Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters (Social Experiment)

what's up guys I'm Joey salads and today I'm gonna be doing a social experiment I'm gonna be in a white neighborhood holding up a black lives matter sign then I'm gonna go to a black neighborhood and hold up an all lives matter sign let's compare and contrast how people react differently hey you guys support black lives matter no is it yes or no I need to know it was a laugh I'll take that as a no you support black lives matter do you my all lives you support lives of the world support black lives matter you support all lives matter you support black lives matter you do yep old lights matter all lives matter do you think this is bad that it's just black lives and not all lives as its own it's harder to come together as groups do you think it's you think it should say all lives matter but you do should poor black waters everyone should just be equal there's a life human life matters not just not just color right you support black lives matter no you support black lives matter you support black lives matter you say black lives matter yeah you support black lives matter sir no why not okay he says he thinks they're all fake here's the thing right now people they may not support the cause but they're they're not getting aggressive there what I've noticed is that through people what they were talking when they were saying to me when they were walking by that they don't want to support them because it's segregating black people into its own specific group they want it to be all lives matter because they support all lives tomatoes in seem racist to not support black lives matter and just to support all lives matter by the way these people are talking and what they're saying to me so well don't don't segregate yourself into a group into groups everyone role people people's lives matter all lives matter that's what that's what I got from this right now all lives matter all lives matter come on all that matter all lives matter every every life you read do you agree what this says all lives matter what's the big deal how'd it taste so what you said black lives no ma'am I'm saying every life matters all those black lives what's wrong with that which is coming with those all lives matter all lives matter now all lives matter huh fuck out in with that bullshit what's wrong it's chilling because every fucking day yet but fuck that dude all eyes matter you you support all lives matter save you a bit that's not what you mean crazy Stacey that sound boy's gonna be a problem post about it don't you think I'm dangerous for me to value oh yeah who do you think they're gonna do yeah are you threatening me or you tell me bro you're not even best you looking out for me yeah it's crazy out here all right thank you is look looking out for me see someone coming whole lives mad at bro this guy as you can see black people got really emotional when I held up at all lives matter sign and in white neighborhoods people didn't care too much when I held up a black lives matter sign comment below why you think this is like this I'm Joey salads and thanks for watching

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  2. My mom's from the Philippines. She's filipino, puerto rican and spaniard.
    My dad's from America. He's black, suiox, black foot, and french.

    I grew up on the black side of town, white side of town, and a melting pot of different cultures. I'm not special and nobody else is either. All lives don't matter. Good lives matter. Good doesn't destinguish a color, race, religion, or culture. It's either you're good, or not.

  3. I love everyone but why do Black ppl look to start something, when it says all lives matter that includes you, you moron

  4. Hey, BLM….you could learn something from Joey here. No one is segregating more than you at this point. Get it right or stop complaining because at this point your making your own bed but complaining about laying in it. BTW Joey I subbed. This video may be old but its all I need to see on your channel to help support you. Good job and God bless you, sir. You are a good man. Stay the course!

  5. The blacks were upset about that because they have been through a lot in this world so, it is not that they don't support all lives matter, it's because they have been through a lot of suffering. Btw all lives matter and black lives matter are kind of the same thing. Because everyone has a life.

  6. You could’ve went to a store front as well as you did in the White people neighborhood, but you went to the hood, on the side of the road???!!

  7. What is wrong with then u said all lives matter means that ur life matters too then why are u doing this i just now i can understand why my grand parents hate black people

  8. 2:40 is why some people make difference between white and black .. all lives matter

  9. I feel like it’s like this because at that time we were being affected, not saying no other race was but we were standing up for ourselves. Yes all lives do matter, but we did this movement because of the way we were being treated ( please no hate, that’s just my opinion on the situation)

  10. All lives matter, no matter where you come from, what your race is, or what your skin looks like, or how you dress.

  11. As long as you in the USA whites are Europeans blacks are Africans not indigenous to the USA.

    I'm native American and I wanted to type native lives matter the most we are from this country unlike these two races of people

  12. I’m mixed race but are black people stupid enough not to realise all lives matter includes them? The stupidity in this world.

  13. I thought that ppl made it clear why ppl say black lives matter. The movement is pretty much saying if all lives matter why are blacks getting kilt on average by the police disproportionately (based on populations and us being a small fraction ) . In this system white ppl can go shopping clueless and unaffected and not think about the struggles blacks get simply for living in America. The guy tells u why he’s mad he says police are killing US. And you to cover up and turn a blind eye to the statistical fact of disproportionately killing black men by saying all lives matter …black lives matter means that black lives matter as much as everybody else!!! But we not even given the respect of other ppl listening to that message (who wouldn’t be mad if that was your reality or chose to mentally accept that thought)

  14. I believe that all lives matter but I hate when somebody says black lives matter and somebody says all lives matter they never said the rest of the lives don't matter and trust me I've seen it alot. it's as if on the sign they see " only black lives matter"

  15. racism has no colour… racism is soulless. we are all humans, and colour of skin makes no matter in human worth whatsoever.

    The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have in life.

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