Boots Riley - How Capitalism Needed Racism To Operate (247HH Exclusive)

capitalism needed racism in order to operate to explain further capitalism needed to steal things in order to come into fruition if you're talking about a whole class of the bourgeoisie where they gonna get that injection they get that from steal it it's called primitive accumulation and it's something that has been at the beginning of every new economic system in this case took the form of stealing land and still in labor they try to do that with at first with mainly white working-class folks and they they realized the problem that they were having because they needed white working-class folks for other forms of labor they needed to figure out a way that that white working-class would be able to feel safe and their being in the in at this time we're talking about Europe Africa was the answer they stole minerals as well not just land from here but minerals from Africa and labor from Africa they started still in people from Africa ship bringing them here and white and to explain why this was different why this was not endangering the white working-class they had to say well look these are a different group of people we wouldn't this these are not even people we wouldn't even do this to you and at the time you know they could say Irish were different groups of people – because Irish were not considered white yet the theory that of race was invented to justify slavery now before that they talked about things in nature nations it's not like there weren't Wars or people didn't hate other people before that but it was always talked about in terms of nations it was nations and sometimes there'd be descriptions of people but the idea that this nation and that nation were related because they looked the same was not one that existed so this idea of of race was put forward to justify slavery and to say look these are a lower form of beed you should not feel United with them this is not your problem this is that so there was a need for racism similarly now there's the same need right because stereotypes about black folks are used to explain to the white working-class that poverty is the cause of people making their own bad choices as opposed to poverty being look up being an assistant being necessitated by capitalism the truth is you cannot have capitalism without poverty it needs it you cannot have capitalism without unemployment if you if everyone was if there was full employment 100% employment no one could get fired because there'd be no one to replace them even furthermore if you had 100 percent of employment people that work someplace could just demand higher wages without even having a union struggle they need the army of unemployed workers to keep wages down and now to explain poverty to people in a way that's not systematic they need to put a behavioral pattern on poverty one way to do that is to say look at these others look what they do this is what keeps them poor when even white workers look at themselves as being poor they they look at themselves in terms of not wanting to act like black folks and not wanting to put this poverty on themselves and it keeps folks divided there's a there's an this there's a necessity for racist stereotypes and for racism in capitalism it will keep being generated as long as there's a necessity for you know I think that culture comes out of the way that we survive not only I think that but a lot of folks think that way you have a fishing village you're gonna have fishing songs yeah be cultural village you're gonna have agricultural songs the racist culture we have is necessitated by capitalism we won't get rid of that racist culture until we get rid of capitalism and it's going to take the whole working class in order to do that because of a lack of history understanding of history they find themselves repeating steps that have already been taken when all they have to do let's pivot from what dr. King already did any obstacle or any form of adversity is gonna make you a better person when you come out of it on the other side you're not gonna want to hear that it the front of it everybody should always aspire to be the person that they're not and do what it takes to become that person there's madness and mis-education when you're telling somebody half of the story and you're lying to black kids about who they are you're not telling them you know that they would come from kings and queens

  1. 3:09 Explains the idea of poor whites acting as "temporary embarrassed millionaires" so concisely

  2. Ah, the mysterious "they", the source of every type of conspiracy theory.

    Mr. Riley should go read the work of George Ayittey, someone who both has a better understanding of economics and Africa prior to the atlantic slave trade than he ever will.

  3. With capitalism, everybody has the opportunity to succeed regardless of race- look at how many black businesses have been able to flourish and how the levels of minority poverty in the states is far less than in those in their countries that do not have capitalism

  4. I have a better title for this video. "How black and brown bigots use socialism as racism against whites."

  5. It is the competive mentality!
    In order to succeed people will fight eacht other, the defeated will hate his opponent and stereotype people how look or think similar like his enemy.
    The opposite is communism.
    In order to keep peace everybody is afraid of criticising one another, this will motivate lazy behaviour and undermine creativity.

    Sports are so popular because they combine both elements, there is competition but there are rules and fair play.
    If you ever played a team sports with a black person to achieve victory, you refer him as a friend and maybe even as a brother( because there is no reason to be afraid of him).

    This is the simple nature in every group there will be stereotypes in order to dehumanize the others, the solution is to find an appropriate balance.

  6. Heh. The u.s. did not steal people from Africa. They bought them from other Africans. Something called a slave trade.

  7. Interesting thought concept. But, half baked support and arguments. Not really a clear point being made. He’s borrowing ideas from all over the place to paint his own picture.

  8. black and white ,working class unite. down with identity politics .join the socialist party u,s.a capitalism steals the surplus value of labour.

  9. I can't think of one civilization that succeeded without stealing in one form or another. Full points if you can name one!

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