Borderlands 2: Maya Top Gear - Stinger/Stalker/Anarchist

welcome back everyone to another Maya Top Gear and in this video I have another reflecting blitt gonna the stair the stinger is a seraph anarchist which is actually the same as the anarchists pretty much except it has I get to said the reflecting bullets everything else is the same so it's kind of slightly better with those extra bullets woods help chain-reaction the stalker is also pretty solid it has higher base damage and fire rate but it is not very accurate it does however have extra bouncing which is pretty sweet um in all of these pistols kind of and you can kind of just put them all together to be honest in fact I might just equip two of them there's no really point to be equipping the anarchist over the stair goes a stinger will just slightly outperform it but you know if you can't farm one yeah the the anarchist will do just fine so yeah I'm off to start shooting things that I fill up in the ammo I did alright these things our ammo hogs for sure but uh I'm just gonna take off my other guns make this a little easier swap between them and put back out of my fire bone that will be a good thing to remember all right cool and let you see there the reflecting bullets did quite well I don't know how that guy got over there but uh you can chew through a lot of ammo and that's where I like this a little bit more on that slow bullet speed and low accuracy what the heck is happening it's not always the best where this is a little more accurate as you can see I've already chewed through it yeast in a lot of ammo I do have the damage accessories on these and let's get the bosses out here that I might switch to the stalker because it definitely has better chain reactions lately although that didn't work that well but uh yeah you can see this thing's DPS potential is huge but uh like some of the shotgun that does come in at animal cost with the fire rates you get out of it so this is one of a little more cautious about not slagging enemies with almost forgot about his bomb there that's a strips of shields give myself some room and I'm not gonna waste the bullets to go through his shield I thought I heard out Oni coming out there all right let's see we should have enough able to get there only and stuff here and you know I did the last boss of the other one you can see how well that worked that was pretty fantastic but I am down to a very little mo here hopefully the next room will take care of me because this room really did and that's pretty much why these are honorable mentions it's a that's a pistol it's pretty much solely on the fact that you go through a ton of ammo on them making them more like supplementary weapons and your main gun a lot of times it can be difficult to use this as your main weapon unless you shoot really carefully that helps so I'm not gonna pick up any ammo or anything yet like well these two guys so if you really aim for crits on these things you can be insanely effective with them but I do see a lot of people just kind of spray and pray and hit fire with these and I definitely see that as a pretty big mistake you know they if you do that you're gonna be out of ammo in no time so you really want to kind of almost treat these like a sniper sadly and often a really a BS and aim for crits so you have able left alright that's better some while the game is not being kind of ammo drops I guess I'm pretty full here so in this room I will try to use that's not it out of you guys this one where are all the enemies there we go do you see the bola speed is an issue there that guy was just running away from it but the chain reaction is pretty sweet it's everywhere but it's just gonna hit enemies I guess is the core issue I mean when they're phase-locked fine but a lot of these bullets kind of go off into nowhere so actually I'm gonna go back to this cuz yeah I think I stopped saw enough of that all right where are these other guys all right where is this guy hiding that's fine I get the ironclad I might actually isn't bouncing off his body to try to get a lot of chain reaction didn't seem to work the best though there we go and I might as well take these guys out like this there we go not the best chain reaction there I wonder no there we go dig get some on nice and bouncing off the floor damn but uh yeah from done playing I thought I might be able to get some cooler effect bouncing bullets under his shield but yeah he was kind of shooting me so I got quite a bit there decent amount there I'm still low enough to get strong drops in the next room if not there's plenty of ammo on that next room I'll just have to be better off picking it up I usually don't open all the chests check that as well good chance it's gonna kick me out a few pistols nope so the game's being somewhat unkind on mo I'll use already slay that was silly whoa I saw the bomb is dropping did not like that those bombers are dangerous all right I don't like me in that corner as much little tighter and inertia isn't doing its job like a pro love that skill so many characters have you dead right now because of that dot take that for granted pretty easily that's the hit fighter you see it's a lot less accurate even close up who was just trucking your knees at me like crazy I'm starting to get a little own ammo here but uh you know I'll pick these up I'm probably not gonna be back up here that was pretty kind as well as the enemy they're badass career to get a big badass like that pop out all right well then come out of there I'm gonna try to grab a little bit more ammo and make it back let's try to group back up get roof done please guys sitting like and there they go so I never ran out of em oh I got a little oh here and there but uh all in all it worked no skin drops again those in a little cold yeah that is your stinger stalker slash and her kissed I guess as a group I might rewrite it in the thread to kind of group them all together if anyone was reading it that's kind of cool that's kind of cool too it's not the best those longbow the fuse time kind of sucks but it is times eight that's not a gun I like but it's cool fine your fire Bernie oh I'm even a badass um he has a really awesome chest so the lanoff kind of family pistols I go saying I might combine them all together if you are eating along and the thread you notice I skipped the gun I did a video of that gun and then uh the video got corrupted and yeah I wasn't going to edit I was in a pissy mood yesterday so uh-huh I didn't want to read you that one quite yet so I just moved on and I'll go back to that gun if you're wondering by that now on these guns here this one drops from the Dragons which are a bitch to farm so that's why I was kind of lumping the anarchist with it there's not a huge difference between these it just reflecting bullets making is slightly better parts wise on these a lot of people go oh it's a fast gun I want to fire eight accessory I kind of caution on that because I put a damage accessory on these guns and as you can see I was getting low on ammo at times ever too much in risk but if I were to swap the damage accessory for the fire hit accessory yes DPS wise is really good but I would spend the spending more bullets to do the same work and that can get dangerous with flat off pistols so I don't really recommend fire rate accessories on these persuade is your is gonna have the best dps with a flat off grip with that fire rate but like it was just saying these are fast guns and they have deep mazes you saw even though I can chew to that Meg of 74 no time with foresight going with some other grips like a bandit switch won't slower the fire rate but it'll increase somebody's even more an increase your damage or toward which will give you bad reload and reduce the magazine size but it will maintain the fire rate and really kick up the damage heavily you know those aren't ideal but they're kind of usable and sometimes fun you just you know again you sacrifice some fire rate for a decent chunk of damage and sometimes it's not a bad trade-off but uh yeah so accessories I really kind of just like the damage accessories with these because these guns lack damage and they're bullet hoses the stalker which unfortunately the low bullet speed it's kind of cool I shot that paddled around you know that was possible but uh the bullet speed on these is what kind of kills it because it has better fire rate and damage than the other one so it technically should be better and all these bullets it should be better chain reaction the problem is they don't have any kind of enemies seeking and they rarely actually hit anything they usually just bounce around like assholes and there goes my ammo so this one because the Pearl you get it from oh my god what the hell or from world drops legendary loot midgets or you know just like a chess as I did with a storm it's far the same group of guns so that is the from that off kind of red texture the light off honorable mention guns I don't think there's any doubt in their sheer killing ability in this video but like I said the animal thing is something to be aware of as I have this annoying I said John my screen right now so thanks for watching everyone and I will see you later bye

  1. I dont like the stinger because unlike the purple Anarchist it cant come with a gemstone prefix which makes it inferior.

  2. Jakobs grip is great for this one. I don't think a Bandit Grip can spawn on a Vladof handgun. There are some weird restrictions on Pistols. Nice Vid. I love the Stinger

  3. 'I also go over the Stalker, a Pearlesant Vladof Pistol'. Might want to edit that.
    Personally I could never get Vladof pistols to work well for me on any class, the ammo consumption is just too damn high. Can't deny they're incredibly powerful though.

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