BLM Finally Honest, Admits It Wants to Steal All White Peoples' Homes and is Communism

  1. I'm pleased to finally hear someone else state plainly that "a crime is a crime is a crime, regardless of the motive." Thank you!

  2. I thought this BLM shit petered out, you never hear about it in the mainstream anymore, now its all just trump. Truth is at the peak of slavery in America 70% of whites did not own slaves and the majority of those who did mainly just owned one or two house workers. Plantation owners were like 1% or 2%. I was in Baltimore during the Freddy Grey riots, the epicenter of this reverse racism orgy, and on a college campus no less. It was then that I realized black and white relationships would never improve no matter what was done.

  3. Lmao we have Authoritarian socialism? Lmao a country with free commerce, free enterprise, free trade, and private property, is socialist? It's not like actual socialist places abolish all of those or anything. Lol

  4. Black and white mix like oil and water. The have radically different values. The more distance the better.

  5. blm is like the African american version of the old ku klux klan you dont have to take my word for it i say we are all human it doesnt matter if your black mexican or white etc we all human beings thats all that matters

  6. A truck of pickles? She should have, at least, gone for a truck full of sneakers. I heard Air Jordans were to die/kill for.

  7. The more I listen to you the more impressed I am with your delivery. Watch out Milo , you´ve got genuine competition !

  8. styx you are a badass mfr….i stand in awe… really like to see you run for president after trumps 8 yrs…im not even joking in the slightest… speak nothing but the unbiased truth….id give nearly anything just to hear you speak nonstop

  9. "Hate" must be allowed to factor in aentencing, however, as we always take aggravating factors into account there.

  10. those n**** will vote for us for the next 200 years. lyndon bat-shit-for-brains (and a racist) johnson

  11. There is a sheriff here on youtube that has explained that the so-called drug problem and the so-called war on drugs came into existence and was created by the same people(the police) at the very same moment. I have to say not all police, just whatever passes as vice squad, and it's about the money.

  12. My lack of $ isn't the result of Trump's excess of $ just like Trump's excess of $ is not the result of my lack of $. Libertarian and above recreational drinker! Gotta slash the tax… Get rid of that monopoly!

  13. Moron is you… Man don't you ever shut the fuck up… On and on.. If everything is so bad,,, go to another country… Its like a dog barking at a tree…. I find it very hard to listen to you,, its irritating at best… Your a fucking cry baby… You go on about all the things wrong with everything,,. No shit sherlock,, most know shit is fucked up… Don't need another assjack to remind everyone… I think you just like to hear your self talk… Muff.

  14. All the arguments and truth is on our side but they only respond with violence and white flight has no where left to retreat. I agree the government does facilitate this but it's important to remember who is controlling the government. Along with the banks and the media for that matter. They who must not be named.

  15. Sorry it was some politician who promised that. Like they promise us all lots of shit and then quickly forget about it! In short they Lied. Probably for votes.

  16. Handgun laws leave law abiding citizens defenseless (like in D.C. and Chicago). The violent crime rate went up.

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