the Revolutionary War began over a 3% tax on a breakfast beverage what how many what percentage of Americans do you today do you think have the balls though where with all the testosterone the testicular fortitude to start a revolution they're Phoenicians welcome back this is Corey with the Phoenix enigma comm all right we have been covering quite a bit of information on censorship censorship at YouTube Facebook just this morning I got on my feeds and it looks like Kenny over there at raging reptilian has been completely demonetised as well for nonspecific reasons they didn't even tell him which videos were in violation but they're giving him a month to get it corrected he says he's gonna be getting some attorneys and going after him and damn well he should so I involve more thoughts on that in just a minute um it's getting scary guys and how I've been mentioning the last couple days we need to start taking action on our own start fighting back with our money and we really should and here's what we're gonna do guys we're gonna do it with our pocketbooks alright when conservatives unite all right we are the silent majority out there who work hard and just want to be left alone but when we unite we are unstoppable we went in landslides because the Democrats are made up of a bunch of little special interest groups like illegal immigrants and like radical environmentalists and feminazis and the homosexual gay agenda NAMBLA pedophile pushing networks okay collectively they make up the left we are the majority in this country and this time we start sticking together and do something about it so we're gonna go through a couple companies here guys that should be blacklisted by conservatives this isn't hard this isn't hard there are alternatives it takes a small little change in your day-to-day behavior and if we all do it it will have huge ramifications for these sons of bitches okay one of them Chrysler that's the big one I see that everywhere I've been researching for a couple days it's bad enough that Obama spent billions of dollars of your money to prop up fat cats at Chrysler but after the crooked deal was done United Auto Workers ended up owning 55 percent of the company in other words every time you buy a car from Chrysler your money as B is helping to prop up a liberal Union that works non-stop to is a lot to elect as many liberal Democrats as possible Chrysler isn't a corporation with a liberal Union attached it's a liberal union with a corporation attached or another way to say this it's a liberal union which funds itself to the manufacturers of cars stopped buying Chrysler products if you do that alone if everyone out there every conservative buys a Ford or Toyota or some other vehicle all right they'll get the message they will get the message progressive insurance I hate them anyways there are a bunch of bastards over there right it's right in the name guys progressive okay Peter Lewis the chairman of progressive insurance companies are outside and outside of George Soros maybe the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block this former close friend of ten Kennedy has poured tens of millions of dollars into the ACLU America coming together and among other liberal causes so why get your auto insurance from a company that isn't working to destroy American Way of life I agree you have progressive guys change your policy they'll probably give you a discount if you change right if you if you swap over right Capital One well when Alec Baldwin is your spokesman there you go all right you know where they stand Capital One just get rid of them guys right Starbucks if you like shitty coffee if you like burnt garbage coffee by the way well Harold look at us again do you really need overpriced coffee from a corporation that detests traditional marriage not only is Starbucks Pro gay marriage but when a shareholder complained that boycotts over gay marriage were costing the company money Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz responded by telling them sell your shares of Starbucks and buy shares another company okay alright he's dead on his radical you know pro sodomite agenda great you don't have to buy his products right you don't have to there's alternatives if you live in Phoenix if you live in Phoenix I'm happy to say there's Dutch brothers Dutch brothers is this it is the best the best coffee hands-down bar none that you can get on the street without making your own and I have my own little coffee ritual I go through in the morning and grind my beans and it's a very special moment every day but second to that Dutch brothers guys phenomenal coffee I know they're all over they're all over the West now as well and you know what check this out they teamed up with muscular dystrophy association and accelerated research for treatments and cures for ALS in Peoria they raised $10,000 for firefighter charities Blood Brothers Tillamook raises funds for Black Box Theatre Academy Dutch pres spoke spoke an inducted into the in London Hall of Fame Dutch brothers Fife raises more than $1,200 for local high school raised $18,000 memory of deputy Justin Derosier raised more than $8,000 for local high school to honor the life of beloved employee donated $6,000 to leukemia guys it's a good company they're doing good work they're putting their money where their mouth is they're involved in the community and you know what they don't serve garbage coffee by the way Starbucks but do you know why they have dark roasted coffee do you know why because when you buy inferior coffee beans if you over roast them you can't tell it just turns it all to the same burnt flavored and that's the Starbucks does and then they built an entire brand around at that specific flavor and people bought it they put so much sugar and garbage other crap into the coffee with the mixed drinks you can't tell that you're drinking garbage it's swell AARP if you're older and you're with AARP there are conservative choices out there okay you need to switch over right Chrysler we talking another one guys the definitive list for liberal progressive and anti Trump companies that you should boycott Christ we're talking about Nike virtue signaling advertisements in the Kaepernick ads that's right I don't buy Nike my kids don't wear Nike TD Ameritrade pulled advertising for Tucker Carlson pulled advertising for Tucker Carlson CEO Matt Maloney had a tantrum after Trump won asking Trump's supporting employees who did not support support and inclusiveness to quit he asked his employees to quit and said he rejected nationalist anti-immigrant and hateful politics Andra alright GrubHub you're done Starbucks we talked about that swell Netflix I've been Netflix free guys for years now and I have not missed it a bit Netflix can suck up that one Ben & Jerry's all right upper northeastern communists right hippies that decided to go capitalist and then preach their hippie crap after they made it big supports the racist hate group black lives matter support of the women's March aka the Democrat women's March lyft gave 1 million dollar ACLU in response to Trump's travel ban also they banned Laura Loomer okay TripAdvisor pulled advertising from conservative Laura Ingraham cars calm pulled her and her advertising from Hannity for talking about South rich remember when the DNC had said Seth rich murdered right the NFL this is weird because I'm finding websites from liberals that are banning the NFL as well anti American if you watch and then don't pay for NFL Network or by NFL clothing remember the hands up don't shoot crap although the women's me to crap they just the guns they're anti any they're anti anything American if they feel they can push it right it is a propaganda entertainment mouthpiece for the CIA at this point and by the way I think the whole NFL is rigged rigged is it funny that the winners and people go to the Super Bowl are usually statistically in the highest advertising revenue generating districts in the entire country you're wondering why that is because return on investment for a Super Bowl if you're gonna put one on is higher if it's in Dallas or New England or who's ever win in these days California I think that's a coincidence yeah Macy's pulled Ivanka Trump's line Wayfair pulled advertising Google well that's just a no-brainer right there if you can do without Google guys do it I use DuckDuckGo as much as possible there are times when I do use Google because I want to see what's trending and what not I would see what the enemy's doing what's being pushed and I can tell what's going on or what I should be looking for if Google's not pushing it but overall DuckDuckGo is a damn fine search engine and as more people start using it the better it's gonna get okay hurts hurts cars you rent cars don't go through hurts guys it's easy enough to if you know it's easy enough to find another one if you can't not do this see if you can minimize it to the best of your ability until you can but guys these companies these companies are supporting the left they're supporting the Socialists in the Communist agenda and the gay rights agenda okay United Airlines pick another take another one there's plenty of them out there avis Enterprise First National Bank of Omaha drop business with the NRA all right MetLife attacked NRA members by ending discount programs REI guys this is my personal sacrifice here I'm pretty outdoorsy I'm pretty outdoorsy I've bought a lot of stuff from REI backpacks sleeping bags tents hammocks shoes water filters I've bought a lot but a member I forever they're done in my book they're done in my book I will find somewhere else to purchase my gear from other than REI that is my sacrifice it's gonna be hard I will never set foot another REI again all right Bank of America SEMATECH Nordstrom's shoes calm Bed Bath & Beyond right that's not hard to do craps overpriced so anyways Neiman Marcus dulk Marshalls t.j.maxx t.j.maxx still around its Marshall still around not in Phoenix anymore they've been gone for ever they were like a discount Ross thing from right I don't know Kmart are they still around he stopped selling Trump products Sears Burlington Coat Factory removed Ivanka Trump stuff that's a shame they had really good price stuff there oh well Amazon that's gonna be hard guys that's gonna be hard I know I know Jeff Bezos resisted Trump's Muslim immigration ban putting our country at risk amazon has also been products that may be deemed offensive to Muslims and L be G t Q people right LifeWay Foods CEO Julie Smolenski trashed president Trump outie commercial promotes wage gap myth and a myth it is Camping World well you can find a freaking RV somewhere else guys there's lots of people begging to sell RVs out there because it's not exactly a hot item it's a niche market Celebrity Cruise is coca-cola you shouldn't be drinking soda anyways give up the coca-cola guys it's poison it's poison alright it's pure pure corn syrup it's killing you don't drink it or their products any of them Delta Airlines Disney if you're letting your kids watch Disney movies you're part of the problem okay Disney's evil Walt Disney was not a good man and all they do is push left-wing homosexual propaganda all day all night right there emasculating men and there it's just they're destroying women they're instilling the whole princess the princess mentality you see they're sick they're sick sick sick Dove soap rant anti-trump ads in the UK Kellogg's all right guys go buy some granola go buy some natural granola somewhere you know you don't have to buy Kellogg's cereal the cereal aisle isn't the only place to buy go buy you know you know I do I go to the there's a Mormon store here in Mesa where they sell large bulk storage foods i buy oats 25 pounds at a time organic oat so it's like 35 40 bucks something like that and I get 25 30 pounds of votes that last like a year half a year I keeping a 5 on a 5 gallon food grade container and I eat that every day right get some granola you don't have to buy Kellogg stuff home shopping netwerk shop style TJ goes on there already Levi's Stross yes time buying Levi's years ago donates millions to leftist groups yes they do yes they definitely if I remember right Levi's was very anti-gun as well they did some stuff here too ago against the NRA and against firearms if I'm not mistaken Time Warner Marriott hotels 84 lumber I don't know who they are keep seeing them promoted illegal immigration Museum Guggenheim Museum disrespected one okay Heineken yeah it's garbage beer anyways horrible beer insomniac games Marvel Marvel PC social justice warrior agenda Under Armour yeah that's a big one guys there's plenty of good sportswear out there you don't have to get I'm under Under Armour it's not that great it's overpriced alright that little logo on there you look like everyone else out there anyways you know Papa John's fired CEO for criticizing the NFL Patagonia clothing yeah there there another one CEO is rabidly yes he is yes yes yes and you know it's overpriced anyways it's not that great for what it is I've had Patagonia stuff in the past and they've fallen apart so Penske are sorry Penske pens pens II spices called Trump voters racist and that's a shame because they have really good spices god they did you know but you know what once again I go to the Indian store now there's an ethnic middle eastern Indian Mediterranean store not far from my house and I buy spices like cloves I get a whole bunch of cloves that are really fresh like the right off the boat and I ain't a whole thing of cloves is like a dollar fifty two dollars or I can go I can buy a little tiny jar of it for like five start buying your spices in the bulk spice aisle and then get proper containers and seal them or not or just use them and cook you'll be healthier for any any anyways don't don't ever buy spices those little jars of any any more of those mccormick spices and why not get them stuff in the bags from the ethnic swab it's so fun to go on those tours it they have so much cool stuff in there but yeah that would that was easy one to give up for me and the besides the rather expensive simon and schuster face book well he'll we know right unfortunately for us content creators and people in this war we are using facebook we're using it hopefully against them in the long run it's not something that we love to be on but as soon as something else does come along we will move over and may so it's not like there's an emotional tie with facebook friend there just a a good way to get information out there most of the people that I know in this battle use Facebook and they're extremely anti Facebook but you know that's that so when something comes along Facebook we're gonna ditch it just so you know tumblr run by antitrump propagandist Apple that goes without saying right Yelp yeah I don't use Yelp anyway Twitter same as the Facebook guys YouTube same as the Facebook guys tinder yeah tinder go out and meet someone go out and look at a girl in the eye you you don't need to be other swiping reddit run by anti-trump yeah they are yeah they are everyone still have some good stuff on reddit but you know you know I didn't know what they were when I signed up for him but it really the stuff that started coming down from reddit kind of I was like whoa this is read it huh so that wasn't too hard for me to give up I just never signed up Instagram and guys and I talked about it yesterday with my Laura Loomer video here Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube okay if you're on these platforms you have pitched your tent in the enemy's camp okay don't rely on it I remember years ago everyone told me oh dude you know there's no point in having a website you know screw the websites just a lot of work and you got to maintain it put everything up on YouTube and drive people there cuz you can make money there I'm like oh god that's just crazy like why would I do that like then it's not mine my stuff's not mine you know I pay for my domain and that's my site I can do whatever I want with it why would I want to put everything why would it want to put all my eggs in one basket and that basket is being held by the enemy right Flickr imager meetup MasterCard Soweto Gillette yeah guys grow beard scourge filete screw razors grow beard no but seriously go online and get you a safety razor and you can get you can get really really good sharp bitchin blades I think I got ten for five dollars so I think that five packs of ten for like three dollars you say fifteen dollars I got like two years with their razors yeah yeah get a shave secret some clove oil or something you know boom shaved up around the edges cleaned up or go to a barber shop and smoke a cigar and drink some whiskey and talk to men you know over two weeks and spend spend 10 bucks on a good barber cut and tip your barber five bucks and make some friends man you know go that's that's worth 15 bucks every two weeks right there Harry's razors know better than Gillette and I looked this up earlier absolutely Harry gives anti-men morality lectures yes they do yes they thought they were gonna jump on the Gillette thing and he's play key spike yeah yeah yeah and you know what you're paying the price for now Harry you chose the wrong camp there Harry Salesforce some of who they are SoundCloud guys there's plenty plenty plenty plenty of podcast people to hook up with out there you don't need SoundCloud in fact somebody needs to develop if they can say this would be a good thing if we don't have it already is a conservative podcast platform because SoundCloud took down anti mass migration podcasts calling them hate speech okay we need we start making our own platforms guys Volvo pulled advertising on Sean Hannity I hop pulled advertising on Tucker Carlson Samsung pulled advertising on Tucker SanDisk pullover ties thing I didn't know that all right no more SanDisk for me career builder pulled advertising on Tucker guess these are all Tucker here we'll go through them all Takeda Pharmaceuticals makers of NTV Oh United explorer credit card just for men just for men really pulled advertising all right just for men you're just for bitches now jagwire god you know I can't buy that jag this year man Land Rover they suck anyways Scottevest know they are Zini optical voya optical voya I'm sorry voya financial Bowflex yeah okay go to a yard sale is gonna blow flex probably pay you to take it off their hands right a smile direct Club nerd wallet pulled advertising on Tucker minted I don't know what that is Pacific Life Insurance Nestle Nestle's horrible anyway there there I mean you can get it all there's a video documentaries about the evilness of Nestle and what they've done Office Depot yeah I don't shop there anyways I go staples but I wonder if that's the bad company I don't know Hulu screw Hulu screw Hulu and screw Netflix we've talked about that in past Rachael Ray pulled advertising on Laura all Rachael Ruby Tuesdays nourish wayfarer blue apron Expedia TripAdvisor right IBM Jenny Craig Johnson & Johnson that's gonna be hard they make everything do some research great some we can put a video up there but they'll make everything but they make a lot I buy pretty pretty cheap soap anyways so I use cream only think I wonder who makes that it's like men's men's shaving products and like spruce and juniper scented soap you know I used like rather manly wood based soaps Liberty Mutual Insurance Miracle Ear stitch fix dr. Bronner's dr. Bronner's was so cool man God they had those cool bottles to buy those in like um I think REI sells of course they do but you have the ears on the hiking shack back when as a kid you could wash any and everything with dr. Bronner's soap your dog you your dishes you use it as long as antiseptic it was really cool stuff that's a shame I don't know that's made down once a Texas or New Mexico somewhere I think it's a church organization as well it's some kind of uh I know they're very religious dr. Bronner's there's biblical scripture written all over it's a really cool bottle I think that's what kind of struck me when I was a kid but they've been around forever no more dr. Bronner's First National Bank of Omaha gucchi meetup Patagonia we talked about that Red Hen restaurant yeah that whole thing that went on where they kicked out Sara Huck Huckabee right well then we know CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS are blatantly left we know that guys ESPN if you're watching sports you're part of the problem to be a man go play a sport don't watch sports okay HBO no longer but a Democrat Party propaganda channel yes it is yes it is Comedy Central is just a mouthpiece I think Comedy Central is in league with the CIA I think there's a lot of CIA shenanigans going on over there Comedy Central I think a couple years ago a figure with the number was there was like a huge majority it's upwards the 50% of people between the ages of like 25 and 35 got their news from comedy the comedy channel was the name John whatever his name is and the Colbert Report and nighttime talk show comedians so yeah guys Comedy Central it was a brilliant way to weaponize all that I'm not a coffee Snopes of course guys Snopes you know something's propaganda when Snopes hasn't on there if you ever want to verify something's real go to Snopes don't they say that it's not real you know it's real okay PolitiFact it's a self promoted fact-checking site it's it is a liberal mouthpiece yes it is which is funny because if there's websites that have like their opinion on good fact fact-checking sites and political and snow or PolitiFact and snobs are like up there Wikipedia's run by anti-trump propaganda is pushing global warming Styria yes they are as as well as every other leftist platform out there and all the shooting all the mass shooting events and if you watched my video yesterday you'll know that wikipedia i'm sorry not my video i posted it in an article yesterday on wikipedia being soft propaganda as well as a modern-day grimoire and which is a book of spells and i explained how that works in there so you can check that out as well he just goes on 84 lumber adidas Airbnb Bank of America Ben and Jerry's best buy right by yourself online if you have to blue apron Budweiser celebrity Dick's Sporting Goods of course man Disney dr. Bronner's Enterprise so we've covered it there's a couple other lists out there guys Gillette GrubHub we've covered all these but there you go you know there's options you have choices if you can't not purchase all of these for whatever reason all right minimize them minimize them do without the product if you can you don't have to say save your money buy some land somewhere you know eventually it's not buying stuff if you don't need it if you if you like jeans go to Goodwill so you get a pair of jeans there and for five bucks gently-used you know their jeans wash them no I can't tell you how many Goodwill clothes I have Millie go guys there are the companies we need to avoid as conservatives these are the people that we need to no longer be subsidizing and giving our money as they give it straight to left-wing communist socialist ideals and people who would take away your freedom and your right to free speech and your right to bear arms okay they give the people who would who would sit your child down in grade school and teach them about sodomy and tell them how it's such a great thing you know when there are seven eight nine years old telling how normal it is right we don't need to be funding this it's bad enough we have to spend our time and our life fighting but we don't need to fund it as well think about that if you support these products guys you're part of the problem if you support these companies you're part of the problem if you fight day in and day out like we do here and you're passionate about this fight and you're still buying Starbucks coffee you're part of the problem it's just coffee right the Revolutionary War began over a 3% tax on a breakfast beverage what how many what percentage of Americans do you today do you think have the balls though where with all the testosterone testicular fortitude to start a revolution hmm probably close to zero how many of them do you think would put their money where their mouth is and at least stop buying Starbucks well I'm interested to see you know I'm interested to see if you can't even stop buying Starbucks coffee or Nike shoes and you're complaining about freedom people coming after your guns and people are teaching your kids this poison in school and they're pushing this propaganda through the public education system because they're electing left-wing communists in there that are pushing it you're part of the problem we have a lot of power guys we are the majority and we have a lot of power with our dollar it's time you start acting on it okay I know we can do this out there if you got any and if you got any other ideas guys put them down below there okay I think we need to highlight any other companies I'm probably gonna repost something's on my website so I'm gonna figure out how to work them in there but yeah this is the beginning this is definitely beginning if over 50 percent of the country which is what conservatives are stop purchasing products from these companies you know it's gonna happen overnight within a month things will change drastically in this nation drastically if everyone this year who's gonna buy a car knows that Chrysler is a left-wing communist company okay and they don't buy that car you know what's gonna happen you're gonna deep platform Chrysler and you're gonna deep platform that Democrat Union who has given money to all those left-wing socialist into office that's real power use it use it okay all right it's all I got to say do you have any other ideas guys by the way check to see if you're still subscribed I noticed today I've been unsubscribe from a number people that I do subscribe to and I have people messaging me telling me that you two is unsubscribing him so check to see if your unsubscribed and hit that button again it takes a couple times get to stick they go through and purge every so often as well and all right so if you do like the work I am doing here guys I am not supported by all that ad revenue right there's a tiny little bit that comes from YouTube they're gonna they're gonna cut that eventually right but I am supported by you guys primarily you guys are my main source of income I'm counting on you guys not the system not the integrated youtube adsense google adsense or so that that can go at any time and to tell you the truth that's that's a tiny percentage of what I make online to facilitate what I do here okay the real money comes from you guys and it's really helped out it's gone to buy this equipment that I'm using here now so alright this is Cory with the Fenix enigma until next time guys signing off

  1. My husband and I are getting old but we still can load guns and help those fighting the front lines… He lived through the Hungarian revolution and once you see what's right, you can't back down and live with yourself.

  2. Dutch bros coffee is THE BEST. I've been in California for 2 years and theres a pos starbucks every other mile

  3. There are great alternatives to Dr Bronner, I have used it forever too, will look for info for the company who hand makes their own (edit to add it is St Clair's Castile soap). doTerra essential oils has great soap, but I put essential oils in with castile soap. I totally agree with this list the only one I can't completely leave is Apple, that is how I make money, but I don't buy extra stuff like music and movies. And Microsoft is worse, Bill Gates wants to inject everyone with deadly vaccines, why are they not on the list?

  4. TrumPuppet™ is a SHILL!!! He’s pushing 5G and Vaccines for everyone!!! Complete SHILL!!! Only marginally better than Shillery!!!

  5. I have begged people around me not to use Starbucks! It’s gross and I can’t stand who they are. I buy local coffee when I get it out. Stay away from Target and Pepsi too. No AARP! Ford all the way. Also that blasphemous Sweet Jesus ice cream-really sick! No NFL!

  6. Believe it or not Infowars has practically a grocery store of great stuff from vitamins to survival gear. Worth a look.

  7. Another YTber channel – Seeking the Truth – has started his own search engine too & gives even less censored results than Duckduckgo.
    It's JoshWho. Look him up. He's a great guy & was demonitized & lost his house as a result but keeps plugging along!🇺🇸

  8. Starbucks made a point of hiring Islamics. Soon afterwards their drinks were found to have fecal matter & ecoli in them. What ELSE? They wipe themselves with their FINGERS.

  9. GM has a radical feminazi at the helm now too. Used to work for Clinton. Having grown up a GM family – this makes me want to puke. MSM ran a story a few months back about how RACIST GM is where 2 black men executives were suing for "finding racist graffiti & nooses" in the building. Like I believe that for one second. Put a lefist in charge & there are INSTANT claims of racism & every other 'ism & 'obia & lawsuits. Get woke – go broke.

  10. @The Phoenix Enigma Dutch Coffee sells online here, It's not just for folks in Phoenix.

  11. 22:20 What's going on with the (our) right side of his shirt here? Is he just a bot that's glitching?! :O

  12. Alright, so companies saying shit to people who agree with Trump is one thing, but just because those people don't agree with Trump shouldn't mean they should be protested, Trump isn't god send, he's part of the problem too.
    I'm hearing a lot of pro Trump talk here actually. What happened to the multiple times that I've heard you say that Trump is part of the problem too..?

  13. I mean… with how the world is now, Marriage is more of a legal thing, not religious thing. If your partner is in the hospital but you aren't married, you're basically out of luck. I don't see any problem with gay marriage.

  14. They must be terrified of whatever they are censoring. Censorship never works. People instinctively rebel against anyone forcing them to do anything. Power vs. Force. I join the boycott! These psychopaths don't understand that what you resist persists. Their censorship has revealed that they already lost. Their propaganda isn't working anymore. Who are these freaks? They seem to be about the money (harnessing our energy) so, if we don't give them our money they don't get our time and energy. They are parasites and without our energy they don't survive. Our energy is fueling them. They are not powerful or special. Power vs. Force… They can't force us to buy their crap. My sacrifice will be Starbucks but I will feel my energy staying with me every time I don't buy it. I will become aware of how every time I don't buy their crap they are withering into irrelevance. Thanks for your videos. FYI I used to work at Starbucks and they throw away their coffee every 15 minutes to make sure it is freshly brewed. I couldn't believe how much they tossed! If they can afford to dump their product down the drain every 15 minutes, it must not be worth that much. They have been bleeding us one cup at a time. Last idea…another reason they are doomed to fail is because the god they worship isn't loyal. This dark force will enjoy the trauma of betrayal that they experience when they realize that they did all of these evil acts and end up with worse than nothing. I really believe that this entity delighted in the anger, shame, shock and humiliation that the horrid hillary rotten killton experienced when she lost. This evil force will mock all of them by betraying all of them in the end.

  15. Hey, thanks for doing the legwork for the rest of us. I have been boycotting Starbucks for several years now but never could find the time to research who else doesn't deserve my money. Really appreciate you sharing your findings!

  16. I haven’t had starcraps in over 6 years. If I want coffee that bad I’ll go to a gas station.
    Chrysler cars are complete garbage. Even if they weren’t liberal I wouldn’t own one.
    Never owned a capital one card.
    Never eating Ben and Jerry’s.

    I’m doing alright without all of the above. Just about anything entertainment wise. All of these atheist companies I won’t spend a dime on. God bless.

  17. Panera Bread: spokesperson Rainn Wilson has tweeted some nauseating stuff about wee ones! 🤢😤
    #DuckIt using!

  18. Really bummed about Dr. Bronners. 

    I first noticed the NFL seemed rigged during Super Bowl 30. 2 passes from Neil O'Donnel went right to a Dallas back who was standing still. And when you go to NFL films recap of that game its edited to support the BS that the INTs were "blown routes". REI pissed me off a few years ago when they didn't honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Never used them ever again. Easy to avoid Starbucks. And Disney? They destroyed Star Wars. How can anyone destroy such a hot property? By pushing agenda over story. And well, Marvel Films is going all PC. And Marvel Comics is so "Woke", they are losing money so bad they might get shut down. 

    Not sure how I am supposed to give up both Microsoft AND Apple. When I can find editing software on Unbuntu or Redhat. Honestly be nice to break away from the overlords.

  19. Most of the yt channels with over 1 mill subscribers ( womens makeup reviews etc) are liberal. Not only are they liberal. I am almost sure they are doing other nefarious activities. Everytime a channel mention Michael Obamas book I immediately unsubscribe.

  20. Kudos to highlighting so many brilliant companies . These are the true American companies worth patronising. I'm a progressive socialist and all of those evil companies should be boycotted by ALL citizens and the alternatives are good for the world. Period.

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