Blue Communities: Help turn your community blue!

People across Canada and around the
world are increasingly living without access to clean drinking water or are
fighting to protect their local watersheds. Lakes and rivers are being
poisoned by industrial abuse. Big water corporations are trying to bottle,
privatize and profit from water. For too long too, many Indigenous peoples have
suffered from a lack of clean drinking water. And weak laws and government
mismanagement of water sources are further fueling the global water crisis.
But there’s a solution called the Blue Communities Project and it starts with
your local government. Your local government has an enormous impact on
water in your community. They control the water in and out of most homes. It’s easy
to organize a critical mass in your community. Access members of your local council and we can provide all the resources you need to succeed. A Blue
Community is a community that does three simple things: It recognizes the human rights to water and sanitation – this ensures all
residents have clean, affordable water. A Blue Community eliminates bottled water
at municipal facilities and events and promotes the use of tap water instead.
And a Blue Community says NO to the privatization of water services – this
keeps water and sewage treatment in public hands. Blue Communities is a
global movement with deep roots in Canada – where there are now more than a dozen Blue Communities with more springing up all the time.
Blue Communities can include cities, towns, Indigenous nations, faith-based
groups, and even schools. Are you ready to help turn your
community blue?

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