Black Label Society - Stoned And Drunk (Live Madhouse Paris)

what's up you guys welcome back to my channel up next you guys we got Black Label Society and drug know-how rectal black late society Zac attracted to him it was a think like rainy days or something they did like a cover 2 or whatever but it was like horse faces and stuff so it was different I'm pretty sure this is gonna be way different than that so this black life society's wasn't donated because the video don't you because what are you guys like Carl I do believe you guys you guys are frickin awesome live at madhouse Paris so let's get it to you guys my first time adding to them alive look at the face he's getting ready definitely ham baby [Applause] looking for good [Applause] [Applause] Oh from party animal [Applause] [Applause] persistent violence [Applause] [Applause] this is blacked out the crowd is going everything oh yeah [Applause] Wow are they badasses or not Oh that is crazy what did they just do with the guitars so I just got in trouble [Applause] popping pills banging girls Oh so this is basically the fans are always awesome duh so this is basically about like a rock star life how what we do oh my gosh so this is basically about a rock star life getting drunk blacking out getting high being a party animal Yolo you only live once moto so this is Black Label Society stoned and drunk stoned and drunk live at mad house pairs let me know how you guys feel few guys wonders channel smite but hit that rub you guys show me love others show them love shoutouts a car once again for donated a chance you guys wonder at each other look at me down are scripture but you guys are down how it gets all your requests so put them down below let's go

  1. I seen him in Tampa. He’s just about as metal as it gets . He’s an amazing guitar player. Check out fire it up by him. 🤟

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