series rock type of box and social delighted to be joined by John Hardin jr. we're here in LA for a head of Dillingham White's bout with Oscar Rivas at the o2 how you doing pesto yeah I'm here man just participating at the grueling training camp you know the training camp that will meet you into a champion so I'm just here observing taking in learning and you know just doing what I can do also to help and gaining anything that's gonna help me in my career now this interview will go out before I make some of the other stuff that I shot live how was that rowing session for you that people will hear from you now before they see the footage so be careful what you say would that rule in session right to flashback one that ranches it's like hell man you know it's just ripping into your lungs you feel like you're dying then you've got to keep going and you're hearing them shouting it in in your head you're just thinking of the fat you're thinking of just man I want to be a champion owner I'm gonna be great I want to and you just don't want to give up and you know you look to your left you've got Dillon just get in the raw um Charlie I was over there react was in front of me and Don the lettuce you know I mean I have to I have to try my best to kind of keep up you know I mean so it's just like it's it's very tough for me what toughest was gonna meet me a dangerous fire quick battery change one of the things about shooting at the end of the day means that you're always kind of running a little bit low but anyway let's push forward I know you can't officially announce your fight yet but I know that you all you're gonna be back in the ring early August why don't you tell us what you can about that what what can i really say about that one is just uh it's an opportunity that's come up and I'm taking it with both hands and shortly we'll be announcing when things are finalized and yeah I'm ready to go on rock and roll it's my time now we'll just leave it there because we know we thought you can't speak about anything as yet some philosophy to Richard I mean I've known you guys you probably some of the oldest relationships I've actually gotten boxing for when I started yeah we go back we go back quite different now though to when we first encountered each other in Miguel's explain to me the difference between then and now okay des difference between then and now right now I've got you know I want a different level you know we're gunning for belts are gunning for towards world titles I'm gunning for greatness that's one the differences for me I have people to actually fully care about me care about my progression check up on me you know making sure I'm I'm even eating right or working out right and I've got structure now it's not just me jumping in and just just sparring you know the big guys like I've always been doing it's more like everything structured it's like today sea-ice training dozen inspiring tomorrow or make me for sparring so it's all about I've been given a structure now and I feel the difference and it's an official team everyone's really looking out for each other you know before you can even go zoom it was more like everyone for himself and in the eye of every thinking room it looked like a togetherness but was more or less everyone was looking out for themselves for now I feel I feel important I feel worth they've given me my worth they've seen something didn't seen someone give me and he's just been bringing it out and he slowly but surely seen the fire in me and I mean at times I was just ran out to training I was by myself and that's how we kind of got more acquainted when I saw him it goes and he just took me under his wing and it's just we just remained close ever since then and you know any any opportunity like here and he's training up I put myself there next to him and he he just gave the door open for me man so it's not like he just turned his back he's throwing a rock down and saying like they're here this is the way so as we got that direction going on explain to people who maybe don't understand or don't know about that time that period of probably a couple of years ago two and a half years ago and around Miguel's was yourself which react pause he Dillion in and out of the gym if he was around this whole time he was starting to come down here at Isaac Chamberlain you know Chris Congo the now-infamous Ted bammy explained to me the kind of the dynamic and what broke that group up it's interesting that you would say you were kind of all individuals masquerading as a team it never quite felt like that I have to say when I when I went in there but what do you mean by that you know to breathe that down I just thought you know I was kind of caring for myself I mean it weren't really too much you know the first thing was the first photo I saw so many tickets that's when it was a pause and alarms when the ticket sauce coming down worst we're coming down was like I was being and you know advice to be like a journeyman kind of thing in it I remember when Ruth Ann Fox who's now is you know he's been doing doing people over you know I mean no disrespect to anyone who's been doing over but he's been doing things at that time it was like I weren't really getting a comfort no one was really uplifting me that tightly for myself and it was like I was always there to support others I just didn't really feel the same as me I just felt like I'm just trying to get in the circle I'm here like didn't and that's has family Marcy Dillon not just as a manager I was a friend I see Dylan as a as a blood brother you know I mean it's just so much different though we you know band across each other they'll be in our time I'll agree just really checks on me what suddenly how you doing how's he spiralling how's he doing this and just giving me the right opportunities not just and they're not just trying to do it for the sake of our you know what he's he can he can he can box really good or we could just make money out of him if you know I mean it wasn't that type of attitude you know before it was more money orientated what can you bring to the table well if you're not selling tickets well we've got to do it this way or you know I mean and here the structure and the care the love is still there man you can see that you know after you finished the Royal Machinery bantam of each other that kind of love probably go and eat and together and it's just it's just so different man like I said before was more or less a form for themself deep down and that's why we've gone our own ways and now you can see there's other people that think like me that care for others and we're working together wanna know people are maybe not as familiar with your story as I am and as I know certain people are you've had probably safe to say a checkered background could you have ever considered or ever imagined that you would one day be I mean Loughborough institute of sport or laughs or a sports campus or whatever you want to call it is kind of the gold standard in the UK did you ever think that you would get to this point it was a dream you know it's something I get just like you do you just you just send me back a time I just reminded of myself like even sometimes I forget until when I see people in the public eye people that I've ever grown up with and he you know told me doing so well you know I've had friends that want to visit people in prison and some that obviously they do in long sentences and I was rude to him at the beginning and it really amazed and touched you know how people message me or things are going for you drug abuse and they say they want to be like me changing right and I live a fool that my life will touch people like that man you know I remember going back even to be close with Dylan I'm gonna probably the first see I'm doing exclusive story right now this is my last couple months I was in Brixton prison and I had would you pull like I had to work outside of the prison Network for free but my Venus is just a little half hour walk to there and I've all coming back back to being like a lab we kind of thing and I remember I was queuing up for dinner and someone open a page and said well you know this guy he's he's being AG before it's cool he's not you know I couldn't use this exactly nice guys Nazis in the ring people punch him and he just ah let me get more whoa so I see Dylan what imagine we have this discussion yeah I was walking back but our speed walking because I couldn't gonna go grab some itano's not what being for a certain time yeah you don't pass Dylan looking and I said no damn I've seen this seen this guy in a newspaper and he's got his rucksack on he's gonna go boots on and he's just grinding so it's like I saw a bit of him in the early stages I'm going to remind each other like you know I would pass you that time I was looking to know that we're alike and he just nodded slowly at each other and to think fast forward I'm now alongside him ring walking out with him emotional man you know and I think about its emotion now you know I I I didn't expect it I just had the belief you know I mean so your belief is all in here like the future of your life is holding in your in your head so I had the belief you know when I came out of prison you know some of you don't trust you some people hold on to pass you know human beings all gonna do wrongs and it was just to dig down and keep believing again for the whole phase with the when I was boxing McGill's and you know you're the Box are at the bottom everyone else is shining you're not killing everyone but inspiring you know kicking the I people so it was hard to just get that transition and to be here that you know didn't have saw something in me that he sees that it's like you know he can recruit anyone anyone that he wanted but why me you understand me why he had to get me and there's something he saw in me that I'm gonna show the world so it's just a dream come true and just just those questions when you say this puts me so low level grounded in this reminds me of where I came from but the main thing is for me I just want people to just it's not you know just just to see what I'm doing and I'll be touched even if one person that said you know I saw your life or so you didn't I want to go in do this I had a dream of of doing this now I'm doing that I just want people to know that it's never too late let no one tell you that you can't do something that if you make a mistake like today you can make it right tomorrow I will human beings will make mistakes let no one judge you – what you say about you and I had to always uplift myself each day and say I'm gonna make it and we're gonna do this you know when I was in prison officer said you know are you all your waste of you know wasted talent blah blah actors you know lift myself up and I'm happy now that I'm here and I can prove that to people that you know believing in yourself and get you far I think that's very well said I look back on an interview that you did with my I fell and I remember looking at it and feeling somewhat like proud to have come into contact with you I mean I know knew for a long time before even knowing that you were in prison which I mean again it was it was kind of taking somebody as they are the timing you-you'd clearly shown in intensive I still feel like I'll be judged it's feeling a bit nervous when I speak about it you know it's good when people haven't seen prison anything she's the American movie so we judge it like this is like that if you know I mean so it was just like and I know I just started just just opening me scene and then just to support I received from the April 20th show from you know Eddie Han I mean she's all you know he come and spoke to me and you know and said just keep talking it and it's just yeah amazing it's just touch people and yes so it's like I just feel very very humbled in in the experience and I'm getting back from people what is boxing for you it's boxing your your way of giving back to people is it your way of trying to inspire people to to go and do other things is it not to use the term really but is it a selfish desires it is it titles is it glory what does to mean to you in all boxing and Maxime you see me boxing means love and it sounds very crazy because I fought a lot of it lost in terms of where love was every time I jumped in the ring spot and when I first met Ted by me and the first day I just jumped in the ring I spied I was noticed same thing when I was I didn't when you know they saw me sparring we still cool people's eyes you know it's the love that it brought into my life it's the door opener it brought boxing is what you put in you get out so it's almost like life no I mean you're born on your only Daniel just like boxing in that ring on your own everything comes out in the ring everything you rehearse you've practiced is for that ring so bonks boxing me into life it means determination heart what you put in you will get out so it's like it represents a life in everything I'm talking about whatever you believe in whether it's just you being you know an interviewer can you put as much in your going to get everything you want out so I think you know boxing just represents that what if I can put in the term whatever you put in you will get out but for me it's representing the love and the acceptance that it's brought upon my life what you think you'd be if you didn't discover boxing well if I didn't you know discover boxing definitely be smoking probably it says it's I couldn't judge exactly where I'd be but I know you know there's all the bad habits I dropped for boxing I definitely wouldn't have dropped and you know boxing I wish that he spoke about them I allows you know sometimes he put in a lack of boxing you know it's dangerous amount of laughs that is saved you know people all of us look like Dylan you know Richard what's boxing done for them where would they will be without box and with a lot of factors be without boxing world me were shown all these people so like boxing has just given us in us that that that that hope and that light to others okay well before we go I suppose we better talk about July the 20th let's start from the top work our way down Dillion white vs. Oscar Revis tricky fight for Dillion he keeps finding themselves in these in these awkward banana skin type fights he seems to relish the occasion talk to me about that fight Dylan's just obsessed with getting but you know training is so serious you know the file of Revis I think it just gives him that motivation to keep going because you could before anyone is that non-committal person it's hard let me go and do it let me keep knocking on the door for the world title so on that note I just see Dylan more or less showcasing his skill you know watching close he didn't go a wonderful attitude I don't think he's really I don't know if people touching as much just like with hey loss which is Laura the tag guard infant was more tidy especially the first run when he when he clipped his alright he didn't even go for the kill what people would have expected him to do you know I mean so I think he's he's going to show his IQ in this fight I think I grew that I mean people who maybe don't know Dylan is very very well-versed in his boxing knowledge he can talk to you about any weight cast from the fly weights to the heavyweights from almost any hero which I initially found the surprised and then after kind of being around a bit it wasn't so much of a surprise while we're kind of hovering around the subject of Dillian talk about drops your memories because we asked everyone about it so why not what did you make of that fight you know one thing I'm challenge is not taking away from Ruiz because you know we have focused and you know it just was just something not right what was on just was it the atmosphere with but I just can't take away from you you know you he done the unthinkable we done upset you know where people it look like Joshua was just like almost like a got in the ring that no one could take him away that's what it looked as if you know and he exposed the weakness and he took his chance and took him out so fair play to him you know for I think it's kind of opened up buckskin you know with so much on this undefeated thing and then now I think he's going it's gonna go back to you know the the best fight the best it doesn't matter if you you know you've taken a L or nothing and that's what this card's all about as well really so you know in that sense I think it was it sounds crazy but in a good sense you know I mean so but it will be nice if Jessica win and bring the belts back to Great Britain because I think that um UK we rerun boxing at the moment which react poor versus crisp and I'm Smith again I think a fight when it was announced went under the radar because people then become more familiar with Richard react poor in his last couple of fights in particular but still Crispin and Smith unknown quantity I think the closer the fighters come and the more people have looked into that fight the more people have realized what a good fight is talk to me about that fight I think it's a very good fat man you know both let rangy fat is quite not too similar but quite similar both boxes but um you know I'm gonna have to lean towards Richard which is what that raw power that get a job card power that he can just summon at any time and he just I just think it's just when he summons it when Rita summers it is it's lets up how important do you think the Sam hide fight will be looking back for Richard um I spoke to him about its but still Ian's about it he was nervous he didn't perform as we've seen me and you have seen him numerous times in the gym but then came from that fight and then produced a career best performance in his next fight is Tommy McCarthy how important do you think that Sam hide fight was for Richard I was so important man you know I was talking to Richard about it Street in the hotel you know I mean I was there backstage you know ring walk to him always ARC's oxys guys and you just let just telling me which is so different you know it's like sometimes feelings just go out the window when you're in there under those lights you know I mean so I think I think that experience just made him mature like he looks like he's used to the big occasion now and I mean he's just I don't know what I get from him night is he doesn't look he looks relaxed you know I mean like he's just born for it you know you know and you know which is a person the same you know come from local areas out of Peckham growing up and he's change his life around and so comments are something like this an oven you know and I were occasions where it's tough it's just means nothing to his uses used to it lasts but while I certainly no means least Charlie Duffield against Dan Aziz light heavyweight that's another excellent fight between two up-and-coming father's you don't really need to be fighting each other but they are for the southern area title would you make it that um you know it's a tough fight they're gonna both be coming forward I'm very I'm I can I say I'm really I'm really good friends with both you know I mean good renewed an duffels my teammate but we know that it's business so at the same time I think that's gonna be a very exciting fight I think even one of the most exciting it's on the card I'm the two fighters that just all they know is forward always always come forward I've done rounds of both of them so I know about them and they just they both come forward well I'm really excited for that fight to see done you know his reason same from same barrel see Mero kind of grown up to my back left of our friendship before boxing but right now Charlie looks positive as well he looks very focused the seam down must be focused as well so I think they both grinding it with their belief and I think that is the fight of the net okay well John Harding jr. in a real pleasure would be meaning to do this for a long time so I said to Richard that whenever I'm in doc you me often what ICU of Richard its Eva at one of dillion's fights were another show where I'm rushing around trying to get the fighters who were fighting and you were rushing around we've Dillian to try what I doing wants to get out of there more often not so our paths haven't always cross but it's been a real pleasure as I say we do get we do go back to when I was a lot slimmer than I am now you're the person who constantly reminds me about that for all of Eddie hands stick he gives me you're the original fat Shamer come in to do the Royal with us yeah you saw the rower he's joining in yeah remember quit on it rap in the comments below game in bester real pleasure mate look forward to your announcement and for your fight in August and if I don't see you before I'll see you July the 20th thank you so much man been a pleasure

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