1. When all you just have is just a jumble of ideas, historical antidotes & a bunch of descriptions, but no deep scientific theory on "Power & the State", or any understanding or explanation of cause … I guess that passes for "Big Think".

  2. Title should have been "Why the future is the Syndicate video game"

    Also, if you're for globalization and the removal of national borders and states then mercenaries and private militaries will become the de-facto force in the world. You could have a global army like the UN but good luck keeping everyone in check!

  3. Waste of time. This man doesn´t understand what the changes of the modern world meant in changing human life. The future is not medieval, that was the bloody miserable past, and we learned the lesson. It doesn´t work. The future is trade, global integration and science. Those who are nostalgic about the middle ages and romanticise war and epic bulshit most probably never have been in a war. The age of global empires and colonialism is over. War hurts trade, industry and progress. So it has been declining for decades now. Go read Stephen Pinker.

  4. This is more of a commercial to push certain ideas when it comes to war-for-profit, than the actual ways things work today.

  5. Spoiler:
    Most of what he says is historically inaccurate. He also demonstrates a clear lack of understanding when he talks about warfare.

  6. Since 1945, there has been absolutely no danger (except by accident) of global thermonuclear war because the corporations and bankers did not want it. The American president or Soviet premier carrying a "nuclear football" is a joke; they don't unleash wars, the plutocrats do. The super rich told the U.S. and the USSR to stand down in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 and they ordered the Politburo to throw out Nikita Krushchev in 1964.

  7. Suddenly, I really started to think big. And I thought about a law in utopia that forbids sale and resale of any company in order to prevent any cartel or group. I wonder what kind of market this would be.
    What do you think about that?
    (This is not about Eisenhower, it is about utopia…)

  8. Hire mercenaries.
    Mercenaries use up all their ammo fighting whoever.
    Send in the federal military to destroy the mercenaries.
    Problem fixed.

  9. The more I see and hear about what in store down the road for civilization I’m glad I’m closer to my life’s end then ever before ! FTW……….

  10. The number of fallacies apparent in this presentation are appalling. i understand rhetoric is ment to persuade the viewers to believe your conclusion but your unmitigatedly false premises invalidate and destroy your conclusion. do remember that premises are in fact conclusions of prior arguments and if they are true they, combined, prove your argument. in this case most are not.

  11. Read gunship ace about Neal Ellis experiences of sierra Leone with executive outcomes written by ai Venter. The media have slurred these men and as a result when they pulled out thousands of children lost their limbs to the RUF.

  12. Mercs have no protection under law, international or otherwise. They can be executed on sight, as spies, or just because they are murderers for hire. Modern "law enforcement" are mercs for hire, paid by the cities to ensure COMPLIANCE.

  13. We live in the age of spies and private assassins. Private warfare isn't going to happen. It is more or less that they will do so in secret and hire private assassins like they have been doing. Location services that Google has can easily do that. This is the most successful strategy because force has always been a numbers game. Any company that would use direct force would either need to control the news or have the support of the people. It is far easier to hire 1 person to poison the key organizer than it is to hire an army. Blackballing just gets bad people to organize together – Roger Stone joining Trump joining Alex Jones joining Russia joining Assange. You can only black ball so many until they unify against you. Blackballing cost the elections of 2016 and Brexit. You have to cultivate a reward system that rewards a society the way it is needed. Successful women for example will become more rare in 100 years because women are penalized for having kids and men are rewarded for being successful by women wanting to have kids. Until that shifts, the successful people in the business world will still be male while those successful women will still exist and be equal, the frequency of them will be small in comparison to the number of capable and successful men as of right now. Successful women are still penalized due to decreased birth rates.

    Successful systems such as businesses, governments, etc are no different than successful people. How can you incentivize democracy in a society where the citizens are not as needed due to AI? AI can do everything a human can do, so why do we even need workers? The demand for skilled labor goes hand in hand with the need for democracy because the people that are actually in control need the citizens to operate and provide them with it. Resource export heavy countries tend to be where dictatorship and Royal families exist. When AI takes over and there isn't a need for skilled labor, the tide of democracy shifts that way as well since there is no need for citizens to be knowledgable and healthy as they could revolt against the economic rulers. This tends to happen when there is a wealth discovery and then the leader of the revolt becomes the dictator. The issue is that there isn't a decent system that satisfies the gap that AI will create. AI and the current intense surveillance/psychological satisfaction will make managing citizens a ton easier than it will ever be. Imagine being able to remove an entire religious group through an algorithm that predicts who is likely to join. Or want to identify an entire spy network? Well, we know that they all have a high unique correlation between their likes. Want to find a pedo network? Well they all seem to like a specific child actor as well as specific TV shows on facebook and they follow X on twitter. Not enough to enforce but algos give leads, the leads distribute the needed surveillance resources accordingly.

    In order to create a great society, we have to find a way to naturally and passively reward good behavior and penalize bad ones. Like recycling, there will always be a new convenient packaging that gets created like the kerig pod things for coffee. The solution isn't 100% regulation or banning the product because of this. You have to add in a system that makes recycling profitable and that I think is the chemical recycling and ensuring that newer products with plastic packaging need to be approved. There is also banking where the government will financially co-sign certain business plans that focus on climate change and plastic substitutes. So that you can get business growth that way and speed up the transition in that regards because loans are cheaper for plastic replacements. But the banks will loan out a lot easier if they know they can get that return on their bonds. Then, countries can fine bad behavior like lying to people or bribing politicians which is more than the value that they received. The reason the US has the level of corruption is because they have been rewarding bad behavior and it has gone awry. You tax bad transactions and you fine bad behavior. I don't know I am kind of ranting but I feel that there could be an entire book on how to properly govern and manage democracy in a resource heavy society. I think a majority of jobs will be observational and not picking or assembling and that will shift the society to reward observant people. We will also probably have a lot less attractive women due to instagram incentivizing and monetizing women's beauty to the extent that they don't want to ruin their looks. I also think that people will be more photogenic going forward due to the first primary decision someone makes tends to be through a photo. Men will be taller if there is an imbalance between women having more demand than men. This tends to be the case mostly since the window for women is 18-30 when they are most desirable and men's is 18-50 and there is multiple overlap with men as men who have 2 families in their lives are rewarded genetically with twice as many kids. This is too long of a post. I just find it fun to gather my thoughts on it.

    This is also off topic but AI has the potential to reduce the risk of nuclear meltdowns as well. Imagine having an AI that kicks in to turn off the reactor before it melts down. That is a billion dollar industry and could save lives.

  14. Statehood started a few hundred years ago?? Read up, chubby, ur leaving out a cpl biggies, e.g. Egypt, sumeria, Hittites, Persia etc etc.

  15. "Of the 194 states in the world, most are fragile or failed"

    Its not freedom unless it come at the end of an American barrel right!?

    You might be surprised that there are plenty of countries who are NOT regimes hiding inside a nation state, or dumpster fires.

    The only reason the US is a superpower is because of its ability to print money from thin air, and that gravy train is coming to an end.
    Take a look around your superpower country, it looks more like a burning dumpster than most other places.

    "I don't think law is the answer" This is hilarious. An American quoting "law". Yet The US has abandoned the rule of law.

    Thank you for showing just how out of touch the American people are with the reality of the world.

  16. For similar reasons, when Reagan abolished the draft and doubled the pay of the military, he created a huge class of professionals who's livelihood is bound to conflict and a never-ending sense of threat. The last thing our military-industrial complex wants is long-term peace. The taxpayer doesn't complain because citizens aren't getting drafted, and Reagan added the cost to the deficit instead of paying for it with a big tax increase. This is why the USA never saw a peace dividend when the Berlin wall fell. At that time military doctrine shifted, without explanation, from fighting the Cold War to being able to fight two simultaneous regional conflicts. The real reason was to keep military appropriations from declining. We never had to fight two simultaneous regional conflicts until George W. Bush blundered into Iraq on the thinnest of pretenses — the barrier to conflict was low indeed.

  17. I got two words for you buddy: FUCK YOU. If you think the billionaires are so evil; then get the fuck out of America. #MAGA

  18. How quickly would a private military Or police force turn Chicago into a city with little crime. Or just fail completely.

  19. As the world functions today the monopoly of force is held by the government. The special interests use governments to wage war, such as the industrial military complex in the US and it seems that they're going to get their war in Venezuela. The only way to stay clear of war is to have a truly free market capitalist economy with a government that has very little power. This way is a billionaire wants to act the cowboy the consumers can vote with their money and a new competitor can easily arise without any bureaucratic limitations as many countries have thanks to the very same special interest groups who abhor competition. Free trade between countries allow for good relationships. Goods and capital should cross borders, not soldiers

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