Blueprint for Affordability for Physician Groups

Oakland Southfield Physicians was formed back in 1986 by a small group of doctors. We’re one of the largest independent physician groups in the state and we cover an enormous stretch of southeastern Michigan. Blueprint is an amazing concept. This is a much better approach to how medical care should be given. Number one, the patients are going to get way better care way better monitoring. The doctors are not going to be paid by volume anymore. They are going to be paid by how well they take care of people. If you improve the care and how well that patient is doing you will benefit from that. From a financial perspective, it’s a fair way, it’s the fairest thing that’s ever been provided ’cause this is an earth-shattering change in how compensation isn and it’s the way of compensation always should have been. To me, blueprint is a win-win at the physician level, certainly at the patient level, but even the company itself will benefit from this.

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