BJJ Root Community: Adailton UAE Coach ( Guard Pass + Submission from side Control )

Welcome to BJJ Root Community, so i’m here with Adailton today
he’s gonna show to you guys one of the best pass he has been doing here in President Guard,
we have more than 400 coaches in UAE I would like to bring those techniques
from each coach to help you guys improve your game let’s go for the first
technique today, okay guys put pressure on his leg and walk to the side, pushing his leg and walking towards his hip I will put this pressure and enter with
my knee behind of his leg, my under hook come under his head, under hook under his arm
put the leg inside between his legs i’m gonna open his leg them some sprawl put my hip low pass one leg over and the second leg over and I got the mount
position so that was the first technique of the day
so if you’d like to see the next technique that he is going to show sign
up in the next video and subscribe leave a comment and tell us if you like this
technique or if you would like to see any others techniques from our coaches from UAE
ok thank you

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