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hey I'm going to talk about capitalism materialistic humans selfish read corporate greed occupy and all that I live in New York City a tenant some of the Occupy work for companies that make over nine hundred million a year airline industry which I might agree in and just might talk about greed for a moment most people I have little sympathy for when they have excess they don't donate as I do nearly all my extra income they buy a Hummer or bigger house and then when they lose their job or something then they cry that they're poor because they can't make ends meet well you should have live below your means and saved during that time you don't need to have a bigger house just good to have more money so yeah mostly greedy most are either go to Times Square quote that's prefer and leather industries in there they're all have three shopping bags in their hand so I'm library travelers and tourists are so materialistic buying so much prep that just builds our landfills in the future toys and other nonsense where we are materialistic society wake up for like Paris Hilton and all these idiots we should be criticizing them for waste and Bernie Madoff type people who are buying $10,000 silverware sets cut up their gin turkey or bird whatever anyways uh yeah anything you have girls walking around and high heels trying to impress people very shallow people trying to dogs trying to impress people with their stereo system and their fancy cars just it's just ridiculous while other people starve they have a nice car so just find it pretty selfish shallow immature of adults who are greedy like that some say the company they work hard for their money actually people at the bottom level making last at work the hardest usually it's kind of Nike they use like sweatshop child labor pay them a dollar and they're making millions of dollars a year so Wow some of this things that companies do is legal it's immoral you live in like kings well other people struggle to get by breaking their backs so I've held jobs from all different calibers from mid range to lower what I do have a better when I had better jobs I don't need it a lot and other times it work harder barely to get by so but we all hold responsibilities most are greedy I don't feel sorry and that for being Pope when they're poor because they don't think of others anyways think before you buy that next to leather coat or coat that the dead animal on your plate takes more resources the government shouldn't be subsidizing that industry neither keep the prices down there's no reason why bag of letters costs more than probably just more labors and to take spend more resources so look up meet video comm factory funds lobbyists manipulate our system so well corporations are greedy so most of you and help human population control as Bob Barker says have yourself spayed or neutered too

  1. Don't blame the ppl blame your government…and ppl who are poor and starving in America is their fault and ppl who have things is because they worked hard for their money and feel they deserve something good

  2. People are rising and protesting for all kinds of change, tainted Capitalism and false Democracy. People are rejecting all the rhetoric of “State Rights” and fight to protect “Individual Rights" instead. This is what makes us Americans. This movement is going to mature and flourish because the whole world is listening!! mazal bueno. good luck.

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