium today's flight time was just over six hours so it's a fairly short flight across the Atlantic and it's in the middle of the day we did hit a little bit of turbulence during unbid electic crossing but nothing too bad the most disgraceful part of the Premium Economy Service comes before landing this was the pre arrival male absolute disgrace maybe I'm just being overly fussy but please let me know what you think on the pre arrival mail is that worthy of all the extra money or would you rather just pay for an economy ticket when flying with British Airways I would like to take this moment to thank all my $15 plus patrons thank you very much Michael Armstrong for your continued support and please everyone support me on patreon thank you very much for watching this review of the British Airways premium economy product I hope you enjoyed the video and found it interesting please like the video leave a comment and subscribe to this channel you

  1. I travel BA Premium Economy every Summer from Chicago O'Hare to London Heathrow… BA 0294….  747-400. This flight provides a dinner and a breakfast and over the past 10 years the offerings and service, comfort and entertainment have been excellent for the money. In my opinion, World Traveler is just too crowded and cramped for a 7 or 8 hour flight … Business class is just too expensive considering what you get.. so World Traveler Plus is the best option…. although I've never turned down an upgrade.  I've flown American a few times and believe that BA provides a better all round service.  My return flight… BA 0297… A380-400, provides excellent service as well.    It is now possible, I believe, to pre purchase your seat choice using Avios.

  2. Thank you.  I have been contemplating a move to the UK and was going to reward myself by flying 'Premium Economy'.  Either I will have to sail by Cunard, for a lot less, or choose a different airline!

  3. Premium economy, particularly on the Cayman-LHR route, is a total rip off. One time ( of several) I paid over $1,000 extra – we were shunted to Nassau on a chartered plane before boarding the Heathrow leg (owing to very late arrival inbound); there was no food on the plane, not even a cup of tea before landing next morning! Total waste of money. Never again.

  4. My husband flew 1st class to Chicago at a cost of squillions; he was brought the wrong meal three times and they ran out of puddings before he was served!

  5. Sadly, you're correct about the cost cutting. BA is not, IMHO, anywhere near the best of the rest out there wrt premium economy. Sure there are worse too 😉

  6. Totally agree with your comments on Premiere Economy on BA – I will even go as far to say that Business class is not the best either. Tried both twice (just to make sure) I will never fly BA transatlantic again. Plenty of other options to pond hop now.

  7. New York Airports are America's way of saying, so what if you come here for tourism with your billions every year, screw you and here by the way is the worst experience we could possibly give you. Enjoy!

  8. Is upgrading to Business class worth it if you brought tickets for Premium Economy (777-200) 12 hour journey? Just curious, I haven't been on Premium Economy before and planning on going to Lima, Peru (June).

  9. Good informative review. For the short flight NY to London is it worth it. It does not look like there is much difference?

  10. british airways premium economy is a joke,in fact so is the airline in general,they change flights without notice despite having your phone and e mail. We had the misfortune of travelling to los angeles with them last year,(normally go air new zealand) the food is appaling and was given one small bottle of wine each,and told "its a long flight home" air new zealand give 5 star food served on real cutlery and you can order drinks and snacks from seatback tv,they also give huge glasses of new zealand wine. in short they treat you like royalty and BA like a budget airline. consider this the best free advice you will ever get on you tube if ever considering flying premium economy or any class on british airways to los angeles check out air new zealand the fares will be similar but the service a world apart

  11. No word of a lie. I was just enquiring to upgrade my family of 4 trip from LHR to Miami to premium economy. I’m so glad I watched this video before hand. What a joke. I would have to spend best part of £2000 for the pleasure of a granola bar!
    What is happening at BA???
    I flew long haul Lufthansa last year and their economy seat and service seemed superior to BA WEP.
    I think I’ve made a mistake booking BA, we shall see. Such a shame

  12. What a con, apart from the extra room I don’t see any point in spending more £100’s from standard economy seats

  13. Flew London to Sydney and back in BA PE a few years ago. Terrible seats, and poor service, especially on the return. By the time I got to Singapore my butt was aching.

    Had the leg back from Sydney to Singapore in Quantas PE. Difference was night and day. Much better seat, IFE and service. Huge disappointment in Singapore on having to get back on a BA plane back to LHR.

  14. I'm very sorry but I will never fly on BA! The service has gone way down hill and it's just awful!!! JFK airport is the worst!!!! I would rather be on Norwegian. I still enjoyed your honesty. Thanks for the report.

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