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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 718 2019 strong hand yeah it’s November 18th when you’re when
you’re watching this November 18th where I am this is the part two of the show
that got cut off yesterday was hilarious five-digit realm valor wealth and
bitcoin apex prayer offended by selling conviction now let me tell you about
some conviction so ah I got that I wanted to try out something new did the
show outside the internet connection he’s incredibly fast the free Wi-Fi here
in Adelaide but it just if YouTube wasn’t having it it cut me off like two
or three times and then the third time it would not reconnect even though the
it even though the connection was really fast I don’t know the whole thing I
don’t know the whole internet versus YouTube drama how what happened
hey but I got you that show it got cut off and now I’m bringing you part two of
that show now probably since then the Bobby Lee thing has come out a watch all
my old shows disrupt meister comm follow me on twitter at tech Balt i am in
motion if i got to do a show outside i got to do a shot outside if for the next
eight days that I’m here in Australia I got to do these shows taped but I got
doing tape we roll with the punches that’s what being in motion is about
it’s what being productive is about I compete I don’t complain baby and so
things happen hey I make the most of it and that show part one this show was
freaking hilarious it is linked it’s linked to below I’m
rambling on about a bus driving by me and stuff it is it’s high energy and
that’s pure me that’s I know alcohol or drugs or anything all natural in a
fasted system that’s the kind of energy I can bring to
the table baby and it’s all it’s about being healthy and happy baby so I people
usually default to think if someone’s got energy they but they must be taking
some performance enhancers but nope nope I’m loving life that’s that’s what it’s
about so be in motion maybe that’ll inspire some people maybe this will
inspire some people with enough for me to you the second one that no doubt is
being uploaded outside in the middle of the night conviction okay found that
like button so let’s continue on from part one something that was a left out
of the show oh thank you planet Musk vlog for the super chat for the $5 man
thank you very much for the support thanks for everyone best support you
guys free support you just retweeted on Twitter just spread the word about these
shows you’ve been so a take away from the previous show was you fight an
unfriendly fork with a friendly fork if you know an unfriendly fork is coming
someone should do with friendly fork it’s just gonna be like that unfriendly
fork watch the part one of the show to learn
more about that I mentioned be hacks the ego coin as being airdrop the people
eventually I just want to clarify a snapshot date is December 2nd of that
crypto dividend who knows when the claiming neck mechanism will be live ok
but I’ll tell you when I hear you can claim it and we’ll all claim it and
we’ll sell it and get more Bitcoin Thank You mr. ego coin comment like
button so I want to clarify that again December 2nd that’s the snapshot date
who knows when you’re gonna be able to claim it maybe they’ll they’ll reveal
that so we will move to an article in Forbes perhaps Google will kill Bitcoin
after all of the clipping ooh the clip now the funny thing is I
already talked about Google being a bank does this that’s what this is about or
Google helping a bank and I wish Google well I think Google should be able to be
a bank I think Google should be able to print their own money and so that shows
in the archives the recent probably gets linked to below but it’s
yet another flawed obituary article here now Google in partnership with the US
banking giant Citigroup a little sooner group scares there I mean most of you
guys gets when you see my shirt that says BTC with the Citigroup symbol like
think it’s a conspiracy so many people are so freaked out it’s just a freaking
bag dues but anyway banking giant see who have said it’s planning don’t
pedestal them don’t pedestal has said it’s planning to launch its own fully
fledged smart checking bank accounts via google pay pressure on Bitcoin
developers of piling pressure on Bitcoin developers to improve user experience
and adoption or face redundancy yep it’s up there’s no pressure on Bitcoin
developers because Google is going to make your checking account that City
more efficient or searchable I mean again you’re getting checking accounts
the savings accounts uh confused yeah Google’s involved with the checking
account bitcoin is the best savings account ever known to man so what this
article means to me or what the news means to me because the article is just
click big fun saying oh we should be scared of what Google’s doing with City
that will put pressure on Bitcoin it will kill break points it’s nonsense
it’s absolutely nonsense we’re one step closer they won’t they’ll have they’ll
get this then they’re one step closer either being their own bank either be no
payment system being their own cryptocurrency being with it with their
their their playing the long game ok they’re playing the long game and I wish
them well and I hope that you come up there on Google coin but it’s about
competing not complaining bitcoin without peace is not centralized around
a company like Google is it will continue to be all centralized
competitors I am fully confident big point it competes it doesn’t complain
let bring on more and more competition and of course Google coin will get more
people into big coin in long run and and by the way these whatever Google
is doing for city whatever technology it’s to make the your account more
efficient over there that can be implemented on your uh on your wallet
also probably on your Bitcoin quality it could be it could be incorporated on on
the Bitcoin the technology that Google is lending to to Citigroup I’m sure it
could be somehow someone could make a big point product out of it also it’s
this is not something it’s gonna why would he kill a big like it’s just
another disobey qre will look back and smile at just like at the other other
250 point obituaries that are out there but hey just in case you guys have a
weekend one so just reaffirm your get your reaffirm your belief in Bitcoin
there get your hands strong all right litecoin foundation email me again and
they just won’t stop they will not stop litecoin this is the title of the email
litecoin interest income the gift that keeps on giving litecoin foundation plus Celsius network
don’t leave your litecoin out in the cold this winter I mean that sounds I
think of that thing I inter vet them saying don’t put your light coin in the
cold storage don’t put it on a trans or treat yourself to interest income you
deserve and start earning up to 10% annually on your light point so they’re
encouraging this behavior that is not good it’s in the long run lending if
you’re getting used to lending out you’re loaning out your cryptocurrency
to a third party to get interest then that’s not the best practice that’s a
worst practice best practice is if God forbid you hold white coin you put it on
your Tresor well the best thing you can do if you
hold like when you turn in the Bitcoin and then you put the Bitcoin on your
trizol or your other whatever hardware storage device you may have but these
guys the litecoin foundation that they they must really love Celsius Network or
have some I guess this is an advertise LCS networks paid for this I I’m not
gonna speculate on that when I’m just I’m just going to remind everyone that
if you think this is good for you if you think well it’s time to turn my my fifty
dollars worth of Bitcoin into fifty dollars with a light coin and then at
the end of the day it’s gonna be worth at the end of the year it’s gonna be
worth fifty five dollars oh wow five you know I got my 10% return meanwhile you
know big Bitcoin will be very well could it very well probably will in terms of
it will go up in value to an extent where you are losing because you value
your wealth and litecoin and dollars instead of valuing roughen Bitcoin that
it just would’ve been smarter to hold your Bitcoin is now your Bitcoin that
$50 worth of Bitcoin is a heck of worth a lot a heck of a lot more than that
litecoin holding plus the 10% leg point interest that you got you got to think
in a let you got to get your head in a Bitcoin mindset value within Bitcoin
it’s a mindset it is a way of life it’s just it keeps you holding that Bitcoin
speaking about traceur these dudes are pretty honest they are very honest they
have a disclosure about a details of the multi-sig change-of-address issue and
it’s mitigation I link to it below it didn’t affect anyone know no one took
advantage of the situation but they had an issue they disclosed it because their
public about everything that’s great I respect them for doing that it’s linked
to below alright disrupt don’t ask permission that is about
that’s you know you’re an innovator you’re in motion you’re not asking
permission and so I wanna for all the people out there they’re like oh people
aren’t allowed to fork off a Bitcoin they don’t need to ask permission
encrypt of dividends don’t need to ask permission and if you wouldn’t make an
off point you don’t have to ask permission you don’t need my approval
because again I think all points what I love ties them if you’re making an all
point just make it a crypto dividend a big point that’s the best thing so I can
I can become richer off you and holders can become even stronger have stronger
hands okay I the the art of holding Bitcoin is one of the most important
practices in all of cryptocurrency so anything that promotes that
I’m four okay and creating cryptid to creating alt coins that are just Forks a
big coin that encourage people to use these alt coins as interest on their
Bitcoin crypto dividends well that ain’t that encourages holding to a great
degree there so I I want to bring up let’s talk about be private here we
haven’t talked about to be private was a a crazy crypt of dividend of a Bitcoin
and Z classic and the idea came from a guy named Rhett who has been vilified
incredibly people call him an idiot even though he went to MIT and is smarter
than most everyone watching the show or anyone even dreaming of watching this
show his degree was in something with munition or something or other from MIT
okay besides besides him being incredibly smart people calling him
stupid and looking like complete buffoons by calling him stupid I I don’t
vilify the guy did he manage be private well no he didn’t manage the situation
well and get in on exchanges but he came up with an incredibly original idea the
whole spork idea was incredibly original incredibly incredibly incredibly
original so that can’t be forgotten that can’t be forgotten but because of
all the drama and because he didn’t get no exchange or only on in a proper time
and there was corruption over there people all sorts of nonsense ended up
happening over the private side people still you know they’re gonna hate on him
they’re gonna hate on it and there is a guy over there that I’ve had on the show
named big day takers and he is truly I he’s went down with that ship over there
he’s a respectable guy and he’s worked all marathon that project over there for
quite some time it’s it’s worth very little now and he has come up because
he’s worked on that project he has contributed to the overall Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency community when he revealed the corruption and hit BTC an
on a why anyone would keep their precious anything over there is beyond
my but but they hit BTC tried to blackmail
and they lied about the private it was around the time that be private had any
but they get they had a coin burn now I’m saying all of this because now big
day makers who I respect his anonymous man says he had a tweet and I actually
retweeted it it’s gonna be linked to below hopefully I actually didn’t link
to it them will work on that hopefully it’s linked to below but I
mean let me break this down okay link to big days linked to date he’s a great
British guy now he says that someone because it’s you know somewhat private
someone did someone counterfeited some be private how they went about it I
don’t know exactly he it’s like two below the point is is and so people
immediately start ripping on it Oh it’sit’s horrible coin you’re terrible
your stammer your this that and the other on Twitter you gotta realize the
dude is straight up saying my coin basically got hacked you know he’s being
totally honest with you and it’s it’s something people can learn from here
okay on a social level and a technical level
let let all the people making their own all coins in whatever seats how did this
happen what the heck is going on this is a learning experience someone has been
able to behind the scenes make some more fake or but create be private that was
not supposed to be created and it got sent to exchanges so this is issue this
is a learning opportunity it’s I’m not saying it’s a prism it’s very negative
for be private and the dude is sharing his story but people are just very
reactionary just want to scream scam and scream wrecked even the red has nothing
to do with it anymore and this brings me to another bigger topic here when we’re
talking about these privacy coins and I have to hand it to fluffy pony over at
manera okay and he was very smart he’s been in the space for a while and he
allied himself with many talkative people in the space
he behaved as friends with tone with a Charlie Lee with all sorts of Bitcoin
maximalist type of people even though he’s over there even though he’s a big
guy between the high Mineiro is fluffy bunny and because he did that early on
he made a socialite I don’t know if it was all planned out everything but him
being socially integrated with all the Bitcoin people it’s like almost taboo to
rip on Manero the same way the same Bitcoin people Ripple’s e-cash whip
ripple member windmill type of stuff 4z classic ER or whatever stuff that’s
associated with the privacy coins the prot or – when it was a private okay no
people in the space compare compare here for a second how people rip on coins
associated with Z cash and nimble wimple compared to the ripping or Manero gets
never really doesn’t get ripped on it up because a fluffy bunny because of fluffy
pony and you guys just got a handle hand it to him because he actually is quite
he can be quite obnoxious quite obnoxious in his tweets and stuff yet he
doesn’t he doesn’t really get a hard time from anyone at all because of what
he did early on because he’s been around for a while he’s so so there are social
maneuvers you can do here now I mean nobody and then when you act like that
is it the opposite happens there’s lessons here but I do want to point out
something and I was like I do think thee the privacy space is interesting and
then hopefully Bitcoin will one day be able to learn some stuff from from the
guys that are competing over there now Manero Z cash the middle and again we’re
getting a free member with will coin MWC from the dividend but it’s just
something to take into account when you’re when you’re judging these coins
and again this is not this in the long run it’s a waste of your time even
judges of all which one’s the best bla bla bla bla but manera doesn’t get
ripped on because of fluffy pony because he was friends with people
at the beginning and I mean that just says that’s just a back and it just and
if you’re a dude who wants to you know start your own call you there’s a little
tip for you and and then brings book and brings back another flashback when king
of the trolls really started it became obvious that king of the trolls was no
big point fan anymore and that he was gonna go do whatever it takes to win
okay that there was unfriendly for whatever it took
I mean we’re talking about early 2017 now there were people who were just like
well he’s a friend of ours you know he’s a friend of bees a friend he’s done so
much we can’t there was a and people don’t remember this it was people now
you know they think cannula Charles is a big huge villain he didn’t become a
villain as soon as he should have become a villain because there were people who
were friends with there were very loud people influencers whatever you want to
call them there were friends with him and that helped them that really helped
them and in the long run that was very destructive probably to some people’s
Bitcoin stashes because they it gave such legitimacy to what what he was
doing what what king the trolls was doing because people were just to the
very end they were saying like we’re friends with him we’re friends with how
can this be bad we’re friends with it and he just he got away with a lot
before and then about you know in the lower he didn’t get away with there are
social attacks people talk about the different ways people are going to
attack big and in the long run they all fail but there’s a social aspect to all
of this also giving you two different to ones that are related in that again
Manero Manero isn’t well fluffy ponies in trying to destroy point like the king
of the trolls was is is it’s it’s a little different but you can see again
getting a lie you know making the right friends in this space helps you out in
certain Cornette again there are some people that they don’t know anything
about the social media and this is the majority people see they don’t know
anything about the social media the drama that this who fluffy pony is from
controls is and they’re just looking at your numbers a cetera et cetera so yeah
that they’re not there are substantial number of people
that could be there their opinions can be very much shaped by who’s friends
with him by who was friends with you and Manero has benefited greatly greatly
from from all that and when you commit because I mean again compare the whole
aura out there the member wendel coins and D cash type coins compared to Manero
it’s completely did among Bitcoin maximum I mean Bitcoin maximalist give
Manero a free pass was the time and at the same time they’d be happy to rip on
anything Zeke Ashley if they don’t like that Zuko guy family I could care less
about Zuko and it pre mine everyone goes because ook Zuko had can have a tree
mine what do you have for Z caste rewards for the early holders of it what
was he called the infant the something tax the tax that was given to the
bounder tax alan okay yeah he had that and then forever and ever that becomes
you know he’s enemy number one and whatever but you know fluffy in the
narrow they’re great they’re great it’s good good for good for fluffy for being
friends with the right people for maybe Fernet I mean so we will see
sir but this is this is what makes me wonder this MW this remember wimple
thing is supposed to be very good did this way of privacy supposed to be
better than what manera does but how do we do half who who can you trust who can
you trust out there because of the biases in this little corner of the
space we compete don’t complain we’ll see in a long run which one’s
better which one a big point uh implements or doesn’t there may be some
little column with something better so we’re talking about brought up be cash
before be cash just for the other day uh it was just a maintenance for no one was
supposed to continue be bold the old king and for a few days God
maybe 48 hours it was can it did continue and I actually link to that
below so they were saying there were to be caches for a while but as of this
telecast it’s gone but you never know that that’s the thing about forking you
never hard forking you never know if someone’s gonna continue it and make it
a new coin who knows but know that it didn’t continue it’s gone it was it was
interesting to see for a couple days there now and it’s linked the fork
monitor dot info they they show what happens when there’s a fork they monitor
the situation to see if the old chain survives or whatever good link is linked
to below so let’s talk about people in motion
BTC bracelet bracelets you see bracelets calm I linked to that Twitter and that
site good someone’s making Bitcoin bracelets it’s an original thing I was
real I was told about it by someone they’re in motion I give him credit
there I I stumbled upon another guy named uh bit Kochanowski
bit Co you now ski and he’s a character on on Twitter and he’s got a site and
it’s stickers Bitcoin stickers Bitcoin related stickers in art and one of them
he’s got an apex predator sticker which I thought was good he obviously is a
watched trace merit before that there my emotion people of the day
Heather was worth a dollar in two cents for a little bit people really value
their wealth in dollars if they’re willing to bid up Heather like Megan I
must hold tether I must have it now some people must have really needed tether
what I don’t know what they’re thinking I mean I guess they like the stability
of well the most I can go doubt is two cents it’s a you know they could have
their logic Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin they should be valuing their well it’s a
big coin but yeah for a little while there clearly there was a quite a high
demand for Tevon if you got if people bidding up to a dollar – you don’t see
that very and maybe there’s more to this if you know something tell me so you
know we’re talking about the social stuff as someone sent me this and I’m
just gonna read it it would say sent as a DM and this is kind of stuff you gotta
be careful of so in the past three days in three days in my youtube feed there
have been two high-traffic youtubers that are starting to shill by bit first
it was I’m not going to name the people because one of the people is definitely
a good person I’m sure there are more but this is so
obvious they are trying to shill with these influencers it’s getting obvious
and ridiculous not sure what bipod bit even is cuz I
just don’t care I just don’t like how these influencers are doing this
probably being bought off or something yeah I mean I would assume that by been
I guess it’s in exchange since most YouTube channels involved selling your
Bitcoin trading your Bitcoin and if it’s new exchange of what I’ve never heard of
yeah it’s it’s worth their while to get on the radar of these 80 percenters I
just need to need another place to foolishly flip and sell their Bitcoin at
so just because you eat all of a sudden you hear about the new greatest thing
from someone on YouTube someone on Twitter or whatever you got to think
along and are why they even saying this well I never heard of this before why
out of the blue is someone talking about buy big because it’s an advertisement
probably but that’s fair game in this space and you just you have to think it
out and if you’re a person that’s on the fence that’s like between trading and
not trading and you hear someone’s bring up a new trading platform it’s gonna
sound pretty cool and maybe you’re gonna try it and that those are the people
that I’m really speaking to you hear like dudes don’t get tempted to change
your whole lot your whole strategy because someone up with Aubusson says
informs you about some new trading platform
don’t become don’t go from holding the training just because you’ve heard about
it suddenly you’ve heard about something new from two or three different people
it must be good I just heard about two or three different people think long and
hard why they’re even talking about it and how they would because then I get
contacted by all sorts of things are much worse than that that are so
obviously if you mention it you know I coz whatever why would Adam over some
mentions ICO clearly he’s someone got to him and it just did not add this your
your local your local guy on YouTube whoever if they’re all of a sudden
talking about some ice you they never talk about you
but-but-but so most people can identify that but with something like this okay
so little it’s a little harder because maybe by bit is legit I don’t know I
don’t know buy this legit or not legit I know I never heard of it before and I
start seeing stuff for it to all of a sudden just don’t don’t let stuff like
that trains change your your long-term strategy from holding to trading and
they’re gonna be temp they’re gonna be plenty of temptations like that in the
future plenty of guys willing to to shill things that I consider to be risky
anything dealing with trading or anything that deals with letting someone
else control your big coin is to me something I would not I would not take I
would not do an open advertisement for it and I would not do a hidden I’d never
do a hidden advertisement anyway god I’m a storage devices buying your storage
that stories of Isis is great that’s what I thought I’ve obviously had
advertisements for crypto HW wallet before because they that that was all
about and he’s keys I really should sign up
with him again for the affiliate program like I’m sharing thoughts in my head now
yeah because people need to get there they need to get hardware devices that
is something is very good that supports what I believe in which is just hold all
right we’ll talk about what’s that okay dad that’s it that’s the end of show i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister that was part two the
show is everything you should’ve got earlier found that like button bang that
bonus subscribe the channel click on that square you see there right now to
see some other shows pounding see you later guys bye bye

  1. great show – portraying the real social aspect – it’s still humans not AI interacting with bitcoin and each other – fascinating

  2. How many BTC/crypto related shirts do you have? And do you give them away after a while or what? lol – this is just a friendly question. Love the vids brother, keep's coming. You've been a STRONG influence on my own strong hand mandate.

  3. Litecoin foundation gave Celsius network there holdings to custody… thought you would of seen on Twitter… #bitcoin

  4. Astounding Work, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

  5. Extraordinary Work, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

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