Boeing Airpower Teaming System: A smart unmanned team for global forces

when we talk about future of air power it's a system of systems approach of manned and unmanned systems a network operating together the air power teaming system is really redefining and helping us reimagine the art of the possible when it comes to unmanned fighter light capability smart teaming that's AI enabled it has a very flexible mission payload and set a center so you can snap on and snap off different sensors and capabilities to perform different missions it's designed to fly alongside and fight alongside other man's air pal of platforms being fighters tankers surveillance aircraft so naval insert more effectively be force projection assets and also to give them force protection in the future flight the air power teaming system provides disruptive air superiority really becomes a force multiplier this is going to deliver a tremendous excitement about how autonomy integrates with existing capability it's going to generate advancement and innovation in a number of areas advanced command and control communications unmanned Man teaming artificial intelligence trusted autonomy so we're we're on a journey with the Royal Australian Air Force so this is a great opportunity for our partners and ourselves to create a world-class capability and we're leveraging the power of the Boeing Company to deliver this unmatched capability this is what Boeing does we innovate

  1. Well done and there might be a collaboration with the Japanese company Bandai-Namco for this RAAF programme.

  2. Shame on you for murdering people in the 737 crashes. Boeing will always leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. Long long time ago, I predicted 6th gen. fighter jets will be unmanned powered. Just like this, drones support.

  4. We like to say unpeoplekind. 👍 I saw a Boeing video without any whamens in it yesterday. When did it become uncool to virtue signal Boeing?

  5. The system looks spot on, taking aero clues from past YF-23 program and taking it into a new level. Social weaponry…Well done. Now let's wait you use it for constitutional purposes, namely protecting US borders, and not for illegally invading foreign countries.
    My two cents

  6. Boeing's ability to deploy a solution as good as a Pilot is up in the air with the whole 737 max situation eh? Bugs downed civilian air liner, and we want the same creator controlling software that will define friend from foe in an armed conflict situation?

  7. Wow at last a talented lady at Boeing lifted my spirits. Can’t you move her over to getting this Max fix sorted the men don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. I wish more ladies would go into engineering its so male dominated and that in itself is not a good place to be
    Hopefully in my lifetime I can celebrate a Female CEO. At Boeing that’s my dream. I’m not even American I’m British I’d love the same at Airbus
    But with different countries making different parts for Airbus they would all want the CEO. From their country and would clash perhaps
    Anyway please get this Max fix sorted it’s so stressful. I just flew to Italy from Uk on Boeing 737. I worried about the wings but all was great not a problem things get blown up a bit I think because of Max🇺🇸🇬🇧👨‍✈️👩‍✈️🍀✈️

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