Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

  1. Allah’s help to the Muslims against their disbelieving enemies who wage war on them is something real and true. Allah, may He be exalted, has promised that to the believers, and has told them that it is near, and that He only delays it for certain significant reasons. The one who has strong faith and true certainty will realise that it is indeed near as the Lord, may He be exalted, has told us.

  2. Religion is the core problem they are using to divide Africa in order to steal their resources… All Africa countries are rich with natural resources but yet very poor compared to standard of living!

  3. We the world should be ashamed this is still happening . They fair trade . Yea suits the rich ..fair trade is just another legal way of saying slavery . If I'm wrong why do we .all paybsp much for gold and diamonds yet these poor people are dying. And starving still. . Call it what you want .

  4. Allah is with Us Dont Worry my Ummah Brothers…..The Day for Non Believers… Coming and will be Vanished from this Earth…

  5. Muhammad lies to you over 1000 years and you still believe in any shit in that fucking koran.this people not jist wrong they were stupid.muhammad cover his disgusting habit with the religion he create and fool a lot of people.

  6. Killing In the name of religion is vile and needs to be stopped but vice is hell bent on showing Muslims as the pious sinless victims while Christians are to blamed for everything And didn't suffer at all.

  7. Oh dear children of MaMa AfriKA when. Will you all wake up and stop making yourselves. Look like complete ediots to the rest of the world. You are fighting and killing each other for crumbs. While the ones who buy your resources for cheap. Go around the world selling it for a arm and leg (billions) . This trade is not benefiting you all in no type of way. All I see in this video is harsh conditions. You all need to take a long look in a mirror and do. Some soul searching because you all are extremly unaware and lost.

  8. Balaka or anti bakaka, Christian or Muslims… If you dig deep France is all this violence and killing in Central African Republic.

  9. This is nothing but BS propaganda portraying Christians as thugs. You cant be Christian and be a thug. Islam like Boko haram have committed genocide against Christians.

  10. These people live such a fucked up life for god sake they feed their families termites and sparrows.
    A fucking sparrow??? So Fucking sad that children have to grow up like this

  11. 7:39 For those not informed that little shitty stone is worth $3 at most. 2mm cut and polished diamonds this size (SI1/G) are sold by dealers for $8 per piece. Old man is full of shit and trying to score a deal.

  12. Sad how they fighting over things imported on them before Islam and Christianity people had their own beliefs and they coexisted this is the same situation in Camerouni people killing each other over foreign languages

  13. We're suppose to be Rich coz we produce minerals throughout the Continent yet we suffer like Hell {God Bless Africa}

  14. some of them look like Mohammad and act like Mohammad..dressed like Mohammad and walk like Mohammad..
    where is copy of jejus .. dont be christen but just follow path of Jesus and this world will be peaceful…couse Jesus naver killed anyone.. stay away from sin just like Jesus

  15. It's unimaginable that Muslims are not even 10% of this nations population and were actually dominating the trade in the country.
    The same happened with idi Amin in Uganda.

  16. Dear Christian they way u guys are killing muslims isn't right…I'm also a Christian…bible says do not commit killing…dnt you know the 10 commandment
    You guys are doing wrong..why dnt you use a word as a Christian to find oeace

  17. The biggest problem is we kept all our gudness to arab sheikhs.
    They dnt care abt muslims and we are divided.
    Nobody is supporting these innocent muslim victims.
    No 1 is talking abt this bloodshed..
    Humanity is dying

  18. 4:27 "They killed his whole family"

    4:32 this is how his brother's head look like.

    5:05 "They made it in front of him"

    5:08 The guy is shocked, he isn't able to talk

    5:12 "Why was he targeted?"
    "Because he's a Muslim"

    Why? Why are there people like these?

  19. The craze for getting 72 virgins with big breasts from Allah turns muhammadans into murderers, they want to please Allah by finishing off non Muslims. .

  20. Tolerance and kindness are considered as weaknesses by islamists. .so no mercy else they will slaughter you all to obtain 72 virgins from Allah. ..

  21. all religions need to wiped from the earth. Blight to humanity since the dawn of man. Having said that, some blights are bigger then others and Islam is most certainly the biggest blight by far.

  22. the Un and E U are evil globalists they want depopulation of 90 % of us… you know just a few million servants for the elite well merkle you days are numbered you evil woman

  23. Think of who BUYS diamonds. The average middle class and poor americans cant afford to buy fine diamonds. Cheap, flawed small diamonds maybe. Only the rich and elite have the spendable cash to buy good diamonds.

  24. I forgot to post this too (if you want too know the real reason):

  25. Oh my lord our brothers and sisters in both the DRC and CRC..May the creator unite them and find better solutions to work together..

  26. First of all, how do you hate someone from freeing you from a corrupt government, talk about ungratefulness, then you kill your brothers because of gold/diamonds??? Where did commonsense go??Killing someone's family right before his/her leads to trauma, next thing we know is that he joins Al Qaeda or Boko Haram to get his revenge, people need to consider the consequences of their actions before doing them, like those people who shamelessly took responsibility for killing his family, had it been me, I would actually kill them one by one without any remorse

  27. how come they are still poor? all the diamonds and gold is worthless if their life is still in bad shape.

    God does not want to kill please stop killing. Just stop the trade with them if they are bad trade thats proper way to deal with it.

  28. Without any reasone fight to muslim's please go back don't wake up
    And don't angry the muslim's more .
    Because you don't know when muslim's start fight then you does not live anymore .

  29. The darkest blight on Mankind is tribalism and religion. The two go hand in hand and wherever either exists, there is violence and terror.

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