BrightQuest’s Therapeutic Community Model

BrightQuest is a therapeutic community treatment
program, which means that the community itself, of peers who are enrolled in the program, are considered
the agent of change. People come in and they join the community
and they do treatment versus receive it. They are active participants in the entire
therapeutic process; they are not recipients, so to speak, of treatment provided by somebody
else. It’s deeply rooted in social learning theory
and the way I like to think about it is a “watch, do, teach model.” You’re observing your friends, your peers,
doing something different and having success in their life and over time then you start
kind of adopting some of those behaviors yourself and trying them out. And then there’s this point when you start
teaching it to other people, typically the newer folks who are coming in behind you. And we see that “watch, do, teach” sequence
as central for mastering a new skillset. From that perspective, therapeutic treatment
tends to be longer term. It takes a long time to be able to see people
doing life differently, try it out yourself, practice it, go through the lows and highs
of trying new things, and then master it to the point that you can start teaching and
mentoring somebody else. It’s very warm and welcoming. We want people to feel like this is their
place. Maybe they’re going to live here a year, year
and a half, just like maybe going off to college. That this is your home for right now. You’re not in an institution, you’re home.

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