Bolsonaro resurrects the zombie claim that Nazism was a leftist movement | The Fact Checker

-Brazilian president
Jair Bolsonaro has a habit of
making controversial claims. Recently he said
there is no doubt Nazism is a leftist movement. -Scared about it?
-There’s no doubt. Socialist party, how is it? Germany’s National
Socialist Party. -He was responding to a question
from reporters just after his visit
to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum
in Israel, in early April. But Bolsonaro isn’t the first
person to make this claim. Linking Nazism to
an opposition party is a long-running
political trope. This iteration where Nazis
are leftists had spread widely online
for almost a decade. It’s a perfect example
of what we at the Fact Checker call a zombie claim — debunked claims that just
keep coming back to life. The National Socialist
German Workers’ Party was the full name of
the Nazi party in 1930s Germany, but most of
its political ideologies were not considered left wing. Yad Vashem’s website
states Nazism grew out of radical
right-wing groups. Most historians say
Hitler considered socialism and leftism
at odds with his goals, and once the Nazis gained power
in Germany, they arrested and, in many cases,
murdered socialists, communists, and others
who opposed the party. So how has this idea that Nazism
was a left-wing movement spread so far and for so long? This false theory likely
predates the Internet, but Bolsonaro using it now
is a perfect example of how misinformation can spread
online and go unchecked. -There’s one person in Brazil
who is very influential in Bolsonaro’s government. He’s called Olavo de Carvalho. He said he’s a philosopher. He doesn’t have a degree
in philosophy or anything. In 2010, he’s already going
to his website and repeating this claim. He’s saying, “Well, the Nazis
are from left wing.” -Carvalho was one of the early
promoters of this theory online, and others posted videos of him
discussing it on YouTube. After that,
it started to spread. -Brazil has been going through
a political crisis for a long time now. So in 2016-2016, we were in
the middle of this crisis, and it was this very strong
anti-left movement. There’s this very famous
YouTuber in Brazil called Nando Moura. He’s a member of a rock band. Nando Moura picks this up
and repeats this. He starts saying that Hitler
was not from the right wing. Hitler was a leftist. -Moura’s video from 2015
has almost 400,000 views, and his channel has more than
3 million subscribers. -At the same time,
Bolsonaro’s sons — they are also politicians. They are very influential
in social media, and they start repeating
this claim, as well. They’re even using false memes
with false quotes, with quotes that are
misattributed to Hitler. -The theory hasn’t just
caught wave in Brazil. It’s made its way into American
political discourse, too. Conservative commentator
and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza published a book
and produced a documentary claiming Hitler was a liberal. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the trailer
for D’Souza’s film and has compared today’s
Democratic party to Nazism. -You see the Nazi platform
in the early 1930s and what was actually
put out there and you look at it compared to,
like, the DNC platform of today, you’re saying, “Man! Those things
are awfully similar.” -Two Republican Congressmen
called Hitler a Socialist as recently as March. -Germany’s Socialist Party, more commonly known
as the Nazis. The author was Socialist Adolf
Hitler in his book “Mein Kampf.” -But the potential is out there
for another Hitler, Socialist like Hitler,
to come along. -But these claims
aren’t said in a vacuum. Social media often amplifies
astonishing claims, even if they’re false,
like this one. -We’ve always had rumor
and gossip, but people were limited in the
physical world to the extent to which they could spread
that kind of information. In the digital world,
gossip can go viral and can start out in one place and be all around the world
in a matter of minutes. The ease with which fake news
spreads is because people want
to believe really negative things
about the opposition. If you can tar
the progressive left with some association
with the Nazis, that’s a great way
to delegitimize that movement. -This isn’t just a tactic
used by conservatives. Democratic politicians have also
called their rivals Nazis. -Much like Hitler took over
the Nazi party, Trump has taken
over the Republican Party. -Now, we would not be surprised
if in the Third Reich other human beings were
described as an infestation. -Misrepresenting history
can set a dangerous precedent. Bolsonaro’s version may have
been meant as a nod at his base, but it has far-reaching
consequences. -So I think that when
Bolsonaro repeats these claims,
he’s talking to his base. He’s repeating what they think. It’s an illegitimate
revision of history. It’s very complicated
because you weaponize history. So, your group doesn’t want
to be linked to a movement that was,
according to historians, connected to the far right, and then you just create your
own history as it suits you. -History informs how citizens
vote and how politicians govern. When politicians of any party
skew history for their benefit,
it’s troubling. It can deepen divisions in an
already polarized environment.

  1. There were far more actual socialists and communists than nazis in Germany when the NSDAP took their name, and it was explicitly to co-opt them. No one since who claims they were actual socialists can be taken seriously – they are simply bad people, who mean harm to others. Willful ignorance is not an excuse.

    I don't think anyone with brain cells appreciates the false equivalency of Beto O'Rourke and the Louis Gohmert.

  2. It's not complicated.

    All socialist arguments are based on promotion of generalized human rights.
    Nazis only recognize their chosen ethnic national in-group as worthy of rights, and even those rights are subservient to the needs of the State.

    The first people the Nazis rounded up & threw in concentration camps – long before the Jewish population – were socialists, communists & union leaders.

    If you think Nazism & fascism are liberal or left wing movements, you've been manipulated by actual fascist propaganda.

  3. What a missed opportunity! They never clearly explain the ideological differences between Nazism and socialism. That Nazis persecuted socialists and communists is not an explanation. They did a very poor job. Too bad, it could have been educational.

  4. They also bring up Jeffersonian Democrats as being proof of the left being racist. But theyre so stupid or purposely not realising that Jeffersonian Democrats were republicans, the platforms were opposite back then

  5. The can’t “debunk” an opinion Washington Post, that’s why it won’t go away. The Nazi’s used both right and left political propaganda and government policies. If they were true socialist is a DEBATE.

  6. As matter of fact the so called fact checker is liberal biased and yes Nazi party is also called national socialist party and one of the common things left has with nazis is Anti Semitism.

  7. Nazis were leftist. They lead the world with tons of leftist political agendas. Gun control, captain planetism, unionists ect

  8. Socialism, communism and fascism are all statist systems that limit individual freedom, but they aren’t “liberal” but neither is the new left wing movement. Just because a system is authoritarian doesn’t mean it’s “far right” in the same way

  9. Hitler’s biggest opponents were conservatives. He was considered a leftist liberal. Where the hell does the WSJ get these “journalist” from? Do your research..🤦‍♂️

  10. Fascism and Nazism entail high taxation and government control of a nation's healthcare, education and state control of private industry. Hitler and Mussolini both despised free-market capitalism. All of this is the antithesis of the American right. Donald Trump is the biggest capitalist to ever win the White House. To claim that Hitler and Mussolini were "far right" is ridiculous and incorrect.

  11. All republicans are secretly gay that's why they are so homophobic, because clearly they are scared we will figure it out

  12. Factually, you cannot claim Left or Right until you see which party is engaging in the actions of Nazism. Changing History, preventing freedom of speech, propagandism, racism, anti Semitism, etc., all displayed by the Democrats, is Nazism…..

  13. Hmmmm… Don't necessarily disagree with this video…. but I thought you'd make at least one argument or show at least some evidence.

  14. The only people who care are puritans who play association games. Nazis had welfare programs that Democrats wet their pants to get. Just like this wasn't what made the Nazis evil, supporting these programs doesn't give Democrats goodie-boy certificates.

  15. Hitler hated Stalin. He saw the communism coming from the east as a cancer. Hitler was very much a strong RIGHT-wing authoritarian. State above people.

  16. Those on the right that claim Nazis were leftist are fascists!!! They want to use the name and have no idea of the policies!

  17. Why would anybody claim that the Nazis and Hitler were left wing. They are fascists meaning right wing. Full stop!!! Why are these idiots changing history? Its what the Nazis did! The right wing! As for saying Hitler was a liberal. What you stupid or just dam thick!

  18. man, go and walk up to a full on nazi and tell him he is a socialist… then see how well that works out for you…

  19. These people base everything on the word "Socialist" in the Nazi party name. So, does that mean that the German Democratic Republic was democratic, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is?

  20. Wow, WaPo really just can't stop attacking Beto. I thought this was supposed to be called "Fact checkers?" Nazis did frequently call Jews, and other minority groups, infestations and use other similar rhetoric. While I get it might have been used to point out that this issue is not limited to the right, the information he said was much more correct than any other information used. Comparing "Nazis called minorities an infestation" to "Hitler was really a left-wing communist" is disingenuous and falls into the "both sides" trap.

  21. To call Nazism "RIght" or "Left" is really to give sanity to what was nothing but LUNACY; the hatred expressed by the Nazi party was just LUNACY dressed in the rhetoric of right wing ideology.

  22. Its like, sure the nazis murdered millions but they would never lie about their political agenda, jeez people

  23. Socialism isn’t just about more state control for the benefit of the masses,but it’s also a human brotherhood regardless of personal beliefs,ethnicity,sex, etc…nazis’s i.e far right,kkk,alt-right,neo-nazi etc are all about the individual…as long as they’re white,Protestant supremacists.

  24. Nazis didn't arrest socialists as you say, they arrested communists which is something different entirely. Also learn the political spectrum conservatives – progressive is not the same as right wing – left wing

  25. National Socialist Party. Please get this thru your heads. The left and right spectrum is totally incorrect when it comes to gauging Socialism, Authoritarianism, Communism, Anarchy etc. A better graph is like this:
    Communism, Authoritarianism, Dictatorship, Socialism(one one end)——————-the middle————————-Anarchy(on the other end)
    National Socialism is just an ugly sister to Communism. It is all about control and crushing the individual by placing the collective as the more important.

  26. Nazis were the champions of economic inequality, Social Darwinism, hyper-nationalism, and racism.
    Leftists (even those guilty serious crimes against humanity) championed economic equality, social leveling, internationalism, and interracial solidarity.

  27. Trump must be Tsar of the Zombie Claims then because he's absolutely full of such nonsensical rubbish.

  28. Socialist, class advocating people, advocating that conservative, who want no one with that power and then call us nazis. What a shame and this is disinformation at the finest!

  29. From what I have seen De Vos is one of many forces working (an that have long been working) to keep America dumb.

  30. Nazi, communist, socialist, fascist, markcist, liberal's, and NOW, the democratic party are all the same. They want centralized control/globalism. OOPS, I forgot, The RHINO'S ( Bush's, Romney/Mormanism, etc.)

  31. Nazis and socialists use the same tactics. Nazi = national socialists. Communists = international socialists. Both are fascists, worshippers of State.

  32. idk where Nazi lay on the political spectrum, but I've seen more modern extreme right marches who use Swastikas and share Nazi Morals. If the Nazis existed today, I doubt they'd be left wing

  33. "NAZI" was an American abbreviation for the National SOCIALIST German Worker's Party. SOCIALIST = LEFTIST now. He is half right.


  35. Washington Post gone nuts. The name socialism is in the name of Nazi itself, this news is the definition of mis information.
    During world war,
    Stop fake news

  36. Zombie claim? Why did nazi translate to national socialist? Because socialism is a core tenet of Nazism. Socialism is a leftist ideology. It sounds like an oxymoron but Nazism is a hyper conservative socialist ideology. More in line with modern day Chinese authoritarian communist government than Soviet Russian government. This video did nothing to define National Socialism in any way shape or form.

  37. hitler took over the Nazi party because it was socialist and he knew that socialists would be easier to manipulate and mold into a cult. he morphed the Nazis into a group that was neither right or left but into a party that fit his many delusional and misconstrued views.

  38. Anyone who has ever read much history knows Nazism is an off-shoot of fascism, which is a 2nd-generation Marxist reform movement, just like its often-contentious sister movement, communism. Anyone who doesn't know this is simply not well-read. Nazism, fascism, communism and socialism in general are all built on the original, basic tenets of socialism dating back to a knee-jerk reaction against the French Revolution which led to socialism's birth: the eroding of individual rights and the advocacy of a strong central government, essentially the opposite of classical liberalism.

  39. Nazismo é neutro pois Hitler pediu ajuda tanto para Stalin quanto para Churchill porém apenas um aceitou e ajudou a dominar a região nórdica para os alemães com o conluio da KGB e da SS.
    Hitler poderia ser contra e tomar atitudes contra porém o lado que que ele foi destinado foi em mais para a esquerda do que para a direita se não não teria sentido ele ter copiado os campos de contração e as propagandas soviéticas assim como Mussolini.

  40. Hey is missing Flávio Morgenstein's video from Senso Incomum youtube channel (the most important "proof")

  41. I like how this dumb broad doesn’t even mention the nazis or even the “left”policies

    Its a political spectrum and clearly the nazis were on the left how else would ur government even have enough power to go to war with all of Europe while at the same time exterminating millions of people no lassez fair or libertarian government would even be capable of doing such a thing

  42. So let me get your propaganda straight or maybe unravel it.. you're saying that only political parties on the right can be murderous? what about the Bolshwviks? And the Socialist, leftist USSR ? And communist leftist Mao?

  43. Nazi's were as socialist as the scandanavian nations are. Authoritarianism is not and cannot exist on the right. Early on fascism was well accepted as a leftist movement. American conservatism is like no other.

    Now, fascist economics are barely right of communism. Freedom only exists on the right. The further right you go the the closer to freedom you become. Not a single arguement made here for why it's right wing? Also nationalism is not at all left or right. Neither is populism. Both left and right governments can also be nationalists.

  44. Dinesh D'souza and Jonah Goldberg both have pushed this propaganda to American right wingers. It is outright historical revisionism to say Nazis were leftists. They were hard right fascists. Socialist as part of the party name was just a ploy to garner working class sympathizers. Why is it that conservative movements rely on lies and propaganda to advance their cause while the left just tells you straight up what it is they believe?

  45. Spoken like a true Nazi – one of the Nazi party's favorite tactics was to defame and isolate opposition groups, and Bolsonaro is running their playbook like he owns it.

  46. The Nazis began life as socialist, any person who paid attention in school knows this,. Btw, he killed democrats too.

  47. What does "Fact Checker" even mean anymore? Anyone can do 5 minutes of research and see right through this nonsense. "Fact Checker" is a new way to convince stupid people to look no further. And it works fantastically. If they "fact checked" that Trump murders babies, drowns puppies, and has dark black hair, you jackasses would sop it up and repeat it as fact while looking down on others as if they are the stupid ones.
    Nazism=Leftist movement
    National Fascist Party (Mussolini)= Right wing movement.

  48. Fools beleiving this tripe….Nazi were left wing. Policies were left wing, ideas were left wing…they wanted to control industry through the goverment, the socialist goal.

  49. The Germans were broke and hungry why not take what was given ….hmm…history repeating itself? Get real there's always a power grab happening

  50. Fascists, Nazis, communists and socialists are all cousins of the same family: thirst for power, centralism, the state has to interfere with the individual and the ends justify the means. The left drink from the same source so we say they are all from the same family: FANTASY. Unlike the right, conservatism is from another family:natural order and freedom REALITY.

  51. The WaPo video deliverd not one single relevant fact to convince me otherwise. So much for "fact checking".

  52. Nazis took the Dem position on Blacks and substituted 'Jew'. German, Italian and Russian letters from their leaders admired the Dem party and hated the Republicans. So it isn't a 'claim', but written evidence. While the evil Axis powers had different goals.. as every Nation or group does, these 3 did profess the Dem party best aligned with their own. It is entirely tiresome when parsing words about different models as if any Socialistic model is exactly like another.. not only is it impossible for a number of reasons but to get the Socialist movement going it is always claimed to be different, better, under a more competent regime.The only thing that matters is the outcomes, which might be said to be different.. at DIFFERENT TIMES… but end case, Socialism fails the society every time. All the gobbley gook talk beforehand doesn't change the end case results.But like most things in life, there are always new people end cases must be proven too.. even after facing peoples telling them how their Socialism end case sucked… and only the leaders prospered… there have never been any poor Socialist leaders, almost all became billionaires, almost all had to be killed to be removed from power, almost every single one sacrificed many, sometimes millions, to attain, keep and expand their power, willing to do anything.

  53. Washington Post says ''Nazism was not a leftist movement'' But at 1:03 you say it is a radical right wing group. So in short blame the Right for Nazism. Surely speaking Hitlers platform had more in common with the socialists than the right .Government contrroll of the state is a left wing Idea. There is no god only the Government is god. Mussolini was a socialist his brand of socialism was considered fascism, Hitler greatly admired Mussolini. Dismissing it as a rumor is simply a lazy argument. Socialists have been responsible for the worst human suffering in the last century since time began.

  54. Mussolini was a socialist his brand of socialism was considered fascism, Hitler greatly admired Mussolini. Socialists and communists have been responsible for the worst human suffering in the last century since time began.

  55. Na·zi


    Learn to pronounce




    a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

    What part of that says that it isn't Socialism? What party is pushing for Socialism? Your facts are WRONG in this case.

  56. Oh, nevermind, it is The Washington Post that made this, the most biased, communist owned piece of crap ever printed. A Clown owned newspaper.

  57. Then why did they call themselves Socialists? The power mongers were in competition with each other. He rounded up the Communists to gain power. Communism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fascism and all the great lies end up the same way. The ruling class over their slaves and a lot of mass graves for those who came to know the truth too late. The KKK was started by the Democrats. The public schools were taken over by Marxists decades ago and your ignorance of history is evidence of that. Read a book. History is being changed by those (Google) who want to control your mind and beliefs. History used to be told by the victors. If you are looking forward to a free ride, Socialism country, you have just agreed to being a slave. Good luck with that. Suggested reading: Red Star over Cuba.

  58. Remember : histroy is written by the victors
    And when they write it, they become heroes in their well made stories

  59. "Ich bin Sozialist, weil es mir unverständlich erscheint, eine Maschine mit Sorgfalt zu pflegen und zu behandeln, aber den edelsten Vertreter der Arbeit, den Menschen selbst, verkommen zu lassen." – Adolf Hitler 1935 in Dortmund

    Translation: "I'm socialist, because it seems to me incomprehensible, to maintain and treat a machine with care but to leave the finest representatives of the labour, the humans themselves to waste away."

  60. wash post,,Hillarys,and so many others,, hooker pole,better wipe it,,,with like a rag?better check killarys claims.while your dancing around her unwashable hooker post..look way over there,,,..factcheckers….or are ya waiting for your next post..pole straw.suck suck pay you…..lalalala…yep theres plenty of factcheckers in Russia to……..hahaha….bet ya get paid just for speeches to huh…..ahh the distractions are amazing are they not…..

  61. Too bad you didnt answered Donald Trump Jr.s main point:
    "If you compare TMZ to the nazi platform back then, they both look awfully similar."
    While everybody is bashing heads with accusations and history teachers tell kids how awful nazi propaganda was, the current media shamelessly imitate everything they can to make their own propaganda. This happens on both sides and none wants to talk about it, because its too good of a weapon to not use it…

  62. National Socialism, any person who has studied Nazism, Fascism and Socialism knows that they're a very similiar.
    Even Mussolini was a socialist before he created Fascism.

  63. Hitler wrote the book on Fascism and Conservatives call it Socialism. Communism of the 20th century resembles nothing like what Marx envisioned and conservatives claim this is the real Communism. I ask conservatives to argue their points not on the internet, but with their political science professors, but all I ever get is that, somehow, all professors or universities have a Liberal agenda, and therefore won’t agree with this fucked up view that Nazism is actually a leftist movement because of leftist bias.

    It’s like they know Nazism is the worst thing that ever happened, and now the Right is rewriting history to put the blame on the other side.

  64. You are correct socialism communism usually hand in hand. Capitalism is something else. But Amber made of Nazism, all these isms oh, that people can choose their own. This is my opinion

  65. That the Nazi's were leftist isn't a controversial claim at all. Read the history books, read Mein Kampf. But you won't because what you will find will go directly against your narrative. And we can't have that!

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