1. Of course it’s fake news, didn’t Trump say the economy is booming? Every statistic is a lie. He said black unemployment is at the lowest, another lie. White employment is at its highest. Lies. FAKE ECONOMY, FAKE GOVERNMENT.

  2. Employment at a low? I see ads everyday for jobs especially trades jobs. If employment was at a law their wouldn't be as many jobs as their are today

  3. The end of the world when let china lose .. when china on top of the world .. it will destroy everything with corrupted money .. debts traps .. all living things and environment will be destroyed then people got nothing left .. where can they run to support themselves

  4. Its very fasinating thing to talk about recession but such things spoil economies and thats not good for anyone. You wont like to be in that situation

  5. The first time he's heard a US president talk about the Fed? I recall JFK wanting to make big changes here. Upsetting the owners of the US is never wise. What may be good for America, is not good for the corrupt oligarchs and bankers who exploit us.

  6. Talk about fake news, this entire video. The Federal Reserve is not a Government institution, it has a board of government chosen representative but is a set of private banks whose goal is to make money. In all reality the FED is a private tax on government debt that makes banks money at the cost of the US tax payers. Its a Ponzi scheme.

  7. The dopey NetFlix addicted,US Middleclass will have to learn Learn, how to protest and shutdown Washington DC and Wall Street …..

  8. What debt? To whom? Federal reserve? They never had the money they "lend" it. They created "money out of thin air and call it debt wanting real money with interest on something that never existed. Somebody explain it to me?

  9. President Donald Trump is a self professed Liar, Deceiver, Cheater, Conman, Chief Bully, Adulterer, Fornicator, Pussy Grabber, Pompous, Haughty, Filthy Rich by Stealing, Thief, Mocker of Disable & Weak People, Incestuous with his daughter Ivanka, Hater, Racist, Fascist, Supremacist, Self Worshiper, Dictator, World Leader, Leader of Gog & Magog of Bible (Anglo-Saxon race who have occupied the “Gates” of the World & are now spreading mischief) …………… ANTI-CHRIST …….. ????

  10. Look around at all the homeless and poor while we have to borrow billions to send to israel instead of using it for America. Not too bright folks.

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