1. shai are useful for the people that dont have a fairy lmao
    and wtf is a manah
    raciest white people cant even say mana correctly lmao

  2. meyby they will make too a Boy version of support char. 😊
    Its not cool to they add more interesting classes as a womans 😞

  3. It's a good class if your into playing little girls. You should also get some help if you decide to play this class. I mean u should get some help period if you even reach lvl 63 in this game grinding 8 hours a day lol.

  4. Hmm so i came back to BDO after 3 years just recently 6 days back in enjoying it more than its initial release in 2016….WIzard at 50 (still leveling and lifeskilling more) and a mystic at 26 however, with the introduction to Shai does this mean the devs maybe considering bringing in more PvE focused content like dungeons and raids? If anything the PvP scene seems like it needs more of a battleground style system since karma punishment killed alot of the PvP.

  5. Cool thing about playing Support is that you can walk around any farming zone and get asked for help and heals instead of flags and fights. Ganking a Support is snatching them up into your party. Regardless of how the majority of people currently play the game there will always be those who would like to play it differently. The best part is that YOU DONT HAVE TO PLAY IT ANY SPECIFIC WAY :3 so instead of being negative about a class you think is a waste, how about being positive because it adds another layer of diversity to the game <3

  6. Suddenly her awakening is a flute, that have a lot of cc, not single target cc, but area cc with super armor while casting, increasing ap,dp,attspeed,movspeed,castspeed,heal,debuff for enemy,cooldown reduction,regeneration,damage reduction,accurasy reduction,crit rat buff, and more. Node war will be a easy if you had her in your side

  7. Her awakening weapon is a lute instrument. It gives her a lot of AoE healing and debuff/buffing abilities. Node wars/PvP and PvE about to change. This class is about to change how BDO, in general, is played for single and group-based players.

  8. Took em what? 5 years to make a support class? tells you where their priorities have been at (trash PVP).

  9. I always mained the healing classes in mmo's. I own BDO but I never really got into it. I might give it another shot now though. Im not really a fan of being tiny so I hope I can make her a little taller lol

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