Bloomsburg HS Demo Course for Luzerne County Community College

Welcome to Luzerne County Community
College and online learning. This demonstration course will familiarize
you with LCCs learning management system Blackboard Learn as well as any other
course management systems you may need to use. The first thing you’re going to
see when you log in to Blackboard Learn is the main dashboard.Your name will
appear in the upper right-hand corner For the purposes of this demonstration
course it just says bloom demo. You will see a tools section and you will also
see announcements. The announcements are system-wide announcements. To review any
course related announcements you would look under the my announcements
page. I’d also like to point out to you that blackboard offers a student app and
this is a very useful tool to download to any phone or device and it allows you
to stay on top of your work check due dates and so on. To enter your
courses you’ll look under my courses. This course is entitled Bloomsburg demo
course. Any courses you are registered will be listed here. To enter your
courses you will simply click on the course. When you enter the course you’re
going to see a main menu. Your course title will be listed here. And again you
could check any course related announcements. You should also look for
something titled getting started, welcome or introduction. So this is titled
getting started. When you click on that in the main menu you’ll see a
list of folders. And what you’re going to want to do is begin going through the
folders. You’ll open it up begin to read through the information and mark them as
reviewed. You’ll go back to the main menu to
go into the other folders and you’ll see a distance education Survival Guide. This
is a PDF and you can open that up and download that or you can scroll to read
it on your computer. When you’re finished reading that you’ll go back to the
getting started main menu and mark that as reviewed. The next folder is
introduction to online learning and you’ll see there’s a video here entitled
“introduction to online learning.” it’s about ten minutes and it gives some very
very good tips on how to be a successful online learner.The next is a sample
course syllabus for psychology 103 Introduction to Psychology. This will
give you a very good idea of what’s expected in an online class. To go back
to the getting started folder go to your main menu make sure you mark it as
reviewed and then click on “Meet an Online Professor.” This is a video
from one of our online professors, Ms. Karen Droms. She talks a lot about what
is expected of you as a student in an online class. Mr. Nester is going to
continue on and go through course content. I am Joseph Nestor, instructional
Designer at Luzerne County Community College. AnnSaxon has already gone
through several top-level course menu items with you. Next I’m going to take
you through some of your course content including access to your lessons,
discussion board posts, and assignments. Once you’ve reviewed the content that
Ann has already covered including the Blackboard overview, the announcements
section, and the getting started section, the next thing you’ll want to do is take
a look at the menu item called course content.
In some cases this may be called something completely different. It could
be labeled by chapter, it could be on a timeline and listed as something such as
week 1, or it might be called something altogether different. It all depends on
how your instructor has set up their course. Don’t be afraid to look around at
the course menu you’re not going to break anything here. Let’s take a look at
the course menu itself. When you click on this it’s going to open up into several
subfolders. For this course in this case each subfolder is labeled lessons 1
through 6 Let’s take a look at the first lesson. Go
ahead and click on that and the folder opens up into a learning
module. The learning module features a table of contents right here left-hand side.
This gives you an overview of each topic or category that’s covered in this
particular learning module. In this case you can see that there are five
different topics or categories covered in lesson one. Take some time to read
through each one. Once you finish the topic you’re gonna see that there are a
series of controls that will take you to the next item in the lesson so you can
click right here or off to the right hand side. But that’ll take you to the
next item in that particular lesson. Once you’ve finished up with a lesson you can
either click on the breadcrumb menu just right here for course content or just
click back on course content on the left-hand side. That takes us back to
the top level here for our course content. Once you’ve finished up all of the items listed here under your course content,
next thing that we want to take a look at are the discussions. Go ahead and click on
this. This may have a slightly different name or location in your online class
but the method that you’re going to use to post is going to remain the same. Click on that discussion menu item for this class you’re going to see two
different topics listed here. We have online learning and online learning vs.
classroom classes. Click on the question that you want to review or provide an
answer for. If I click on the left hand side on the words “online learning”
this is going to take me to a list of all of the previous responses to this
particular discussion board post. If I go ahead and click on one of these I also
have the option here to reply to that particular posting. Once this comes up
again go ahead and click my reply message. Once I’ve provided my response here I can click on submit. And now you can see
the discussion thread listed again. Same thing here that we took a look at what
the breadcrumb menu. You can either click here up on the top left-hand corner or
if you click back on discussions this method that will make you click back to
the original question in order to see your responses. Now one of the other
things that you can do here is just take a look at each individual responses by
clicking on either replies or unread posts here on the right-hand side as
well. So if I go ahead and click on this this brings up a listing again of all of
the individual postings so if you just want to come in here and either quickly
respond to or just review any of the previous discussions you can do so from
that view. Going back here to the top level to “Online learning” if
I want to go ahead and create a new thread or new posting just click on
create thread and provide your message topic and any background information
that you want to apply. Click on submit once you are finished. The last
section that we’re going to take a look at here is called assessments on the
course menu. Click on the assessments folder, once again this could
be named something different like “assignments” depending on what your
instructor has set up. For this particular class we’ve provided two
separate assessments for you guys. The first of which is online learning
101 assignment. When you click on this one it’s going to ask you to
provide…it’s going to ask you or it’s going to provide you
with a set of instructions. For this one you would open up a Microsoft Word
document. Go ahead and type in your response within the Microsoft Word document saving your work using the naming convention that’s
listed here. Again most instructors will have some type of naming convention that
you’ll need to provide for your assignments so we want to kind of
prepare you for that. Once you’re finished, down here in
the “attach files” section you’re going to browse out to the location where you’ve
saved your file then click on submit to submit the assignment. You can also again
click on the breadcrumbs menu or simply click back here and the assessments tab. There’s also a distance education readiness test that you can take. A multiple-choice test again giving you some idea of what you would typically

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