Bitcoin Skyrockets as Fraudbook Launches New One World Currency and BoA Calls for Cashless Society

[Applause] [Applause] this is me here bitcoins up like 2,000 bucks in the last two days I don't really care all I care about is have enough bones and some kisses and a nice warm bed it was just a few weeks ago that a congressman in con grist came out and said we need to shut down cryptocurrencies I forget where a Bitcoin was at the time I think was around 4000 it went up quite quickly right afterwards and he was saying these cryptocurrencies are going to take away our power which is 100% correct and then very quickly it was pretty I'm shocked at the speed it was only about two weeks ago that really information started to come out about fraud books news occur bucks Facebook's new cryptocurrency which initially a couple of weeks ago was supposed to be called global coin well they kind of change their mind on that very quickly or maybe that was just because they always have to put out in in public sort of like their intention it's something to do with karma and stuff like that that these people believe but maybe they just did that because they wanted to go okay this is this is the new globalist corner maybe it was like I'm sending out a little signal to all the people in the secret societies this is the going to be the the upcoming world currency but it was just a few weeks ago and it was just this idea and then very quickly they came out with the white paper which just came out a couple days ago and then there I think they already launched their test net like it's already going live so they're rushing to get this out whatever it is but one of the interesting things is just since they announced the white paper bitcoin has risen two thousand tellers in the last 48 hours from around nine thousand dollars to just about a little over eleven thousand it's down a little bit now as I'm writing or as I'm walking so that's very interesting and that goes to show my point that this fraud book sucker buck new coin will not be detrimental to the cryptocurrencies space and you just look at all the Kryptos just since they released the white paper just two days ago Bitcoin cash was around a hundred dollars in February it's currently around five hundred dollars heõs is over seven dollars now Manero has really started to take off it was well but it was around 80 dollars just a couple of maybe a week ago two weeks ago maybe a bit more now it's well over 100 I think a hundred and ten so this very quickly has gone to show that at least the market agrees with me that this new attempt by Facebook to bring in a new world currency does not have negative ramifications for the crypto so now I'll have to see as we said I don't know how it's going to play out there is a lot of opposition to it mostly from Congress in the US and who knows maybe some of these Congress people are starting to realize well I don't know but they're trying to they're trying to shut it down parts of the EU are already talking about trying to shut it down and as I said in my last video this just goes to show why you don't have a centralized digital currency or you're going to get all of these criminals trying to attack you and about a bit more time to think about it – and the IMF has been trying to bring in this SDR Special Drawing rights since about the 1960s and they haven't had very much luck with it and it occurs to me that's essentially what this new Facebook coin is it's a basket of current fiat currencies government currencies and government bonds which is ridiculous that it's essentially this is the new SDR now how on board everyone is the people who control the central bank's the people control the governments it's hard to say might be surprised if they're not on board so it looks like that is what they're going to try to do and we could see like I said you know billions of people start to use this Facebook coin but the key here is that it is backed by fiat currencies and government bonds so it's going to go down dramatically in value over the next few years and I you know it's it's going to be so-called stable coins so they'll probably just just peg it at a as a dollar so I would assume and this would make the most sense that Facebook will say a Facebook coin is worth the same as a dollar or maybe they won't because they set a basket but we'll see but whatever it is it's not like that coins gonna go down to 50 cents or 40 cents or 30 cents it'll stay at $1 but other things will be rising much more than it that's how inflation works and some of those things are cryptocurrencies and precious metals and it's very interesting to see gold and silver and cryptocurrencies have all been skyrocketing lately not precious metals as much but we have seen gold breakthrough $1400 for the first time in about five or six years just in the last few days so we could be seeing the beginning of what I've been talking about we could see the Kryptos really start to skyrocket and the precious metals and the dollar Vigilant a senior analyst at boo goes put out a pretty excited alert just yesterday I believe two-dollar vigilante subscribers you can get these by subscribing at dollar vigilante calm slash subscribe saying essentially I think it's begun what we've been talking about with precious metals and Kryptos skyrocketing has likely just started now and his price predictions for gold as an example is I believe around five thousand dollars in the next three years it's currently at fourteen hundred so that'll be a three times game and with Bitcoin his price prediction and about the same timeframe is 50 to $100,000 so very interesting times we're going to see so many crazy things happen as the system starts to fall apart and of course war is a big part of that whenever they get close to everything collapsing they usually will start a war to take people's minds up it also to blame it on the war and to keep people in a fierce state so they don't question the authorities so that there's going to be some incredibly interesting days ahead but it's also going to be very profitable I think for people like ourselves it's already has been it's been pretty shocking how well we've done and we haven't even really started yet just on the Kryptos alone obviously we recommend a Bitcoin at three dollars in 2011 aetherium at two dollars a theory has been skyrocketing as well most of the major cryptocurrencies have been skyrocketing but it could just be the beginning so we're interesting times and the the Bank of America CEO came out just yesterday I believe and said he wants a cashless society and that is the end goal here they don't want fiat currency because it's a lot easier to evade extortion which they call taxation when you can just use pieces of paper with dead criminals printed on it and triangles with also pyramids with all-seeing eyes printed on them so they want to get rid of that and have a fully trackable digital currency and I would not be surprised if that turns out to be Facebook coin at this point especially when you look at all the corporations that have signed on to it you don't get 30 or more of these major corporations tall sign on to something unless they've been told from the top that they're going to be signing on to it so that I think alone is pretty clear evidence that this is what they've been planning for their global world currency but it's not going to be easy for them and the Kryptos and precious metals are showing that for smart people they'll be able to stay outside this system and make a possible fortunes but it's not many people you know we don't get millions of views on on YouTube I think we probably almost would if we weren't shadow band we used to get fifty thousand hundred thousand views a lot now it's very rare we even used to get a million views a lot but it's just very rare now so the amount of people actually understand what's going on is still very tiny and I think for that reason you know the people who do know have absolutely massive profit potential in the next few years it's not going to be easy it's not gonna there's gonna be a lot of crazy periods a lot of crazy things going on but I think we're in the absolute right place so a friend of mine max right I've featured a few of his webinars in the past and every time people have made a lot of money on them like we did a Bitcoin one in 2014 I think we did another one in 2016 anyone who took his advice and it was mostly to buy Bitcoin has done very well and he's come out with a his idea on how to get through the next few years and actually make massive fortunes and the way to do that it'll be to hop in and out of certain sectors as they you know certain sectors will crash before other ones and if you can get short certain ones get into the next one if you do it with the right timing the the amount of potential fortunes you could make is absolutely mind-boggling and this is the time this is when during life changing paradigm shifts is when a lot of people get wiped out it doesn't mean they're going to die it just means that they're going to lose whatever assets they currently have and they'll have to rebuild but if you're smart a few people will make absolute fortunes I think that's where doing so he's got that webinar I think he's going to extend it was supposed to end this weekend we might do a couple more days could I just started talk about it on YouTube here or whatever channel you're watching it on hopefully bitch shoots or whatever run everything I'm trying to get on library right now as well but it's free so if you want to check it out it's just star vigil on intercom slash right w RI ght he's got some really interesting ideas on how to really profit over the next few years and of course we plan to profit at the noir vigilante as well but he's got a very interesting take on it and it's free to watch so check it out he gives you some good information and and see what you think as I've said that I've only done a few things with him in the past and every time people made a lot of money so that's the people I stick with and I rarely promote other people's stuff but I think he's got some pretty good ideas here and I think it's might be worth your while to check it out so you can check it out Darvish lighted a calm slash right and in the meantime let as I said before it's going to be super interesting to watch what's going to happen in the next couple years we're gonna see things that are going to shock the world and in many ways we might shock the world in a very good way if the cryptocurrencies can really take off we can and this system of human slavery of genocide which is what they're trying to do it's a lot of the vaccines they're trying to do now of war the heinous Wars of the last few hundred years those are all central bank Wars if we can get rid of central bank's we'll never have those again or at least not for a long time hopefully never there'll be a lot less poverty in the world a lot less suffering and a lot more good things if cryptocurrencies can take off and that's another thing too for the people out there if you're into crypto there's estimates there's about 30 million people who own crypto if every single one of them just got ten people a year into crypto it'd just be a couple years and the central banks would be wiped out the IMF had be gone they'd stop raping countries large governments like the US government that are just constantly doing terrorist attacks will be reduced massively by at least 90 percent and hopefully we can get to a point where it's a hundred percent but it's all through cryptocurrencies that is really the hope that we have so if you're equipped a guy out there and make sure when you're talking to someone at a store do you accept crypto when they go no say why not and whatever answer they give say you should I would shop here more if you did and help them get it set up just takes a few minutes or if you have a landlord say how would I pay you in crypto if he goes what's what's crypto get him a wallet you know just take a few minutes you know that's that's what Roger Vere is quite famous for they call him the Bitcoin Jesus because still to this day that's what he does he goes around the hotel he just gets everyone everywhere he goes he gets them into crypto and if everyone did that we could change this world in just a couple years now it's not gonna be totally easy as I said there's to be Wars is gonna be craziness these people are not going to go away without a fight but we actually can do it this is within our power to do it and they know it and they're running scared I think that's why this Facebook point is being rushed because they know they've got to get a hold of this before the crypto is really take off so this is where the next battle will be is with fakebook coin and we'll see what happens but so far as I pointed out it's done exactly this and all the other things going on have done exactly what I thought with gold hitting a six-year high here and cryptos you know bitcoin has only been above $10,000 for about less than six weeks total last in December of 2017 a little bit into January of 2018 which was about a year and a half ago and it was from the time it was 10,000 it hit $20,000 in 20 days I believe or maybe less maybe 10 days it was a just a few like less than a couple weeks so we could see that again but really when you think about it bitcoin hasn't been above 10,000 for very long maybe six weeks total so we're now above 10,000 we're close to 11 right now we could see this really start to take off now of course it could pull back it's been a pretty big rise it was around 4,000 just a few months ago when I was again banging the tables to buy so we could see a pullback but it's about time to start getting in so if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter it's just 15 20 dollars a month depending on which one you subscribed to and it's television audio comps I subscribe and if you just want to check out that free webinar on how to make some fortunes in the next few years go to doll veg law datacom slash right and I'm gonna keep walking with Lucy because you don't care about no fakebook coin we think Lucy you want some of that fake book Queen no it's kind of hot I wanna I just wanna have a nice nap and maybe some kisses you've seen the dollar vigilante on mainstream media trolling the fake news and seen Jeff Berwick travel inside places like Venezuela and Cuba to expose the truth about what's happening in those socialist paradises to get even more make sure to subscribe to the dollar vigilante newsletter to receive two full 30 Plus page issues from the dollar vigilante each month plus market alerts on precious metals Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and gold mining stocks by going to dollar vigilante calm slash subscribe click on the link in the notes below or go to dollar vigilante calm slash subscribe to find out more

  1. Hahaha I have been walking around malls shops all over LaTAM asking the same question … do you accepts BTC… why not ?? Hahahah thats funny! you saying this!! … your image looks sharper !! Great insights Jeff thanks pura vida greetings from Venezuela

  2. We should have everyone cash out everything they own & put it in crypto…lol, the so-called elites would drop dead right there🤣

  3. In 2017 Bitcoin hit just shy of $20,000 16 days after first hitting $10,000. A matter of 2 weeks and 2 days.

  4. I recommend listening to Max Wright also – he has some interesting ideas and has made good predictions before.

  5. Like you say, keep an open mind. Have been mystified to the level of pathological ignorance by Peter Schiff over Bitcoin. They can coexist, and sure, he got drawn into a Bitcoin vs Gold debate – but it is not about that. He needs to clear his head and move forwards. The schiffocrisy of him now being bullish on Facebook is insane.

  6. Jeff, start actually thinking about the bcash scam. You've been duped by people holding very very heavy bags. Fraudsters who sell bcash as bitcoin on That's fraud. That violates the non-agression principle, for the record. They talk a good game, but are immoral in their actions. I also note, that you failed to include the most important coin, bitcoin. This whole bitcoin movement is about taking out the central banks, and you continue to support all these coins who are attacking bitcoin. You're caught up in b.s. conspiracy theories about the open source bitcoin core project and the open source lightning network. OPEN SOURCE. LIKE OUT IN THE OPEN….. LOTS OF CONTRIBUTERS. Shame.

  7. The problems is that people do not want to be in cryptos. They trust their governments and CONgress. Sad. I got sick and tired explaining to some people about cryptos.

  8. I cannot believe the ignorance… You’re not out of the system you’re in it…. Has anyone researched who are behind most of these coins..? It’s the big banking corporations. Fools

  9. Maybe a side benefit to Fb doing a coin, will be to familiarize and help the masses along with adoption of crypto in general. When people stop cashing in crypto for Fiat, crypto value will only go up!

  10. Yes, but HOW is FB CC linked to the SDR, that makes it different than any other CC out there? …other than the fact its FB. What have you seen in your research that emboldens you to associate the SDR with Libra? Enquiring minds wanna know, thanks! BTW, LOL love that dog following you in the background hahaha

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