Bradford 2025 City of Culture launch highlights

Bradford is a city of diversity, a city of
beautiful audiences, possibility, radicals, team spirit, fun, madness, reinvention, pride,
opportunity, the spark to my fire. Today’s event really is about Bradford, it’s
all about our city, its economy and people who are passionate about making a strong future
for our city, It is an honour to see so many other men and
women from Yorkshire, from Bradford specifically here because that city for me is the best
of who we are as a country and that isn’t said often enough about Bradford. It is our differences that we celebrate as
a city, it is our differences that make us whole, it’s our differences that make this
moment so tangible. Bradford’s story is very compelling, Bradford
is very vibrant, Bradford’s bucking the trend. Investors, come see what we’re about. Bradvocates, keep flying that flag, don’t
give up, remember, when the going gets tough, the Bradvocates get going. What you’ve got here is an amazing opportunity
and you know, I just appeal to you to really embrace that with the private sector, the
public sector, the arts community and it can really help this amazing city of yours grow. It is one of our great cities and we know
by size it’s one of our greatest cities, it’s the fifth largest in England and the sixth
largest in the UK and that just underlines how critical it is to have really great policies,
strategies for that city and how important that city is and will be to the UK plc. We have always been a place of industry, innovation,
tenacity, creativity, ingenuity. This bid is going to be a bid by the people
of Bradford for the people of Bradford. For me, for Bradford to win Capital of Culture
it will mean that my five year old daughter can grow up in a city where she feels confident. This is for me, I think, it’s just such an
amazing opportunity for Bradford, this is an opportunity for Bradford to come together
across the district, across communities. I hope that all of you in this room become
bradvocates because it really is a fantastic city. This is out moment to shine, show off to each
other and show off to the rest of the world that this is Bradford, I think it could transform
this city.

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